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Tibetan Buddhists and Buddhists in Bodh Gaya protest Muslim killing of Buddhists in Bangladesh

These Buddhists do not know Islam. Muslims do not attack non-Muslims because they are “a minority” – but because they are infidels:

“Buddhist monks held a candlelight vigil and protested in the holy town of Bodh Gaya in Bihar, paying homage to people who lost their lives in the attacks carried out by Muslim mobs on Buddhist temples in Bangladesh.

Priyapal Bhante, a Buddhist monk, said that the community was attacked, as they were a minority and added that it was unfortunate that the Bangladesh government could not protect the Buddhists.”

Buddhist monks protest killings by Muslim mobs in Bangladesh

Muslims also do attack “due to vague and unauthentic information” – but because they are told by the Quran to do so:

“Exiled Tibetans living in Dharamshala town of Himachal Pradesh have expressed concern over the recent incident of burning of at least four Buddhist temples and 15 homes of Buddhists in Bangladesh by hundreds of Muslims, after complaining that a Buddhist man had insulted Islam. A former member of Tibetan Parliament in-exile, Tsetan said that the incident is caused due to misunderstanding, which should immediately be resolved through talks. Expressing grief about the incident, Tibetan activists said the trouble is caused due to vague and unauthentic information, which has led to the suffering of Buddhists.”

Buddhist temples attacked in Bangladesh, exiled Tibetans express concern

I wonder why Tibetan Buddhists think that the UN will protest the religious violence against Buddhists in Bangladesh. UN never had the guts to protest China’s invasion of Tibet – UN only expressed hope that the annexed Tibetans will have human rights under Chinese rule: 

“Hundreds of people demonstrated against the recent burning of Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples in Bangladesh by Muslims, who complained that a Buddhist man had insulted Islam. General Secretary of Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association, Siliguri, Sonam Lhundup Lama urged the central government and the United Nations, Human Rights Commission, to intervene the matter. Lama added that many people sustained injuries and many houses of locals were burnt. Buddhist monks, social activists along with school children took out to streets holding photos of injured monks, vandalised temples’ and raised slogans against the atrocities being done against the Buddhist people in Bangladesh.”

(Video) Buddhists, Hindus protest Bangladesh attack

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