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UK: Muslim mother beat 7-yr son to death and set him on fire when he struggled to learn Koran by heart

The religion of love and peace is at it again. Muslim parents repeatedly show a complete callous evil only seen in third degree murderers, with no qualms to murdering their own children. If a human being cannot even love and respect their own children, will they respect your children? Muslims repeatedly show that they have no love in their hearts. Islam creates a demonic people.

Many Muslims feel pride that they ‘love’ (obsess) the Koran more than they love their own children or their families. It’s a merit to have this kind of distorted ‘love’. Cheap pages with printed text is worth more than human beings. A book, which has been repeatedly disputed to be questionable from lack of historic evidence is given more credence than the life of little Yaseen Ali, aged 7, who was beaten and burnt by his own mother. He lived with beatings on a daily basis and was so used to them he did not even react or say anything when he was beaten. Finally his body just gave up. That is the effect of indoctrination being brought into Europe like a bad disease. Islam is the real Ebola. Deport Muslims.


Mother ‘beat son, 7, to death then set fire to his body’ because he struggled to learn the Koran off by heart

  • Sara Ege, 32, is accused of beating her son Yaseen to death because he was struggling with his Islamic studies, then setting fire to his body
  • The boy’s death was treated as an accident until a post-mortem examination revealed Yaseen died before the blaze broke out at the family home in Cardiff
  • Cardiff Crown Court was told Ege beat Yaseen with a stick and a hammer and locked him in a shed when he failed to recite Koran passages
  • The 32-year-old denies murdering her son and burning his body to destroy the evidence

By Kerry Mcdermott

PUBLISHED: 18:07, 1 November 2012 |

A mother brutally beat her seven-year-old son to death with a stick then set his body on fire because he was struggling to commit passages from the Koran to memory, a court was told.

Sara Ege, 32, is alleged to have beaten Yaseen Ali ‘like a dog’ for failing to recite passages from the religious text, before burning his body at the family home in Cardiff to try and cover up what she had done.

The youngster’s death was initially believed to be a tragic accident following the blaze at the house in Pontcanna, until a post-mortem examination revealed Yaseen had died before the fire broke out, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Beaten: Yaseen Ali, seven, was beaten by his mother for falling behind with his Islamic studies, a court heard
Beaten: Little Yaseen Ali, seven, lost his life to the ‘love’ of his own mother. Yaseen Ali was beaten by his mother for falling behind with his Islamic studies, a court heard.
Accused: An artist's sketch of Sara Ege, who is accused of beating her son to death and setting fire to his body, on trial at Cardiff Crown Court
Accused: An artist’s sketch of Sara Ege, who is accused of beating her son to death and setting fire to his body, on trial at Cardiff Crown Court

Ege is also accused of abusing her son in the months leading up to his death, allegedly beating him with a hammer and locking him in a shed for falling behind with his Islamic studies.

The trial at Cardiff Crown Court heard how the university graduate and her husband Yousuf Ege had enrolled Yaseen in advanced classes at their local mosque and hoped he would become Hafiz – an Islamic term for someone who has memorised the Koran.

In a video recording of her interview with police Ege told officers she had set her seven-year-old the target of memorising 35 pages in three months.

But the court was told fun-loving Yaseen preferred to play with his friends and fell behind with his learning.

Funeral: Cardiff Crown Court has heard Ege grew increasingly frustrated with her seven-year-old son for failing to learn passages from the Koran
Notice how no one seem really sad. And they wear the signs of indoctrination and conservatism on their sleeves.
Funeral: Cardiff Crown Court has heard Ege grew increasingly frustrated with her seven-year-old son for failing to learn passages from the Koran
Tragedy: Ege allegedly hit her child with a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper as well as punching him repeatedly
Tragedy: Ege allegedly hit her child with a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper as well as punching him repeatedly

‘I was getting more and more frustrated,’ Ege said in the interview.

‘If he didn’t read it properly I would be very angry – I would hit him.

‘But Yaseen wasn’t very good – after a year of practice he had only learned a chapter.”

She went on: ‘I was getting all this bad stuff in my head, like I couldn’t concentrate, I was getting angry too much, I would shout at Yaseen all the time.

‘I was getting very wild – I use to beat him with a stick.’

The court was told how Ege hit Yaseen with a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper as well as repeatedly punching him.

She would also allegedly lock him in the shed, tie him to a door, and force him to do push ups.

The court heard that in the months after Yaseen’s death Ege told a doctor she had been told to kill her son by Shaitan – an Islamic name for the devil – and that she felt 100 per cent better after he died.

Notes kept by her GP record her as saying: ‘It is like something has been released. For three or four months I have not been normal.’

Scene: Police and firefighters rushed to the family home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, after the blaze broke out in July 2010
Scene: Police and firefighters rushed to the family home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, after the blaze broke out in July 2010

Police and firefighters were called to the family’s home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in July 2010 after a blaze ripped through the top floor.

Little Yaseen was pulled from the blaze and fire fighter Rhodri Morgan told the court how he’d given him CPR believing he could save his life.

He said: ‘I was performing compressions on his chest, but I kept having to take my hand away because his skin was so hot.

‘While I was doing this bits of skin and fat were flaking off his legs – it was like when a piece of newspaper burns and curls.’

Barbecue lighter fuel was found on her Ege’s clothing when she was arrested after a post mortem examination revealed Yaseen was dead before the fire broke out.

She denies murdering Yaseen and burning his body to hide what she had done.

Her husband denies causing or allowing the death of a child by not stopping his wife’s beatings.

Yaseen’s father, who would drive the seven-year-old to mosque for his Koran practice before and after school, has said he never saw his wife raise a hand against their child.

The trial continues.

55 thoughts on “UK: Muslim mother beat 7-yr son to death and set him on fire when he struggled to learn Koran by heart

  1. Why does it not surprise me that as usual some uneducated dimwits will bring the whole being Muslim issue into it, Islam is a religion of peace and nowhere in the Quran does it state negativity, especially against children as they are treasured!!she is a psychotic twisted women, no one would do that to their child regardless of religion! Also how about the CHRISTIAN family in Cambridge who killed her baby because the “bible” said so! Hmmm she must be a “sick twisted Christian then” Double standards much! If you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t insult Islam and keep your shitty mouths shut!


    • The author revealed their bias immediately in the top portion. This is less a news story and more an awful opinion piece. The author should be ashamed of taking advantage of this story to spread anti-Muslim sentiment.


      • As an ex Muslim, things like this annoy me. It’s the equivalent of disliking someone slagging off your sibling when you might do the same. The author should be ashamed of themselves, I’m ashamed they’re a human being with such prejudice. However most muslims think the religion is above criticism and there are many angry verbal reactions to world events on both sides like this.


    • If the Bible contained endless instructions given by Jesus to kill Muslims “until not one remains” and this was propagated for 2000 years every Friday to millions of people – then, yes, her crime would be motivated by religion. But the truth is that the prophet of the Christians don’t call for the murder or persecution of anyone, unlike the prophet of Islam. So this cannot be the reason.
      Islam is indeed the cause and reason for Muslims turning into savages.


      • if you call yourself professional for releasing this article, you wouldn’t start it off by giving your sick opinion in the first paragraph! before the reader even gets to the damn article! which clearly shows you only did so in order to spread hate of our beloved reliugion. Nothing anyone ever say or does will not EVER change our beautiful, peaceful reliigion however you rant on about it! haters need to change your record…yawn…same thing from you haters day in day out…since you wrote it yourself and the murderer even said it was the satan telling her to do it…NOT GOD..NOT THE RELIGION.. NOT THE QUR’AN!…so it’s HER and ONLY her that needs to be called upon…NOT THE RELIGION. YES IT’S A RELIGION OF PEACE..AND ALWAYS WILL BE!! LONG LIVE ISLAM!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Incorrect. When an elephant defecates on you, you don’t blame the feces. You certainly don’t do it over and over, even though the animal continues to repeatedly unload it’s waste upon you.

        Eventually you must wonder if it is the religion – not the thing that it repeatedly voids upon it’s followers – that is to blame.

        I read stories like this every day, some about Muslim families, others about Christians and Jews, and even a few about Buddhists. Nobody is immune.


      • “our beloved reliugion” religion, “peaceful reliigion however” religion. Rant all you want, I just find it somewhat bothered reading angrily written text, think first, then type. And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.


  2. reading this has turned my stomach up side down n inside out. I’m a mother of 10 beautiful children n NEVER have I RAISED a HAND to none of them. Why wasn’t SOCIAL SERVICES involved with this family as they could of SAVED this boys LIFE.
    NO SOCIAL SERVICES are more interested in people like ME n TRYING to TAKE MY CHILDREN AWAY FROM ME. IM FIGHTING HARD to keep my children. The system of today’s LIFE STINKS. Reglion is neither here or there. You cross the path to become mother and father and bring a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY into this world and its down to you to PROTECT and LOVE this CHILD FOREVER.


  3. actually the Allah is only 15% of Islam Mohammad is the other 85% and he was a murderous pedophile so these acts come as no surprise to me.


      • Accusing someone of worshipping Satan is an ad hominem and doesn’t support your argument.

        The indoctrination of a child into the Muslim faith through abuse encouraged by Muhammad and the Koran does have something to do with this case and saying otherwise detracts only from your own ability to debate.


      • Seriously? Accusing someone randomly of satanic worship? You sound rational(!) But then like the three main religions you do believe in satan and god for that matter so rationalism is not your forte.


    • Many girls were married young historically, only in the last 100 years do we value childhood so I hardly think an accusation of paedophilia against one person has merit unless you want to call them all the same.


  4. Oh the poor woman, having such a terrible child. Send her to Australia, I will meet her and take her to a nice beach house to recover from this traumatic event. Then when she is feeling better I will beat her for a few months before allowing her to swim back to England through our shark infested waters.


  5. I am happy – one muslim died and one is going to jail. Hope this continues on, because these fuckers just fucking barbarians who do not have any fucking place in the 21st century. I would be even up for atomic bomb in ISIL – would make it soo much easier for all of us – unfortunatelly it will never happen


  6. well that what the koran said, he said that yo should talk to them about the coran when the are 5 years old and you should bit them when they are 9 years old
    this mother will go streat to heaven becouse she is just executing what allah said


    • GOD is merciful and kind. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. This god allah that you worship is not merciful or kind. He is quick to anger and unforgiving. This god allah that you worship causes pain and suffering all over the world, especially to women, children and to people that don’t agree with the teachings in the Koran. My GOD is loving and kind. Your god is hateful and murderous, creating chaos and mayhem wherever his followers are. There is no peace with your god. Your god’s name is Satan and it is proven by the works of his followers. This mother murdered her little boy for not learning fast enough. She beat him, she tortured him. He was just a little boy. He deserved to play and enjoy life. But instead, her faith caused her to murder an innocent little boy over what? Learning the Koran correctly? I bet you can’t recite the Koran word for word either. Should you be killed because you can’t do something? Of course not. Love is the answer. Hatred only brings pain, chaos and mayhem. When you can justify the murder of an innocent child remember this…when you are murdered it will be because someone decided their opinion of faith and life was more important than yours. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. As to this mother…she won’t go to heaven right away, if ever. First she will rot in jail, be raped by other women, be beaten half to death by other inmates and live a life of fear. By the time she dies, death will be welcome. Because for the pain, beatings and torture she inflicted on that innocent little boy will now be given to her by the inmates. She will get to know what abuse really feels like.

      As for you, give GOD a chance. Trust in Jesus and embrace love and compassion. Give yourself a chance to not always have anger and hatred in your life, but happiness and contentment. Life is a gift and is meant to be enjoyed. Children are meant to grow up happy, husbands are to love their wife and women are to love their husband. The minute you have to force someone to do something…that is not GOD…that is Satan…for GOD is LOVE.


    • Not really Ben. Allah said no such thing. I take it you’ve never read the Glorious Qur’an by the way you sound, instead you like to educate your thick self with the satanic media and hell bent stories, to make your shallow opinions. Well your lies are not needed. Seriously.

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      • Both of your Gods are violent vengeful creatures… because they both come from the same source material. I have read the Qur’an – a couple different translations – and it is not much different than the Torah and containing a passing amount of the New Testament.

        Both of these things have been used to justify killing, and the Qur’an happens to be rather efficient at ordering killing. Converting non-muslims specifically, and killing Atheists “before they can speak,” if I remember correctly. Muslims often get very angry when you point this out. They suffer as great an amount of cognitive dissonance as any Christian.

        Read your book again, Sulib. Read it and don’t ignore or make excuses for it. That is all I ask of you. Read the parts that are absurd, that you know are untrue and read the parts that order violence… and do one thing for me. Be honest with yourself, with other people, and with your traditional god.


      • u read different translations but if u understood the Arabic then u would speak different these translations u read are not the Qu’ran but what people think it says. i come from a family of different religions and different beliefs and also a country of sorts. never put your feelings out based on what u read cause if i did i would say i hate all jews and christians but i don’t i believe religion define us but what we do. i am a muslim and the way i live is what defines me not by how people see us because we are different. Anything different is always seen as bad. look within u and ask yourself would i hate another human being because they are different or hate a religion just by someone else’s crazy act. my brother think before u say stuff. we are all human and dont u forget it


  7. Can’t agree more.. it’s a religion of Satan. I mean get a fuk which religion wud want ur dick chopped off ? which religion wud allow female genitals mutilation ? Thrive on 4 women in the name of pisslamic marriage? give u rights to kill them who dont want to believe in some asshole sitting ona english booty with shit black rock on his chest ? Perceive moon as an ultimate shrine.. Come on science have made astros piss on moon.. Consider the islamic countries like pakistan, y aren’t they secular state ? y the heck muslim countries are only occupied by muslim people ? y indonesia imposed ban on practicing Buddhism and Hinduism ? y temples and churches have been destroyed in muslim countries ?? y moghuls n afghans forcibly converted so many hindus during their rule in india ? These pests live in the most forgettable conditions in their own countries (poor African muslim nations) only coz of their stupid barbaric dreadful smelly non sense religious practices. These retards create problems wherever they live .. be it crimes like murders, rapes, groomed conversions and any anti human act u can think of. Poverty, illiteracy, starvation to its core. Uk has been experiencing worst crime scenes in past decade and all thanks these morons appearing in 95% of those horrendous crimes. A religion preached by false prophet who was a prime paedo and only viewed women as sexual objects. No wonder the mandate for evidence of four male witnesses for a rape against a woman came from which shitty goat fucking preacher. God is divine he is not a pimp supplying you 72 virgins for sex after u die, y wud a religion have a concept of ‘jihad’ anyways ? be it to save ur own ass. The paedo wasnt aware that one fine day his sexual koranic moronic acts and utterly non sense teachings will be a free read for all the infidels.. If anyone wants to counter my words then please come with an explanation y woman is only perceived as domestic cattle in islam ??? No nonsense pls cuz all my writings above were based on facts.. don’t make me bring wiki links here. I swear on God we had this muslim neighbor, this long beard guy and three wives n their children(around 16) used to live along. Still wonder how on this earth they had food to eat. And this guy used to beat his wives so brutally that we many a times had to call police to save these Islamic goats. Absolute retards and children of Satan.


    • First of all,study islam, and then u’ll realise that islam is the first and only religion, who gave women any rights,,,, Muslim countries, many, have had female presidents or prime ministers,but USA, still hasn’t had any,,,,, thereafter, have u guys forgotten what israel is doing to Palestine, killing pregnant woman, kids, islam’s first and foremost rule about war, is not to kill women,children,old people or any civilians,,,, So yeah such a terrorizing religion doesn’t ask u to kill..And yes,islam asks women to cover themselves up,if they wwant to,,it’s not an obligation,,,, look at the western society, millions of dollars are spent by the western women on plastic surgeries and stuff like that,, yes,,islam is not a superficial religion,,,, it doesn’t tell u to love a woman just because she has big breasts and slim waist rather because of her thinking,,,, oh and the rape rate in the USA is the highest,,,and u can’t force islam on anyone,,,, Islam has never been imposed upon, but yes, Do u remember Edward de hammer, he was the one who imposed christianity on the european people, its was either convert to christianity or die,,, but no prominent islamic leader has ever done that kind of sick thing,,If you still think that islam is spread by imposing it on people,then why the convert rate to islam is the highest in the world,,u all can see what kind of terrorism islam is causing still islam is on the rise,why? Because literate and sensible people who have studied islam know what islam truly is,, what about the Denmark guy, who made an anti islam movie,he knew what kind of terrorizing religion islam was,why did he convert to islam? and no, its not mandatory in islam for a rape victim to bring forth 4 witnesses, she can just take an oath, like how u people take oath on ur bible in the court, and say that she has been a victim,,that’s enough proof….
      and the rate of violence on women is the highest in india,, u are confusing islam with hinduism, which objectifies women and consider them beneath them,,
      And world war 1 was caused by non muslims, world war 2 by non muslims,, the holocaust by a non muslim, the vietnam by the non muslims,, so please first educate ur self on what islam really is and then come here and put forth ur ideas about islam..may u find the right path


      • The mid-east was punished for it’s participation in World War 2. Read history before you decide to ignore it.

        Religion as a whole is responsible for atrocities the world over, and please! The Crusades may have not been started by Muslims, but the Moors were Musselmen and conquered many parts of Europe.

        Yet you don’t have to take responsibility for this. Do you know why? Because none of you were alive at the time. We are all new people with new minds and new bodies. We don’t have to relive the mistakes of our ancestors.


      • Yes, but muslims have never caused such casualities,,,, like the christians and the jews have,, what about the nuclear attack on Japan, the aftermath of which can still be seen in their homeland,, furthermore, yes,middle east was involved,but wasn’t the reason of the World wars,, and if the entire world well most of the world hadn’t been involved it would’ve been called country war or something like that….
        And i agree, religion has always been a major cause for war among the people of this planet,,, But what point i’m trying to make here is that Islam alone isnot causing this madness and it isn’t the religion of violence,,, Its all of the religions of the world against islam,,, and if u wanto mention talibans and other so called jehadists here, they are not at all muslims, cuz the way they are trying to promote islam is centpercent unislamic,, like suicide attack,, suicide is a huge sin in islam, and them terrorists think that Allah will be pleased as they have sacrificed themselves iin His name,, i would like to mention another thing here,sir,islam never asks anyone to coerce into religion..even reciting Quran,, I still haven’t recited the Quran, and am 23 years old,,, i don’t do burka or hijab,, i wear jeans,i drive my car,, u can’t blame the entire group of followers just because a few so called muslims are evil,,,,


  8. Who cares if a small child can memorize a bunch of mumbo jumbo? The fact that they cared more about something a 7 year old would probably not be able to do anyway, and decided a death sentence was warranted for a little kid who didn’t care about memorizing anything. Did they ask him if he wanted to memorize this book? Did they memorize this book, no they didn’t but killed a little kid because he couldn’t. I know this is the UK so both parents will be out to either make more children to torture or sent back to their homeland to torture their other child with impunity. Both parents should be locked up until they are in their 70’s then sent back to their homeland hell.


  9. first thing im telling all off yours islam not crazy because islam didnt tell any body kill thier own children to learn quran said tried learn yor children to learn and read quran not said if dont learned kill them .that mum only sick if hi didnt learned at that age 7 tried till he grown up if he or she didnt learned its not parent fault because you tried yor best .. for exsample im try to tell every thing about islam to my children and learn quran if they arent learn thats not my fault because god know im tried my best with them ….

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s correct Y,Y..but no point explaining to the commenters on here, they have double standards, and are controlled by satan. Us muslims are more intellectual than the scum on here. Did you hear of the psycho woman that gagged her baby with alcohol and stamped on it like a bouncy castle? what a psycho Christian woman, I tell you these Christians killing their own children! they must be mental.

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      • The Old Testament orders you to kill your children if they talk back, so she may have been observing her religion. Additionally, the Qua’ran orders you to believe and observe other holy books according to Surah and Al Nisa.


    • You follow the words of the prophets right? All of them? Even the pre-Koran ones? As commanded in Surah 4 and Al Nisa, verse 136? Then you should read the Old Testament, where it says you must kill your children if they talk back to you or believe other gods. Leviticus 20:9. Then, good luck to you.


  10. ALL of these MUSLIMS are crazy if the kids don’t learn the Quran by heart before 7 years of age does this means the kids are evil? The parents are evil!!! all these people who can murder children and it’s God’s children in case anybody forgot , they will meet the devil at the end .


  11. I have always said that ialsm is a cult and this is the first person that has agreed with what I have said for a very long time. it is sad these children have to suffer because of a cult. never knowing the love of most children. but I know where that little boy is he is in heaven with the true JESUS CHRIST. and will never have to know the pain that his mother did to him ever again. but if the mother don’t get right with the true GOD she will know the pain of hell fire.


  12. that book needs to be band in every part of the world the book of evil. and the country’s having problems with these muslims. need to ship them out. ban the qur’an and building of mosque. in every country and the muslims will deport them selves and no hand outs if they want to live in another country they have to leave islam. what do you think? first get rid of obama, bloomburg, dirty harry and nancy.


    • Read it before you want to ban it!..or are you scared that you’ll actually come to see that it’s the final testament to the very bible itself…did you read Isaih 42 of the bible? where it mentions that another Prophet will come…as in our beloved Prohet Muhammad…or did you choose to ignore that part, so you continue drinking alcohol, gambling and committing adultery? so leave our fellow muslims and beautiful mosques alone!..carry on dreaming your little dream, I assure you it will never come true. If you want people to respect your religion, unfortunately you’ll have to learn to respect ours! isn’t that what the bible teaches aswell.

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  13. One thing we the infidels MUST understand that islam is a cult and ,and by their so called religion a child MUST be made to learn Quran by heart before 7 years of age, and if he/she does not, then mother or father are suppose to beat them to learn before the age of 11.And that is what Ege was doing don’t blame her blame islam.see


  14. The mother could have beaten a child in a public school for anything she did not approve…things kids do like
    chewing gum,writing notes,drawing cartoons,telling jokes,boy girl looking,touching body parts etc. She had a
    university degree and that gets some teaching jobs. America has a Muslim teaching French language.
    Time to send back …In Berlin a man from Iran cut his Iranian wifes nose off while she was tied to a chair.
    I saw the picture of her…The 10 year old daughter was a witness.


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