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Weekend film: The Stoning of Soraya M.

(Based on a true story)  Stranded in the remote Iranian village of Kuhpayeh by car trouble, a journalist (Freidoune Sahebjam) is approached by Zahra, a woman with a harrowing tale to tell about her niece, Soraya, and the bloody circumstances of Soraya’s death, by stoning, the previous day. The two sit down as Zahra recounts the story to Freidoune, who records the conversation with his tape recorder. The journalist must escape with his life to tell the story to the rest of the world.

Ali is the abusive husband of Soraya who tries to get the village’s mullah to convince Soraya to grant him a divorce so that he can marry a 14-year-old. Ali’s marriage to the teenager is conditional on Ali’s ability to save the girl’s father, who has been sentenced to death for an unspecified crime. The mullah proposes that Soraya becomes his lover in exchange for protection and monetary support for Soraya and her two daughters. Soraya refuses. Soraya has two sons whom Ali wants, and who have both turned against her. In a scene where Ali comes home to confront Soraya, a violent argument breaks out, she breaks a dish and Ali beats her, all the while saying things displaying his sexist attitude. Some days following the incident, a woman dies. The mullah, the village’s mayor, and Ali ask Zahra to persuade Soraya to care for the widower. Zahra suggests that Soraya may do the job if she is paid.

Soraya starts working for the widower, and Ali plans to use the unusual circumstance to spread lies that Soraya is being unfaithful to him so that she will be stoned and he can remarry. Ali also knows if Soraya were dead, he would not have to pay child support. Ali and the mullah start a rumor about Soraya’s infidelity so they can charge her with adultery. One day while Zahra is walking in town, she realizes that a rumor has spread that her niece is being unfaithful to her husband.


9 thoughts on “Weekend film: The Stoning of Soraya M.

  1. The only devil at work is human greed for power, and thus the fawning of PolCorr as Leftists need the constant ego-grooming of their fellows–thus, they enable islam as that’s what’s ‘popular’.


    • Marline that is just it yes greed and power is indeed the Devil within mankind that Jesus spoke about you have hit the nail on the head I agree. The commies are just for the underdogs or anyone that they see has not able to get a free ride that they think are owed to them. I must confess marline I do not know what makes a leftie tick they have children too they see which way this is all going and what will become of them and more important their and yet they carry on enabling the only thing I can think of in my suming up is that they will all convert and are sheep like you say following the crowd and just hoping the crocodiles will eat them last. So I say this cowardice springs to mind. There favourite saying is we have to accept it dont stir them up because they will bite us.


      • Leftists are very much like islamists–both have in-place a circular, self-reinforcing form of conditioning from indoctrination that stifles critical thinking and independent thinking ability.
        In short, they’re lazy, and don’t want the burden of decision making that goes along with freedom.
        Ever notice how islam insists one place allah and mohammed-the-deviant (pox be upon his festering bones) over and above one’s family? Honor-killings?
        It takes some Serious conditioning to override Maternal instinct and allow it, let alon that some islamist mothers perform them.
        Leftists have PolCorr, and notice the very close similarities between PolCorr and islam.
        See the links between them?
        That’s why they’re so ‘comfy-cozy’ with islam, it’s essentially the same thing, just Hyper-secular.
        The PolCorr crowd, some will, most won’t–but the things is, they’re fickle.
        Remember, not too long ago, they were all about Jewish folks and anti-semitism was something that they’d almost lynch you for. Now it’s islam. Next it might be…say, scientology.
        Here’s where it gets fun–what happens when all these PolCorr converts to islam decide they want to jump-ship as they always want to sooner or later?
        Then, islam will become demonized by the same PolCorr folks that are enabling the current problem.

        As for their favorite saying, to the effect of; ‘We have be tolerant, it’s a cultural difference, and we musn’t give them a reason to throw a tantrum’…
        islamists are seriously otmatched as Humanity, the whole species, is starting to backlash vs. islam. 5.5 Billion vs. 1.5 Billion muzzies–and the muzzies are losing population. Don’t buy the saudi-financed hype that islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, that’s an oxymoron, as islam is NOT a religion, but a cult-criminal organization, and for every 100 that join, about a 1000 slip away into the night.
        People here in our city are so fed-up that the local islamists are in serious danger actually. If they push too hard, even a bit, there’ll be lynchings and such. People want them GONE, and really no longer care how after the horrifying rapes that have been happening for the past 7 months.
        The Natives keep ‘joking’ about ‘carpets of muslim scalps’…except they’re not joking, they’re pissed off at the way the islamists hijacked some reservation land for a mosque, illegally built, and other incidents that have so endeared them to the Natives.

        Here’s a thought; People blame islam and such on Satan. He shows up, Christ as witness, and sues successfully for slander and defamation of character.
        In my view, that’s how bad islam and mohammad are (pox be upon him).
        If I had to choose between Satanism and islam, I’d chose Satanism every time. Satan’s name is Lucifer, so he has that at least. mohammed (pox be upon him) and allah–have nothing.


  2. Terrible and this what they want to install in the west and the courts are already here in the UK we need to demo about banning Sharia court. Tears for her.What is this country thinking tomignoree this creeping Sharia and do nothing and say nothing where it counts only the few like the EDL and are now being destroyed it does have you questioning the whole thing about wether there is a devil on earth controling hearts and minds of the masses one thing is for certain God does not seem to be winning this battle about good and evil but always does in the end. Sadly not easily.


  3. another movie for the world to understand how crazy these people are…France we thank you for the burka laws…..send them all to Saudi Arabia as fast as possible…military jets full of Muslims going to Saudi…..best for the rest of the world.


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