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Belgium: Islamification of Brussels

If Brussels is the seat of the EU and the EU does nothing but show apathy towards Muslim problems, what does it tell us about the EU and its leadership? Rather than implementing stricter laws and taking measures they merely bend backwards and hide their heads in the sand. They could bring in the military and begin to remove all Muslims, but since they refuse to they are only pushing society into an inevitable civil war in the future. And the first people the masses will go after, will be the politicians.

3 thoughts on “Belgium: Islamification of Brussels

  1. It is too late to get Europe safe for travel again. Americans are the most hated by the Muslims and we are easy to spot.Brussels,Amsterdam and London are dangerous places..Before any trip to Europe check out the percent Muslim population.France has some towns with Muslim mayors and total population….not a place to get off the train with no French police.


  2. They’re creating they’re own problem, it’s like ignoring that ‘funny little mole’ on your shoulder until you’ve gone from simple skin cancer to systemic–then it’s ‘good luck, chuck!’.
    I’m crossing a lot of places I wanted to see of the future travel list these days…


    • It’s called PolCorr. But as I’m seeing and I’m sure you are too, there’s a backlash beginning vs. PolCorr and islam.
      The things our little city is doing, granted are a tricky game, and we’re taking a big risk as the Feds could come down on us and take us out, but people here won’t tolerate islam or muslim crap anymore. I’m hoping that more jurisdictions take the hint and use anti-racketeering laws to make islam and such illegal–it’s a cult, and a dangerous one, and with all the hate-literature, incitements to violence, physical harm, murder and such in their religious materials means they can be Banned under many existing laws. The only issue is handling the tantrums, and all that requires is proper preparation.


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