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“Moral Beauty” Pageants in Saudi Arabia

Amongst some of the ‘beautiful’ qualities Muslim women should possess is subjugation to rape, beatings and a hand-to-foot obedience to her husband. There is, however, no moral beauty pageants for the men whatsoever. The consequences are so dire for many Muslim women who don’t have what the husband consider good qualities, that there are even conferences and presentations arranged to discuss this most important subject about “the perfect Muslimah”.

“Shall I not tell you about your wives in Paradise?” We said, “Of course, O Messenger of Allah.” He said, “They are fertile and loving. If she becomes angry or is mistreated, or her husband becomes angry, she says, `My hand is in your hand; I shall never sleep until you are pleased with me.'”16

“If a man calls his wife [for sex], then let her come, even if she is busy at the oven.”21 [i.e she has to agree with it at any time, any moment and subject to sex even if forced]

But Arab women are not only victims of an oppression they often vehemently deny in the open, while in private they will complain about it. They are often extremely violent themselves. Unable to defend themselves against male violence since it could lead to their own death from male retaliation, they often turn their pent up anger, resentment and frustration against their maids. And who are these maids? The majority are from poor, uneducated families in Asia desperate for money. Arabs will not do the maid work Asians undertake since they know the abuse and slavery it involves. 

On arrival the maid’s passport is taken so she cannot leave the country without the consent of her new employer. More often than not, there will be no regulated work hours but she is then made to work around the clock. And a common complaint is that she is never paid any salary she is promised, but instead turn into a household slave, unable to leave. The abuse of maids are so common in Arabia that a few of them took the courage to retaliate against their brutal owners. At times this lead to the Arab owners death. For this they are executed. There is no help for them to leave Arabia once they arrive. There is no laws to protect them when they are abused, and no laws to protect the punishment against them should they try and flee or defend themselves from violence.

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One thought on ““Moral Beauty” Pageants in Saudi Arabia

  1. I lived in Saudi Arabia and I was so close to the Muslims also I read a lot about my questions in such cases like it mentioned here believe me the answers is more logical than we think ….example ..about the man demands his wife for sex ,she must answer her husband demand whatever she is doing she has to go to him !
    Imagine if she did not answer for her husbands damand what will happen ?
    We can give a thousands of thoughts what can the husband do ,but one of it is to be anger and not all men are wise some can go out and spend his sexuality things with another woman and here begins the damage of any marriage or a family .
    That’s why in Islam protects this wife indirectly !
    We should read between the lines before we judged the Muslims sharea’a. It might contains answers for our problems .


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