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Death penalty to Muslims who offend Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus?

Free speech discussion: Muslims complain about being ‘insulted’ if their prophet is not accepted. They want the death penalty against non-Muslims who ‘insult’ Islam. Meanwhile they have been insulting non-Muslims on a daily basis for 14 centuries. Muslims commit hate crimes, pray daily for non-Muslims to become ‘orphans and widows’, encourage racism and antisemitism against non-Muslims in their mosques and media on a daily basis.
If Muslims want blasphemy laws, let us have the strongest punishment to their daily hate crimes of non-Muslims with death penalty for Muslims persecution of Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus. Blasphemy laws would ban the Quran, ban mosques, ban Niqab which has no tolerance for other people.

11 thoughts on “Death penalty to Muslims who offend Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus?

  1. I want absolute and perpetual containment as the first step. I want there to be NO Muslim presence upon this planet, outside of the OIC membership. And removing the moving targets is just the start.

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    • Admin, I there there is a fatwa against travelling to mars by some saudi cleric. How about making them disappear in the bermuda traingle?


  2. You stupid British people keep on talking, while Islam invades your country and turns it into a hell-hole. Just talk and discuss the problems of the day, as if you can somehow talk them away.
    Your politicians have sold you out, and you – the British people – cannot muster enough courage to fight back against this Genocide. The British people are being replaced by sub-human mongrels from 3rd world countries. Can’t you see the obvious?
    Walk the streets of London, they are unrecognizable. London is no more. Londonistan has taken its place. And all this time you behave like domesticated puppies. Have you all lost your minds? Will you ever stand up and defend your country?
    Never mind. It’s too late for that.
    Just emigrate to somewhere else, if you still have the means.


    • Oh Jerry S, thank you….EXACTLY my words! The british government and it’s people have lost their minds, letting those demons in constantly! They don’t even realize what their doing! And britian used to be a country I respected, but oh well, the US has gone down the same path. It’s so maddening, it’s ridiculous! The poor common people can’t do a thing about it. Everyone is government is sooo corrupted. Well, I sure hope to see the tribulation come soon. I can’t deal with these country’s stupidity and evilness anymore, but just when you’ve thought it couldn’t get any dumber or more evil….here it comes around again….I’m done ranting…it’s no use, but thank you for your rant…I agree wholeheartedly.


  3. Muslims are the modern day Nazis. The Nazis believed the Aryan race was superior. The Muslims believe Islam is superior and that all unbelievers should be slaves to the Muslims or should be killed . Either way, both Philosophies espouse pure hatred of those who are different.


    • Yup, your right, but like the Nazi’s, the muslims are satan’s demons. Satan is on this earth, and loving all this. But we must deal with it, untill the day.


  4. The rest of the world of non muz are infidels hated by muz.Today in England a white man was killed for his expensive Bentlery. US gov letting more Saudis in the US and get free education.. Our GI’s no longer get free education after military service??? bad news. We owe our veterans
    a lot.


  5. muslims r creating problems to hindus,sikhs,jews,christians,buddhists.the only solution is to kill all muslims, destry mosques , and ban quran. when there will b no muslim no islam then there will b peace in the world,

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  6. and that is not allah. so muslims get over your selves and if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen.and take you self and yours and go live some where else. it want hurt my feelings at all.


  7. why do they feel they are above other people that are not muslim? and why do they feel non mualims should keep them up? in food stamps, housing, medical. why? and why should I as a working woman support some one who wants to kill me and mine? the way I see it I don’t owe them any thing they should be paying the AMERICANS for letting them in this country and I GOD said I amto bow to no man except my HEAVENLY FATHER.


  8. Muslims do not want the Swiss cross on the flag or airlines…Why is the Red Cross still going
    to help in Muslim countries after a natural disaster…now Muslims are starting forest fires….let them care for each other…Why risk Red Cross lives to aid killers?


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