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British ‘terror gang boasted about hitting David Cameron’

So, will the government pay more attention now to the real and looming Caliphate threats developing all around us? Or will they continue to squeam and pretend it is only isolated incidents and not a problem within Islam and the Muslim community itself, which must force us to block any further Muslim immigration? Running around searching for evident terrorists one-by-one only when they are close to hitting at us, while the majority are sympathizers, is like looking for a needle in a haystack when the entire problem is the hay in the haystack.


A British Muslim terror cell boasted about “hitting” David Cameron, his friends and other non-believers in the “land of Satan”.

Non-Muslims have 'sex like donkeys' and deserve to be blown-up, said 'terror plot' leader

Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali, both 27 Photo: PA
Tom Whitehead

By , Security Editor

2:51PM BST 26 Oct 2012

The al-Qaeda inspired group, from Birmingham, is accused of planning a suicide bombing campaign by exploding eight rucksacks packed with explosives in public places.

One of the alleged ringleaders was secretly recorded by police justifying an attack, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

Irfan Khalid, 27, said: “You think about it, you’re hitting his friends, in their home his friends innit these were Cameron and everyone they’re his friends.”

He added: “We’re doing it in the land of the shay-tan (satan) in the belly’s whale (sic).

“This is going to shake them all, all the Kaffir (non-believers) that go to the pub and that.”

Later, the group watched video footage of Mr Cameron stood next to a Muslim scholar.

Khalid is heard saying: “Who are you telling us, you uncircumcised woman?”

Khalid, 31, Irfan Naseer, 27, and Ashik Ali, 27, all unemployed from Birmingham, were among 12 people arrested and charged last year.

The trio deny between them a total of 12 terror charges including planning a bombing campaign, recruiting others for terrorism and terrorism fundraising.

The jury heard how Naseer and Khalid had made martyrdom videos while undergoing alleged terror training in Pakistan, to be released after their deaths.

Telling other group members what he had said in his video, Naseer said: “Like one part we’re ‘You people think that by making these cartoons of the prophets (reference to the row over the Danish cartoons) you’re going to be deface him.

“No you’ll never achieve this only thing you will achieve, is suicide bombers on your streets spilling so much blood that you will remember you’ll have nightmares for the rest of your miserable lives”.”

In another conversation, Khalid says: “This is revenge for everything, what we’re doing is another 9 1 1, Inshallah.”

Naseer, also known as Chubbs, also talked about buying five AK47 assault rifles by borrowing £100,000 in loans, Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said.

He also boasted how he could buy a grenade for £1,500 and a M16 assault rifle.

He added that al-Qaeda’s “main aim” was for more people to take a stance in Europe “so they can start whacking you there”.

The court heard how the three men were arrested on September 18 last year while driving around Birmingham.

On arrest, Ali said: “I am not a terrorist. I am a civilian. Just because I have a beard does not make me a terrorist.”

The trial continues

4 thoughts on “British ‘terror gang boasted about hitting David Cameron’

  1. Although terrorists may cause great distress due to the innocents they stupidly kill, they may have valid ideas they need to realise and need to be heard..
    (separate fact, they must act upon the following letter.. )
    Being a mentally disabled victim of the UK government who caused my injuries, I suffer from many difficulties that are seemingly misunderstood/ignored by various people there. I need, as do others, new clothes, more food, a new bed – obviously when difficuties are CAUSED by these relevant compensation will be claimed from appropriate people controlling the robbery of the disabled…but wait, I, as do many others, suffer suicidal tendencies which are being incited by these aforesaid actions and as all attempts to rectify this mistake are being rebuffed..the only available defense against these incitements is to cause David Cameron to be killed. This will be an unfortunate event, although the disabled will be dancing and singing perhaps while they rejoice the death of the man who attempted to kill them..
    Relevant methods – personal preferance(kidnap him and microwave his head(this will be done in various levels beginning with his Chin and ears and tongue(make him suffer as he has done to us!)
    Relevant compensation will be claimed by all relevant disabless and this may bankrupt England due to the idiocies and absolue incompetance of the controlling individual during these criminal activities. The main reason for this necessity was brought into being by the deaths he has already caused via starvation and suicide incite by himself, but assistance may be offered by the other countries. A copy of this is being sent to various other Worldwide governments to perhaps advise them as to the probably future of the UK and they may inform you of available assistance they could provide.David Cameron has caused death, via suicide incitement..details of which were on the net but have been strangely hidden by yourselves for some reason…and starvation, and an increase in crime(muggings and robberie etc,) but he will soon be killed hopefully via the kidnap and microwave sage…but possibly through poisons or beatings or knifings or shooting(explosions are unlikely as this may affect innocents nearby…)
    The time for the repair of this utterly incredibly incompetant action has become too extended and his death will infor other politiciand to avoid the incompetance of such idiocies..


  2. Cameron may well scratch his head – or the other end. He is at a loss to know what to do. Britain needs leaders of the calibre of CHURCHILL AND THATCHER. They would deal with the problem of these terrorist morons toute suite.


  3. these people may kill a lot of us before it is over. but they are the stupidest people I have ever seen in my 72 years of life. such a waste of life. to serve satin and burn in hell for ever. if one could come back and let the rest know where they are and the what the pits of hell looks like. they would change their minds about the killing and miss treatment of others. they could serve JESUS CHRIST and be free of their satin for ever


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