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British Muslims murder British soldier vacationing in Cyprus

Three British tourists ‘armed with flick-knives and knuckles dusters’ in custody over Cyprus murder of UK soldier the day before his deployment to Afghanistan

  • David Collins, 19, stabbed during fight ‘between four off-duty soldiers and three British holidaymakers’
  • Three tourists appeared in court but have not yet been formally charged
  • Mohammed Abdulkadir Osman, from London, is alleged to have knifed the teenage soldier in the chest with a switchblade
  • Fight broke out in a part of Ayia Napa that is off-limits to soldiers
  • Mr Collins served with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

By Phil Vinter

PUBLISHED: 13:14, 5 November 2012 | DAILY MAIL

A teenage gang of UK tourists armed with flick-knives and knuckle dusters stalked British soldiers around the night spots of Cyprus while high on drugs and looking for a fight, a court heard today.

Mohammed Abdulkadir Osman told police he was holding the blade that killed 19-year-old fusilier David Collins but claimed he was acting in self-defence.

Osman, 19, from London, confessed to buying 11 flick-knives and two brass knuckle dusters in the popular holiday resort of Ayia Napa. He also admitted possession of a quantity of high-strength cannabis.

The three suspects escorted into a court in the town of Paralimni in Cyprus
One of three suspects escorted into a court in the town of Paralimni
The three suspects escorted into a court in the town of Paralimni in Cyprus

Accused: Tukki Abbas Shah and Umar Anwar, both 17, and Mohammed Adulkadir Osman, 19, all British tourists from London are escorted into a court in the town of Paralimni in Cyprus yesterday.


And he admitted that he and friends Tukki Abbas Shah, 18, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons had had a previous altercation with off-duty soldier Private Collins and three of his comrades before the fatal fight in a nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

But he maintained that Mr Collins, 19, from Manchester, had ‘jumped onto the blade’ which Osman had drawn in an attempt to ward off the soldier, who was enjoying a last night out before being sent to Afghanistan.

Mr Collins, from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was stationed at an Army base in the Dhekelia area of the island.

Tragic: Mr Collins was stabbed to death at an Ayia Napa nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morningTragic: Mr Collins was stabbed to death at an Ayia Napa nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning

A local police spokesman today said the three men appeared at Famagusta District Court where they were remanded in custody for eight days.

They have not been formally charged with the murder and will continue to be detained while detectives investigate the incident, he added.

The soldier’s family told the Manchester Evening News they were ‘devastated’ by his death. It is understood his father has already flown out to the Mediterranean island.

Mr Collins was off-duty with three other soldiers when they became involved in a brawl with the three holidaymakers in the early hours, it is claimed

One of the tourists stabbed the soldier with a knife, according to police spokesman Georgios Economou.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said yesterday: ‘It is with great sadness that the MoD must confirm that a soldier from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers has died in an incident in Cyprus.

‘An investigation is being conducted by Cyprus police and it would be inappropriate to comment any further. The family has been informed and our thoughts are with them.’

Mr Collins’ battalion was due to leave for Afghanistan on Saturday but the mission was delayed for 24 hours, according to reports.

He had left his base at Dhekelia, with three other off-duty soldiers from 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, for a final night out after the delay.

But the infantryman was stabbed in the chest following a row at the popular Black & White Club, an area off-limits to British troops.

Mr Collins was given first aid but was pronounced dead on arrival at Famagusta General Hospital in nearby Paralimni.

Scene: The stabbing took place during a fight between four soldiers and three British tourists at this nightclub
Scene: The stabbing took place during a fight between four soldiers and three British tourists at this nightclub

A fanatical attack on off-duty British soldiers is one motive being considered.

Patrick Mercer MP, the former chairman of the House of Commons counter-terrorism committee, said: ‘The possibility that off-duty British soldiers have been targeted by fanatics is extremely worrying. I hope this does not prove to be  the case.’

One Cypriot TV station has speculated that the row which led to the stabbing was over race.

A knife was recovered at the scene and it has been sent to a forensic laboratory for tests.

Mr Collins’ family have been informed of his death, the Ministry of Defence said.

PA graphic locates Ayia Napa, Cyprus, where a British soldier was stabbed to death

South Manchester MP John Leech said today: ‘I have known David’s family for many years. I phoned them this morning to offer my support in the upcoming days, and to offer my condolences.

‘I hope the people who did this are brought to justice quickly.’

A source close to the battalion described the soldiers’ anger that their comrade had been murdered and frustration at the delay that led him to be at the nightclub.

The source said: ‘The whole of the base is on lock-down. Feelings are running very high.

‘No one is allowed out because it is feared that his comrades would take matters into their own hands and track down the culprit. It’s absolutely tragic.

‘David was not drunk. He got into an argument with these three guys and when he walked away he got stabbed.

‘You have got to ask yourself, who goes to a nightclub with a knife in their pocket?

‘They are not supposed to go to Ayia Napa but it’s got to be wrong that he would have been safer in Afghanistan than in a nightclub in Cyprus.’

The ban on soldiers visiting Ayia Napia Square was imposed by military authorities on all army personnel and their relatives stationed on the island following the rape and murder of 23-year-old Danish tour guide Louise Jensen in 1994.

Three soldiers – Allan Ford, Justin Fowler and Geoffrey Pernell – were sentenced to life imprisonment but were freed on appeal in 2006 after serving 12 years.

The ban was partially lifted in 2009 allowing troops to visit the bar-filled square during daylight hours. British Military Police patrol the resort at night.

The 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, are currently the ‘theatre reserve battalion’ for Afghanistan.

Killed while off-duty: Tributes have been paid to Mr Collins, second left, on Twitter and a Facebook page has been set up in his memory
Killed while off-duty: Tributes have been paid to Mr Collins, second left, on Twitter and a Facebook page has been set up in his memory

In Cyprus the battalion is based in Dhekelia, one of two bases Britain retained after the former colony was granted independence in 1960.

A Foreign and Commonwealth spokesman said: ‘We are aware of the arrest of three British nationals in Ayia Napa and we are providing consular assistance.’

Tributes have been paid to Mr Collins on Twitter while a Facebook page has been set up in his memory.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Gutted to hear the death of an ex-army cadet and soldier, RIP David Collins, good memories from Camp 2010.’

Another added: ‘Rest In Peace David Collins, You Was A Perfect Solider, Sleep Tight!’

Connie Pierce, a British military spokeswoman, said the attack took place in an area of the Eastern Mediterranean island that British soldiers are told to avoid because of previous incidents.

After the rape and murder of Danish tour guide Louise Jensen by British servicemen in 1994, the centre of Ayia Napa was declared off limits to soldiers by military top brass on the island, which is a clubbing resort with a reputation for sex, drugs and violence.

About 3,000 British military personnel are stationed in Cyprus at bases retained after the former British colony gained independence in 1960.

16 thoughts on “British Muslims murder British soldier vacationing in Cyprus

  1. U assume that I’m Pakistani and Muslim wat gave u that idea? Let me guess its lack of education. Not everyone’s a racist like u. Ur so pathetic u fail to see what’s happening in the world because according to ppl like u it only matters where a Muslim is involved, because let’s face it this case wouldn’t have bothered u had it not involved a Muslim.


  2. To all u shouting guilty, STFU if all u hav to go on is that they r Muslim. This is not a opportunity for u to voice ur sick racist views. If that’s all ur basing it in then ur pretty much confirming they r innocent. As for the person going by the name admin ur a absolute DICK! How can u refer to someone as a pedo worshiper I hav read many cases on pedos in the media today n none hav involved a Muslim.


    • Nah all I seam to hear about is Jimmy Savel but that’s ok right cus he’s not muslim u won’t have much to say on the matter.


  3. wtf u guys sayin first they are muslim and they dont drink and 2end u guys think that the 3 teenage boys well go to a english soldiers i dont think so i say the 3 teenage boys are not gilty
    coz i have meet them and i knw them gd


  4. Smart Harry what do you men he wasnt drinking how the hell do you no about he wasnt drinking, was u there. why else was he there, fix up n act right u fool. Just because thats what you want to believe dont make it true. Put the one tiny brain cell you have to work only an idiot would believe everything they read in todays media. Here’s a question how can three lil boys fight off three soldiers who r trained in every aspect of fighting? Furthermore there was nothing to state these boys where high at the time of the incident.


  5. Just because he’s a solider does NOT make him innocent! May I remind you that the solider was not allowed in Ayia Napa in the first place, what type of solider doesn’t listen to orders? If you look at the picture of Mohammed Adulkadir Osman that bandage on his hand? Yeah YOUR British solider stabbed him 3 TIMES in the hand why wasn’t the mentioned huh? SO please get your facts right! I spoke to the boys before they were going, they went to relax! And half the people reading the article would’ve probably got high themselves it was vacation! Idiots.


    • thats true wat u are saying coz i was with them in jail and wen i spoke to them i understood that they are not gilty … why would 3 teenage boys have a fight with soldiers ? and we all knw that the english soldiers come to aya napa they get drunk and starts a fight


  6. Whatever happened no one will no as we wasn’t there, but who carries knives to clubs Nd threatens ppl with them, how would he know Collins jumped on the knife? Who would jump on a knife??? Especially when he wasn’t even drinking… But the three arrested were out of their faces in drugs and alcohol and carrying weapons, name and shame all 3 of them


    • Who carries a knife – well collins does ! And wasnt drunk ? Yeah right a sober 19 yr old is gonna get on a plane to afghanistan – ur kiddin me – dont judge !


  7. Regarding the use of names for the stabbing of a british soldier. Tukki abbas shah is underage and is 17.. Therefore his details should not be on the website or anywere. If this false information is not removed i will be taking legal action as i have done with daily mail who have know removed this false information and blurred his picture!


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