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CAIR Poll: More Than 85% Of American-Muslims Voted For Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama was the first American President to bow down to a Muslim king. He was the first to take off his shoes and visit a mosque, invite 50 Muslims to the White House to celebrate Ramadan, to have a pro-Sharia Muslim faith adviser, to appoint a pro-Sharia Muslim US Ambassador to the United Nations and to declare that America was no longer a Christian nation. He was even the first to have scores of known Radical Islamists visit the White House hundreds of times meeting with top administration officials and the first to be officially endorsed by Anti-American pro-Sharia Islamist front groups. I’m surprised this President didn’t receive an even higher percentage of the Muslim vote …

By Penny Starr, CNS News – “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released the results of an informal exit poll on Friday that shows more than 85 percent of…

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3 thoughts on “CAIR Poll: More Than 85% Of American-Muslims Voted For Obama

  1. i am a Muslim in i will die in the state of Al Islam,now you want to talk about rape,and murder,you need to study Christianity real well,our people have never suffer under Slavery has they did under banner of Christianity,rape,murder,men hung by the neck until they where dead,men watch,while the slave master cut the mother stomach open while the baby drop,dont you dare try to compare the Slavery in the middle east to what America Slavery have done to my people,and still doing it,you dont know Al Islam when it come to Slavery,them people was treated just like,and dress just like slave owner,men getting whip like they are animals,feed like they was animals,you dont want to go their with me,you try to protect your slave masa,after what he have done to my people,you good old house nigga,thats why we are still in this shape,cause of boot lickers like you,its over two billion Musilms in the world,and ten million in America,we are about Peace,and submission to the Will of Almighty God,Our Religion is not water down to control people,like Christianity,and i know what i am talking about,cause i study Mans bible,not Gods,that book is so water down its unreal,its more homosexual in Christianity than any other religion on this earth,thats why Christianity is on the decline,where in the bible were created two Adams two grow mankind,He created Adam,and Eva,not Adam,and Steve,where in God heaven is this is accepted,no where,and you will know,on the Day of Judgement,Jesus would be ashame of all the lies you all have told in his name.


    • you keep thinking Al Islam is dying out,you all so stupid,you all dont what jihad means;i know who have suffer in this Country the most,and and around the world,you cant tell me nothing about Black History,and Al Islam,i dont just read i study,you all can not,and will not but God light-Al Islam,or our Holy Quran,its inbedded in our Hearts,so you say what you want to say,i will die in the fold of Al Islam,and i am going to leave you with this from God.i been a Muslim for 25 yrs.,and it nothing you can tell me about way of life,its nothing evil about Al Islam;you sound you where a Muslim,and you reverted to Christianity shame on you lol,This day have those who Reject(talking about you ) Faith given up All hope of your religion;Yet fear them not But fear Me(God).This day have I (God) Perfected your religion(way of Life)For you,completed My favour upon you,And chosen for you Islam as your religion(way of Life) its nothing you can say or do make me change my way of Life,cause you are Satan,and like i say,2 billion muslim,and 8 million in the united States of America,so enjoy of way of life Shaitain,and i will enjoy mine,All Messenger,and Prophets of God was Muslim,Moderator,you need to study some more,one last Question,no one in America have ask the Bushes,after train a man to fight Russia,what did you so bad for Bin Laden to turn on America,i am total against Terrorism,it dont fit in Al Islam,what they doing in Middle East,its more to that story than you know;you need to go and study how my people was Slaughter right in the united States,Oklahoma Riots,Rosewood that was a terrorists attack on Black People,by White People,and they are still doing it,so miss me with the bullshit,i got so books that would blow your mind how your have hurting everyone of color,so fine you another sucker to bring this bullshit too Shaitain,i leave as i came,As Salaam Alaikum Moderator. no more respond after this,so dont borther..


  2. well,they are lying on the President once again,Clinton,and Bush had eid prayer,and the break of Ramadan at the White house,so get your story straight,and i am a Muslim,and i voted for the President both terms,what is the problem.President Obama is a Christian,and if he was a Muslim,he has nothing to hide,it is not going to change nothing,you have vote the Devil in the White House in the Past,at least he believe in God,and not worship the Devil,or off in some type of Satanic cult.See you all dont want real people to respond to you all madness.


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