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The Controversial Tom Holland Documentary: Islam The Untold Story (full version)

A prophet called Muhammad never existed. There was no prophet and there exist no historical evidence whatsoever of his existence, unlike the case with Buddha, Jesus, and many other prophets and teachers from other faiths and cultures. On the contrary, Muhammad appears more and more to be the creation of an evil Caliph who was the Middle Eastern version of the cruel and mentally deranged Roman Emperor Caligula.

In our opinion Muhammad’s life is actually the life of the cruel 5th Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik. al-Malik is the one who spread Islam through the Middle East and brutally fought for its expansion and survival. He also happened to be the first person in history who recorded documents into Arabic, including the Quran. The life story of Muhammad is actually the story of warlord and ruler Abd al-Malik, who in those days, was seen as a form of demi-god or prophet (common with rulers in the medieval days).

Abd al-Malik instituted many reforms such as:

  1. Making Arabic the official language of government across the entire empire,
  2. Instituting a mint that produced a uniform set of Islamic currency which resulted in war with Byzantine Empire and defeat of the Romans at the Battle of Sebastopolis;
  3. Expansion and reorganization of postal service,
  4. Repairing the damaged Kaaba and beginning the tradition of weaving a silk cover for the Kaaba in Damascus.

He also built the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, but parts of that city were also destroyed when Abd al-Malik’s armies put down an uprising there.


Islam – The Untold Story

Historian Tom Holland explores how a new religion – Islam – emerged from the seedbed of the ancient world, and asks what we really know for certain about its rise. The result is an extraordinary detective story.

Note: Viewers from some countries may not be able to watch the video from this link, but have to access it from YouTube. Click to play the video and wait for the window to display a YouTube link to take you to the access window.


Feedback: Suuuch an offensive program…

“A Response from a muslim, on the programme that was aired on 28th August 2012 on Channel 4, presented by a Historian who tries to find out the Authenticity of Islaam and it’s bases…. through his own studying and research in History.

But does nothing else, besides making a Mockery of Islaam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), our God and out Faith and it’s teachings.”

3 thoughts on “The Controversial Tom Holland Documentary: Islam The Untold Story (full version)

  1. Are you aware that book of Revelation was considered to be trash and it was a toss up whether it was even going to be put into the Bible. In addition try looking at the time lines of the Gophels and you will see that each builds on themselves. They were stories built up to be bigger and better than the other just stories nothing more. and they even contradict each other and can’t keep the same story line. In one there is actually 13 disciples. In addition, the Chrisitans stories revolved around the Roman empire and its fall;l nothing more and in addition each of the gophels contradict one another on there accountings.The Bible/Torah is like the Quran is a story nothing more and you can make nonsensical prediction on anything all it takes in imagination and a belief in fairy tales.


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