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Muslims steal ‘hundreds’ of goats and sheep from farmers across Britain and Europe

For a while we have suspected that the new phenomenon in the British countryside reported by farmers — theft and disappearance of life stock (except pigs) — could have a Muslim origin. Sheep and cattle theft is common in many Muslim countries. Got confirmed by Muslim loonie and Calip dreamer Anjem Choudary today (hat tip to David):


Sheep stolen as rustlers target area

Friday, October 19, 2012

POLICE are warning livestock owners to be on their guard against sheep rustlers after 20 animals were stolen in Withiel.

Officers say organised gangs are again targeting the area, after a spate of sheep thefts were committed last year within a ten-mile radius of Bodmin.

The latest farmer to lose livestock is David Harris, who keeps 300 sheep on land in the Withiel parish.

Thieves stole 20 of his sheep from two fields which he estimated to be worth £3,200 at market.

Mr Harris said: “We check the sheep twice a day, but it is impossible to count every one of them, but now we will certainly be improving security in the future.

“As well as losing these sheep, you have to take into account the 30 or 40 lambs they would have produced, so you are talking about quite a few thousand pounds – it’s a big loss.”

Mr Harris, 65, has kept sheep for more than 25 years, and says it is the first time any of his livestock have been stolen.

“I suspect they have been taken upcountry and slaughtered at a private abattoir because they were all tagged and a licensed slaughterhouse wouldn’t have had anything to do with them.”

Mr Harris said he had alerted other farmers in the area about the theft from his land and they are taking extra precautions.

Bodmin rural area police community support officer Lloyd Paynter said there had been a number of rustling incidents reported last year.

“We have had cases in Helland, St Breward, Blisland and Castle-in-Dinas over the past 12 months, and now it is happening in the area again,” he said.

“These sheep rustlers are very organised and use lorries, or in the case of Mr Harris’s loss, it could have been a large pick-up.

“I would appeal to anyone who drives through rural areas to report suspicious activity near livestock to the police immediately,” he said.

The theft of sheep at Withiel was discovered on October 11, but could have occurred weeks earlier.

Anyone with information about that incident should contact police on 101, quoting reference BB/12/1516.

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13 thoughts on “Muslims steal ‘hundreds’ of goats and sheep from farmers across Britain and Europe

  1. Lets face it anyone daft enough to eat in these restauants now are traitors to their own stomachs you hare tales how they spit in the curry and put sperm in it and from their noses on this was said by a Muslim working in a takeaway and restaurant. I never ever go anymore not to any at all. I do not shop in their shops because of all the out of date found and their are plenty of Hahal sweets for sale. No I buy English shops only to help our people. Those poor animals I wonder how many are cruelly slaughtered has we speak I wish more people would sign petitions to get it stopped in the UK and the west.


  2. The Hallal back street market will happily buy these sheep for the numerous Indian restaurants, up & down the UK using rotton/stolen/filthy ingredients for all your curries. I won’t eat at an Indian (Mainly Pakistan run) due to the disgusting kitchens & lack of cleanliness.


    • Time to kill any Muslim even looking at sheep and goats…best cure for stealing for a living.Send all
      Muslims to Saudi Arabia for food and money…Let them care for their people…not the rest of the world.


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  4. Time to enforce strict laws on crime. Muslims are trained from birth to kill. Inbred biological low IQ so never any scientists,artists or writers…Came to US only to learn how to crash airplanes to do 9/11 paid for by Saudi.


  5. Time stop keeping quite and just accepting the measures the police are taking while they try chasing these thieving muslims round getting no where then soon they will be no sheep left farmers bancrupt. So Cameron what arfe you going to do to get these off our streets? what is bei ng done is not enough.


  6. When are all the country folk going to get together to get these Muslims removed from our country we have a right to live with out fear and theft why should we have them here changing this country into a third world country get petitioning.


  7. George Sale was one of the first to translate the Quran into English — in 1734. In his 145 page “Preliminary Discourse” he wrote, “As the Arabs have their excellencies [such as hospitality], so have they, like other nations their defects and vices. Their own writers acknowledge that they have a natural disposition to war, bloodshed, cruelty, and rapine, being so much addicted to bear malice that they scarce ever forget an old grudge. . . The frequent robberies committed by these people on merchants and travelers have rendered the name of an Arab almost infamous in Europe; this they are sensible of, and endeavor to excuse themselves by alleging the hard usage of their father Ismael, who, being turned out of doors by Abraham, had the open plains and deserts given to him by God for his patrimony, with permission to take whatever he could find there; and on account they think they may, with safe conscience, indemnify themselves as well as they can, not only on the posterity of Isaac, but also on anybody else, always supposing a sort of kindred between themselves and those they plunder. And in relating their adventures of this kind, they think it sufficient to change the expressions, and instead of “I robbed a man of such or such a thing,” to say, “I gained it.”


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