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Palestinian children: “Nothing is sweeter” than killing other people

A clip indoctrinating teenage Palestinian children that Martyrdom is sweet ran hundreds of times on official Palestinian Authority TV for four years. The clip, designed to offset a child’s natural fear of death, portrays Martyrdom as both heroic and tranquil. The film’s hero, a nice looking teenager, leaves a farewell letter describing the death he is seeking as pleasurable: “How sweet is Martyrdom.” It was broadcast repeatedly from 2001-04, sometimes even three times a day. “Don’t be sad my dear [father], and don’t cry over my parting.
My dear father, for my country, I sacrificed myself.
With determination and desire, I will keep my promise.
How sweet is Shahada [Martyrdom], when I am embraced by you, my land!
How sweet is Shahada [Martyrdom], when I am embraced by you, my land!
My beloved, my mother, most dear to me,
be joyous over my blood, don’t cry for me.”
The words “How sweet is Martyrdom when I embrace you, oh my land!” are sung as the child actor is seen in the above picture falling dead and “embracing” the land.


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