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Belgium: One step closer to the Caliphate: Muslim party win seats in municipal election

Brussels is the seat of the European Union — yet do nothing at all about the Muslim problems growing all around them. They have so many statistics and information about Islam and Muslim statistics and problems, that there is no excuse for this.



You may want to see the situation in Belgium here:

6 thoughts on “Belgium: One step closer to the Caliphate: Muslim party win seats in municipal election

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  3. What most people in Europe and America don’t know is the fact that one of the world’s most influential islamists has set the West as his main target for mass Islamization!

    The Islamist Sheik Faarooq al Mohammedi who heads the United Muslim Nations International organization has laid out plans to Islamize all of the Western World.

    What most of us further do not know is the fact that he has succeeded with his plans, in March this year WND began posting about this man and sparked a mass of media hype but as usual the flame dies down, his aim is to destroy Christianity.

    They have made it possible for our Governments to turn on us, this is their plan, please update your site to expose this document of this Global Islamist Organization:

    We need to take a serious look at what they together with our governments have planned for us. Let everyone know what we’re heading for.


  4. I pray each day and night GOD will deliver us from obama obamacare one world order and aginda21 and pray GOD will open the eyes of the people and the eyes of the muslims to the evil of islam. and I ask all to pray that GOD will have mercy on us all. all the evil that is taking place in this country and other countrys. the work of satin.


  5. Admin I hope so thye will be made to leave, this is the reality now each country in the west will be forming an Islamist party now the Obamo is one now he is just paving the way untill an Islamist party is formed. The UK the Muslim party now know has LABOUR, but again is paving the way for the Islamist parties probably formed with labour MP we will see but his I see happening soon.
    I hope some how somehow we wake up enough of us and rise up to say no and strip them of their power no muslim Party should be allowed to be formed. Why not the lefties and Muslims will say. ANSWER because we say so and it is our country and we want is running with our culture our values END OF.


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