Muslims WorldWide

ex-Muslim tells his story about Islam and Muslim culture “Islam is the religion of anger and hatred”

The Muslim Issue

Daniel Shayesteh came from Iran and was many things: respected Islamic scholar, active militant, Iranian fundamentalist, death row inmate . . . but Daniel abandoned Islam when he became exposed to the rest of the world. He travels throughout the world revealing the hate-based teachings of the Quran—Islam’s holy book. Daniel ended up converting to Christianity.
What is important to pay attention to with these testimonials, is that no matter what background ex-Muslims have, what Islamic society they come from, and whether they convert to another religion or prefer to be an atheist – they all tell similar messages about Islam. They have one common voice: Islam teach hate, encourage hate and is a religion of anger and hostility that always strive to conquer and destroy others.
Some tidbits:

“The doctrine of Islam is that if you build a mosque in a non-Islamic country, you own that country. That country…

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