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Abu Dhabi : Muslim Patient Murders Indian Doctor for ‘Slow Treatment’


An Indian doctor working at a private Abu Dhabi hospital was brutally murdered by his patient on Thursday evening in his hospital cabin.

Dr. Rajan Daniel, 62, urologist, was killed after his throat was slit by his Pakistani patient.

Staff at the Al Ahalia Hospital said they were shocked to see a man trying to leave the hospital with a knife in his hand and blood all over his body.

One of the hospital staff told Emirates 24l7 that the patient, Mohammed Abdul Jameel, 46, was undergoing treatment from the doctor for the last three months. “The incident occurred at around 6.30pm. The man entered the doctors cabin, locked the room from inside and immediately slit the doctor’s throat. He then simply walked out of the room, located on the fifth floor. Staff were shocked to see a man trying to leave the hospital with a knife in his hand. He was completely soaked in blood,” the staff said.

“The hospital staff managed to catch him on the first floor and immediately alerted the police. The doctor was found dead, lying on the floor in his cabin,” he added.

The Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said: “The patient has been to the hospital for treatment before….he came this time with a knife and stabbed the doctor in the neck and other parts of the body many times.” It said police arrested the killer while the hospital was shut briefly after the incident. The daily said that the patient was maddened by the slow treatment process.

The accused is an employee of a private company in Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi.

Dr Daniel who is from Trivandrum in Kerala, India has been working in the hospital since 2007. His wife Geeta George lives with him in the UAE. The doctor is also survived by his only daughter Junu.

7 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi : Muslim Patient Murders Indian Doctor for ‘Slow Treatment’

  1. Satan is having a field day with his followers carrrying out such heinous actions. Whatever his reason, Ahmed, Nov ’12., there is no necessity to murder someone. If you have an issue that needs addressing, do so by communicating with the person, not causing their demise by slitting their throat. Every day we read of the atrocities carried out in the name of a non existent deity in the shape of a crescent moon.


  2. It is deplorable that some of the biased elements are trying to politicize the ruthless assassination of Dr. Daniel and making it a Christian-Muslim issue, instead of joining hands against terrorist forces. People committing such heinous crimes had no religion and are condemned by all Hindus, Muslims, and Christians alike.


    • Do not say anything before you get the real picture behind this murder, and do not mixup religion as the acquiste murdered him for personal issues


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