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As suspected California racist hate crime of Iraqi woman was honor killing. Husband arrested.

Remember the case of Muslim woman Shaima Alawadi in El Cajon, California, and the media frenzy around her ‘racially motivated murder’ that was blasted all over the media? When the truth has emerged they remain quiet. When Shaima was killed in a ‘race crime’ Muslims had a field day, pointing fingers at human rights activists like Pamela Geller and others accusing them for enticing the public to commit ‘hate crimes’ against Muslims. In fact, according to statistics hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S. is extremely rare while hate crimes by Muslims are just increasing and increasing. Especially Muslim hate crimes against Jews.

Closet bigot and gay Muslim Reza Aslan filled pages after pages on the internet and his public talks with attacks claiming Muslims like Shaima were ‘victims’ of ‘racist Islamophobes’. But how is Islam a phobia? Aslan has been accusing Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for inciting hate crimes after Shaima Alwadi was honor murdered. Meanwhile Resa Azlan has threatened Robert Spencer on numerous occasions, while sending him lewd remarks with sexual undertones.

But to us the entire case stank honor murder from a mile away. After Shaima’s death her daughter Fatima gave of the worse acting performance of any family member pretending to be a victim of a brutal crime. She did her dry crying and claimed a note was found near Shaima that asked the family to “go back where they came from”. Hm, really? Racists murdering Muslims in broad daylight in their own home, for no apparent reason attacking a woman, writing letters and notes? It just didn’t add up.

Shaima was a very conservative Muslim woman. Her father was an Imam in Iran. She had repeatedly been the driving force behind the effort to marry her daughter Fatima to a cousin in Iran.  Police records showed that Fatima, 17, had been fined for having sex in a car with her Muslim boyfriend. A passer by had discovered the couple and reported them to police.  Shaima had to go to the police station to collect her daughter. These events alone explained Fatima’s dry tears. But the biggest suspicion was Shaima’s divorce papers, found in her car. Conservative Muslims simply don’t want divorce. It’s shameful to them. And Muslim women who divorce often has one main reason: they are subject to physical abuse.

The media frenzy trying to distort an honor killing into a ‘racist crime’.

Shows we were right from the start. And we will be right about Saad Al-Hilli who was gunned down in the French Alps. The case has not been solved yet but it will be the usual Muslim on Muslim crime. Islam is so predictable.

Shaima Alawadi was killed in an honor murder during a case of domestic violence. He husband has been arrested and is facing trial.



Police: Shaima Alawadi’s death was domestic violence not hate crime, arrest husband

By Kari Huus, |  NBC News

Police have arrested the husband of an Iraqi woman beaten to death in her home eight months ago for what initially looked like a racially motivated hate crime, U-T San Diego reported, citing jail records in El Cajon, Calif., in San Diego County.

Kassim Alhimidi, 48, was booked into jail Thursday evening on one count of first-degree Alawadi-1p.380;380;7;70;0murder. He is being held without bail.

“After months of hard work, we determined that this homicide was a result of domestic violence,” El Cajon Police Chief Jim Redman said Friday, NBCSanDiego.com reported.

Shaima Alawadi, 32, was found bloody and unconscious with multiple skull fractures in her family’s home on March 21. She died in the hospital three days later.

The couple’s 17-year-old daughter told police she was in her bedroom when the attack took place. She found her mother unconscious and called 9-1-1.

Family members said they had found a note near Alawadi’s body telling the family to go back where they came from. They said they had found a similar note at their home weeks earlier, but they didn’t keep it or report it.

Police said at the time they were investigating the possibility of a hate crime.

Alawadi’s horrific death sparked fear and anger among immigrants who believed the crime targeted her because she was Muslim or because of her country of origin.

Thousands of supporters wearing the traditional Muslim hijab headscarf signed on to a Facebook page called “One Million Hijabs For Shaima Alawadi.”

Later court documents emerged suggesting family tensions, and showing that Alawadi was preparing to divorce her husband and move with her children to be with relatives in Texas.

Affidavit: Iraqi beating victim in California had friction with daughter, husband

After Alawadi’s death, Alhimidi traveled to Iraq for her burial and returned two weeks later.

Redman told reporters that investigators did not have any reason to keep Alhimidi in the country at the time, NBCSanDiego.com reported.

“He came back, and we decided he was a person of interest after he came back,” Redman said without giving specifics.

The couple’s minor children have been taken into protective custody

denouncing bigotry.

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