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Creeping Caliphate: silent and secret Saudi indoctrination of hate in British schools

We have given previous evidence of creeping Caliphate efforts all across Europe and the U.S. according to the Saudi Manifesto (The Project) written in the 1970’s. This manifesto work deliberately for decades to gradually indoctrinate western society into pro-Islamic ideals that will eventually allow Muslims into positions of power which later leads to an international Caliphate all across the world, in accordance to the promises of prophet Mohammed.
The Saudi manifesto fund infiltration on all levels of society, by shaping it from grass root levels. It is an intentional plan. We already see the effect of these efforts with false historical details about the Israel-Palestine conflict, indoctrination of anti-semitism by altering educational materials in our Universities, re-writing history by portraying Islam as a benevolent religion and Arabia as the founder of science and discoveries, the establishment of mosques and infiltration of Muslims in all level of society, where they promise a future Caliphate. You can read about the Saudi manifesto and the creeping Caliphate here.
In this video clip Newsnight (BBC) have uncovered hate indoctrination of children, funded by Saudi Arabia, where children are taught racism, incitement, hate of non-Muslims, and separatist ideology against non-Muslims based on a Saudi curriculum of Wahhabism extremism taught in Britain on high school levels. However, this is only one small aspect of a larger and much more dangerous problem currently spreading everywhere.
In this video you can hear the normal defense, platitudes and excuses Muslims give whenever their indoctrination is uncovered. Muslims always make excuses that no one understands the Quran or Arabic the same way a Muslim would interpret it, even if the texts are translated by Muslims or various independent translators:

10 thoughts on “Creeping Caliphate: silent and secret Saudi indoctrination of hate in British schools

  1. Saudi Arabia is THE problem:

    1995 – Saudi’s shipped their funded and controlled Afghan and Paki mujahedeen into Bosnia in Yugoslav wars, who then acted as ranging death squads executing Serb and at times Croat soldiers and villagers across Bosnia.

    2001 – 15 of the19 Twin Tower 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens, with links to Saudi embassy and personnel.

    Today – ISIS and Al Nusra (Al Qaida) Islamists in Syria are largely funded by rich private Saudi’s with full knowledge and support of state and its gulf state ally Qatar. They use Kuwaiti finance sector to wash the cash into weapons and materials.

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  4. doesnt help that with these schools being exclusively muslims, its even harder to find out what exactly is going on behind closed doors. If any type of school inspectors visit they can simply change the lesson to something that more fits to the curriculum. soon as they have gone back to hate spewing lessons.
    i had the unfortunate pleasure of working of doing a days work at Bolton Muslim school for girls. i didnt really want to out of principle but if id refused id probably be jobless. You wouldnt of thought you was in britain walking in there.The 1st thing i noticed was these flags up at the windows that children had painted.not 1 union jack amongst them in fact no civilised western countries flags. Despite it being school holidays at the time we was told there was a study group due in at 10am and we had to sit in our van until they had walked past because it was forbidden for them to look at us or us look at them. you could easily of thiought you was in saudi then not britain


  5. Another fine point for Home-schooling. When we finally have kids, they will NOT be influenced by islam in any way, shape, manner or form.
    And grave woe awaits the islamist trying to sneak past my guard and indoctrinate my children. I will NOT be polite, tolerant, or peaceful.


    • No joke!! This will cause even more folks to Home Scool than do so already just to keep the Leftist crap out of their kid’s heads.
      islam, it really spreads exactly like cancer–I wonder if the saudis used it’s habits and such as a template when they drew up The Plan…???


      • I know, and agree–I was merely speculating about if saudi used the biology of Cancer as a template for their Plan.
        As to the rest, I might be ‘new’ to the Resistance, but I have learned a lot, and always still am. I know a good bit about history, and I mean from Books and Libraries, not merely online–and all this echoes exactly the patterns pre-WW2.
        This war, and I do call it what it is, is going to be fought with information, as we’re doing. people are starting to wake up, more and more…but that doesn’t mean that I see that it’s ok to let up.
        islam is intractable, and driven, we must, and I think you’ll agree, be no less resolute and determined in standing against it.

        I’ll lay it right out flat.
        I want to be a Mother, and I see islam as a Threat to my as-yet unborn children. I am taking that perspective, Maternal Guardianship against it.
        There isn’t enough room in this world for the future of Humanity and islam–therefore, islam must be consigned to the wastepit of History.


      • We’re becoming more and more a ‘closed city’ regarding Citizenship. Because of what’s been seen worldwide, and we do NOT want it here.
        islam is Banned here in our city as a criminal organization-cult and a proven danger to public safety and city security. Shariah, also Banned, that was the first step vs. the islamists here.
        islam isn’t a religion, in any sense of the word. Council and Chamber of Commerce ratified our new laws Banning islam itself after a confrontation between our police and islamists involving gunfire and use of an explosive device.
        I and 4 others trawl for info, Vett and relay it to Council, and they know very well what’s happening globally and via the local Intranet the Citizenry have close to real-time input regarding democracy and such.
        We, the people, Do Not Want islamification, and have put a stake through the heart of PolCorr here. islam is dangerous, and we will not have it here. I’m hoping other jurisdictions stand up and start doing likewise to protect themselves from this ‘islaminoma’.


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