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Shocking UK insanity: Gay MP Simon Hughes to Muslims “We want you in Parliament”

What insanity has hit that country that they allow lunatics like Simon Hughes to even work in politics?  “We want you to be the leaders. We need you to lead our politics and we want you to be standing for council, standing for Parliament.” This is absolute insanity! Simon Hughes should be barred from any political jobs and be arrested and thrown into a dungeon for eternity. Sick, stupid, demented man. There is no hope for the UK with insane people like this having entry into politics.

While Simon Hugh is homosexual, it seems to have completely skipped his low IQ that the instructions how to deal with gays like himself, should the Muslims actually be elected into Parliament and run the country, is to either throw him off a building, kill him by sword, burn him alive or hang him.

The scumbag Simon Henry Ward Hughes, MP is a British politician and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. He is Member of Parliament for the constituency of Bermondsey and Old Southwark. Until 2008 he was President of the Liberal Democrats.


Simon Hughes is not the only totally clueless, and truly ignorant gay man who has no clue what Islam is but run his mouth on mere overemotional expressions based on his own imaginary ideas of about equality and rights, which is a far cry from any knowledge. Here is what Muslims law would do to someone like Simon Hughes should they actually indeed run the country one day like he wants:

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