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(Video) Saudi Princess Describes the Treatment of Women in Saudi Arabia as “Slavery”

Saudi Columnist Princess Basma bint Saud bin Abd Al-Aziz speaks out about Women’s Rights violations in the Arab world.

“What we see today is that the woman is always punished, the woman is treated with violence. Thus, our society becomes a violent society because the woman who suffers violence is the one who raises the children. She raises men and women. What will become of these future generations, if they are raised by women who suffer violence and subjugation?”

Princess Basma bint Saud bin Abd Al-Aziz defend Islam (which Muslims always do no matter how much evidence is put in front of them), and refuse to acknowledge that Islam itself is the very core cause of these problems from the time of Mohammed, and instead the Princess blames it on ‘tribalism’. Fact is that it is not only Islamic societies that have failed these women. Even the West has failed, and failed badly, to protect Muslim women’s rights even in our countries where nothing is being done against the oppression and abuse they experience.

3 thoughts on “(Video) Saudi Princess Describes the Treatment of Women in Saudi Arabia as “Slavery”

    • I Live in Saudi Arabia and I feel that Women are treated like Princess here.
      I am Asian in Origin and Woman have full freedom in my country but the way people respect Woman here is unmatched.Although I agree that you need to be with a Mahram at all times but it is an asset to have your loved one by your side at most times.


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