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751 Areas in France are no-go zones – safe for Muslims only


Thousands of years of European history and culture are being ravaged and destroyed by Islam.
History will look back upon these disasters and come up with the conclusion that one of the most egregious reasons for the destruction of these once-great civilizations was based upon the multicultural, PC belief that all cultures and societies are equal. (They’re not).

First country to be examined is France, then Holland.

France –

What other country in the world has a government-sponsored website dedicated to 751 areas that non-Muslims should not go?

These are areas that not only civilians shouldn’t go, but emergency services as well.

Yes, that’s right, not even police, fire, or ambulances should go to these Muslim-controlled areas of France.

These areas are occupied by about 8 % of the population, or 5 million people.

They are called Zones Urbaines Sensibles in French, meaning Sensitive Urban Zones. The list in French, with both street addresses and maps, all in PDF, can be found here:

List of 751 No-Go Areas for non-Muslims in France

The boundaries in red are the places where non-Muslims musn’t go, as they are so dangerous that even the French police, fire, ambulance, and rescue services are reluctant, unwilling, or incapable of going.

Thousands of years of French history and culture, being decimated by people who wish to segregate and intimidate, not integrate and assimilate.

If people aren’t willing to fight for their own culture and society, it’s unreasonable to expect others to help.

Countries to be included in the near future: UK, Netherlands. Please feel free to add any personal, first-hand information in the comments sections as the MSM (mainstream media) often refuses, and sometimes just totally ignores, these important developments.


Holland's Future if Geert Wilders is Convicted

If Dutch MP Geert Wilders is convicted for telling the truth about Islam, comparing the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Holland Hollandistan will be very different.

It’s hard to imagine Holland without Heineken or any other alcohol, especially beer.

How would Holland be without beautiful women strolling along the streets?

A Holland without dogs?

A Holland without freedom?

Should MP, soon-to-be PM Geert Wilders be convicted, the current Holland where so many enjoy liberties will become Hollandistan – where every facet of daily life is strictly regulated and controlled by the draconian Sharia Law.

Should the fine people of Holland not resist now due to apathy, ignorance, wishful thinking or cowardice, then their children and grandchildren will suffer severe consequences.

On their deathbeds, when the children ask the adults why they didn’t fight, how will the adults answer?

Will history show that one man, only one man, Mr. Geert Wilders had the courage to take a stand to save his beloved Holland?

The following is a letter we received to show how dangerous Europe has really become with Muslim immigration (not integration and assimilation).

Dear Readers,

I doubt if anyone of you will believe what is written in the enclosed letter below. I can assure you it is true and further more;…the matter is still going on!.
For people who want to know, how Eurabia starts en get’s a grip on whole neighborhoods of capital European cities; you will find here the answer.

Den Haag (or The Hague) in The Netherlands is the city where the international court has it seat and where war criminals stand trial.

The letter was originally written in Dutch and had been sent to City mayor and council. Nobody of them had answered me.


I live with my son in the neighborhood ‘Bezuidenhout West’ in The Hague. During the past five years the neighborhood, in which we are living, have been subjected to change in population. It had become an Islamic African enclave. Matters are now at the hands of a large immigrant Muslim gang, who is assisted by corrupt police- and justice officials and staff within the local housing corporation (with criminal ties).

The gang is interested in our apartment and would like chase us from our home. Reasons:
a) strategic location with free views at the Central Station and the road. The gang is particularly interested in the top floor flats, with access to the roof.
b) continuity. Whole block are already in their hands.

We are terrorized day and night with the aim of forcing us to flee.
I hereby inform you that the gang is not an occasional group that kick crap. It is an organization with clear structures and enormous financial power that is trying – successfully – to bribe everyone. In their activities they include well-recognized and certified technical- and installation companies.
The activities against us consist of :
a) total control on our mail. They use to steal the letters, open it and subsequently drop it in our mailbox. If they think that we should not see a letter, we do not receive it.
b) In the morning of August 29, 2008, our home phone line was sabotaged by these people and shut down. Nobody can dial our number and get an answer.
c) Several attempts of sabotage on our electricity net, heating, water supply. Our heating is not working and the middle switch of the electricity box is shut down.

We are already the second winter in the cold, because the heating system is sabotaged.
d) frequently trying to hack in our internet connection with the purpose of sabotage.
My daughter internet account has been hacked and all files deleted. An hate e-mail was sent through her account in badly written Dutch.
e) Toxic substances (gases) are constantly pumped into our apartment. This is apparently done through holes in the floor and a special equipment.

Most actions against us are implemented by an African asylum seekers who are living one floor below our apartment. They came here out of the blue. The flat was between July to October 2008 officially empty, but was occupied by a clandestine group of Arabs or North Africans. The night before the arrival of the Africans, Arab-looking men were quickly shepherded inside furniture and household goods.

These practices are in this area very normal. Apartments which normally have to find their way to people with low income (subsidized by the government) are kidnapped by Muslim criminals and given to their own gang members, families or people with no staying permit who pay exorbitant rent.

The African family came here with ‘two children (boy and a girl both teenagers). Later they disappeared and two others were in place, including a boy of about (then) 13 years old.
It is not clear what the African asylum seeker does for a living. He is often at home at the time other men his age are working. Nevertheless, since his arrival in October 2008 he had several cars. Currently he drives a red Mazda, registrationnr. ….and green Opel, registration …
Besides these two cars, he has possession on a green Lance.

The toxic gases, which also include chlorine in it, are ruining our health. My son and I both show the same symptoms: nausea, dizziness, tingling in our hands, heart palpitations and severe fatigue. The Africans are mainly active at night. That in order to disrupt our sleep and b) slowly kill us.
Given their aggressive behavior lately, I assume that the intention now is to kill us quickly in a way that it would seem a natural death.

When the (direct and indirect) threats from the housing corporation staff and the criminals started, we decided to gather evidence in the form of video and audio material. This activity was to ensure our safety.

To clear outline of the situation, we add this one DVD with a self-made documentary. All material on the DVD we recorded (sound) and filmed.

We are aware of the situation and know that we have to act quickly. We intend to go into hiding, or it is with us.

Unfortunately, our beloved cat has to be placed in the shelter. It is an impossible task to be on the run and combine it with the care of a cat. The need to say goodbye to our cat breaks our heart literally and figuratively. We have her for nearly five years and we love her dearly.

We know that the letter seems bizarre. It is a surrealistic situation in a western European country that sees itself as a lawful state.

It is so terrible that our lives are so devastated because we happen to be in the wrong neighborhood. It turns out that the Netherlands, anno 2010, gradually the characteristics of a dictatorial South American banana republic being developed.

Best regards,

5 thoughts on “751 Areas in France are no-go zones – safe for Muslims only

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  2. France. what is wrong with you that you would let these people suffer like this? are you become cowards that you will let these muslims come in to your country and take over shame on you. I remember when people would talk about how great France was. and now it has become a country people don’t want to visit any more. run the muslims out of your country and become the great country people will want to visit again.


    • It’s because France is full of pantywaist socialist! They are like our stupid, mindless, irrational, illogical libturd, shit-for-brains leftist here in America, who think we need to be even more of a melting pot of “tolerance” and “co-existence”, which is bullshit to this Westerner. They wont assimilate. They want to take over each and every country they enter and just like their libtard, apologist brethren, they wont stop until they reach their goal, or killed, which I firmly stand for the later and not the former. My AK is ready to go and so am I. I know that millions of my fellow Americans will fight to the death to beat back this hoard, these modern day Huns, just we did with those damn Nazis! Hell, the Huns were better people than these dog piles!


    • It’s happening right here in the U.S. They have set up their own towns in several States that no one, not even police are allowed to enter. Actually, they are simply terrorists camps just waiting patiently until this administration allows millions more in, then they will take over since they are not being elected as Judges, Congressmen, Senators, teachers, bankers, law enforcement and into the very military that is supposed to defend our country and our people. Sharia law is coming to our country as more and more of the demands of these people who hate us and our country are being allowed to happen. Wake up.


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