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Sweden: Somali Muslims protest against ‘injust’ welfare system and demand “We want more”

Somali Muslims protest against the generous Swedish welfare system which allows a free home with a separate room for each child in the highest living standard in Europe, free education, and free healthcare. Rarely do any of these people ever acquire a job meaning the working tax payers bear the burdens.
But it is apparently not enough.
One child says: “We don’t want a new home (relocation) and three rooms, but we want as many rooms as we demand.” They claim they are treated “unequal” and with “injustice” because they can’t live where they want, free on tax payers, since housing is full in their favorite ghetto so they have been offered new housing in other regions which they can then turn into a new ghetto.
Somali Muslims are responsible for some of the highest rape and violent crime rates in Europe.
Things must be much better in Somalia so perhaps they should be airlifted back home?


And this is how they live in Somalia. No wonder they are so disappointed in the horrid Swedish welfare:

5 thoughts on “Sweden: Somali Muslims protest against ‘injust’ welfare system and demand “We want more”

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  3. Unbelieveable cheek this will harm relief aid for third world now they see what they are funding. For gods sakes SWEDEN SAY NO GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. PC will have you all killed in the 15 yrs the Islamic world will be in cahrege if the west does not start saying no and deporting these cheeky parasites.


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