Barack Hussein Obama

Presidential debate: The Arab in the White House is HISTORY!

We’ don’t think Mitt Romney has all the right solutions but he did far better than Obama in the Presidential debate last night. Obama simply has to go. And going he WILL. Hussein totally failed the Presidential debate yesterday, sealing his destiny as a one term president.
He had no sensible solutions as usual (nothing has changes since his last campaign). Hussein admitted he was aiming to disarm Israel. How do you disarm a small country completely cornered from all directions by hateful enemies who want to eliminated it? Especially if Obama provides money for more and more weapons to radicals? Obama is funding radicals. We don’t need an pro-Palestinian President who pretends officially to support Israel – a victim of a long history of Islamic invasion and extreme hate crimes – but who snub meeting with its leaders.
Obama claims he is supporting extremist run Egypt to “create jobs for the youth”. The leaders of Egypt never mention anything about jobs for the youth! They don’t care about the youth. These countries have never had a democracy and have no ideology of a democracy. They only talk about Sharia and weapons to wipe Israel off the map, and to push Islam on non-Islamic countries. Obama has been willing to give funds so they can buy the weapons to push their agenda of hate and Caliphate development around them. We can probably disarm most of the world if Islam steps down from the podium.
We don’t need a Presidential endorsement of a creeping Caliphate in the United States. Obama has sped up a rapid progress of Muslim infiltration and nearly tripled* the Muslim demographics in the U.S. in a mere three years. Muslim Brotherhood members seem to spend more time visiting the White House than at home, allowing them access to view the layout of the White House and the administrative procedures, which is a major security issue.
Bye, bye Obama! Take your Muslim Brotherhood members with you when you leave the White House. And don’t forget to close the door behind you.


WATCH the entire Presidential debate here:


* According to Obama’s own statement the U.S. Muslim demographics grew from the official 2.6 million to 7 million in three years. The President claimed on June 1, 2009, that the United States was the largest Muslim nation outside the Islamic world with a 7 million population (clearly he has internal figures we cannot access): “if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” We have tried to find detailed statistics on America’s Muslim population, but it has been impossible since Obama’s administration has blocked the government from collecting Muslim statistics, and implementing security measures against Caliphate efforts in the country.


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2 thoughts on “Presidential debate: The Arab in the White House is HISTORY!

  1. Unless they are stopped all the west will be living in an Islamic state when is it going to stop when will the indigenous think enough is enough and stop capitulating. Like Geert Wilders has said it is 3 mins to 12 on the clock of life.


  2. I have nothing but contempt for obama, and a loathing that will go on until I die. My reason?
    I’m a woman, and I want to be a Mother, and this filthy, blood-soaked Traitor has done so much damage it’s slopped into almost every other nation on earth including especially Canada.
    My kids, and other’s kids are going to have a helluva tough time growing up in the post-obama world.
    I hope he lives a long time, with a cancer eating him slowly, for what he’s done to our children’s futures.


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