Extremism / Indoctrination / Muslim Hate Crimes

Be a proud parent: dress your baby as a murderer — a ‘martyr’ for Allah

There is no secret that death and murder is one of the core ideals of Islam propagated by a ‘prophet’ who was involved in incessant looting and killing sprees. Religion is constantly used as the tool for murdering innocent people or to create enmity and hatred with an ideology you cannot question, cannot criticize and cannot leave. And what is the best way to teach hate? By indoctrinating small children, of course, so the next generation turn into rabid criminals and murderers.
Here is facebook profil of Muslimah for Life: a small baby dressed as a martyr, praised and indoctrinated from his tender age to kill innocent people. This is not militarists or radical Islamists but merely private Muslim citizens supporting false Palestinian fights against Israel.


2 thoughts on “Be a proud parent: dress your baby as a murderer — a ‘martyr’ for Allah

  1. they need to strap
    this crap on them selves not a baby these baby’s do not know what hate is. these women and men need to be made sterile. so they will not do this to them. let them do it to themselves.


    • with the advanced technology now, make it easy for people to spread fitnah/lie and misguided people but insayaALLAH, ALLAH SWT, the almighty God will punish them and send them clamity for their family and their nation (Tsunami, earth quake, inferno, and so on). In many way ALLAH SWT can send down his punishment. Now the question is have you done GOOD things or you just spent your time with the BAD behave during your life in this world. REMEMBER !!!! This life is too short and just a test for human being from ALLAH SWT (the almighty God). one day you will die and you will be asked your RESPONSIBILITY of your life in this world. SO get ready before it too late !!!!


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