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Muslim Population in Sweden and Denmark Doubled in 14 Years

Our previously projected data on the rapidly growing Muslim population, based on UK’s Muslim growth numbers, seem to be fairly accurate. The UK format is important as it is well documented and appear to be quite similar in all Muslim communities across Europe irrespective of country.

But what does this mean to the future of Europe? It means that Sweden’s Muslim population will reach 40% by 2030, France will have a 55% Muslim population, Netherlands 45%, Germany 40%, Britain 40%. These countries will cease to exist as a Western democracy.

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Muslim Population in Sweden and Denmark Doubled in 14 Years

by  Ingrid Carlqvist & Lars Hedegaard  |

Despite the fact that Muslims tend to exhibit behavior that clearly distinguishes them from both the European host populations and other immigrant groups, there are no official figures to indicate how many Muslims live in Sweden and Denmark. Danes and Swedes have had to rely on wildly diverging estimates because the authorities refuse to publish statistics on religion or culture.

In Denmark estimates ranging from 200,000 to 700,000 have been circulated.

Dispatch is now able to reveal the true figures based on our own research: 574,000 Muslims in Sweden and 256,000 in Denmark. The statistical uncertainty is roughly +/- 20,000 in Sweden and +/- 10,000 in Denmark.

This means that Muslims make up 6.05% of Sweden’s population and 4.59% of Denmark’s.

In 1998 there were 284,000 Muslims in Sweden and they made up 3.21% of the total population. In other words, the number of Muslims has roughly doubled over the period 1998-2011.

During the same period, Muslim immigration and natural increase among Swedish Muslims have accounted for slightly over 41% of Sweden’s total population growth.

The Muslim share of Denmark’s total population growth 1998-2012 is markedly lower and accounts for a bit over 33%

In 1998 Denmark’s Muslim population was 153,000 and made up 2.88% of the total population.

As mentioned, neither Statistics Denmark nor its Swedish equivalent, Statistiska Centralbyrån, keep records of how many Muslims live in the two countries. They do, however, register how many people bear particular first names.

By January 1, 2012, e.g., 50,697 Danish men and boys were named Jens and 43,258 were called Henrik. Ali was a name shared by 3,776 and Mohammad by 3,717. It should be kept in mind that the bearers of variations on the Mohammad name – such as Muhamad, Ahmed and Mahmoud – are registered separately.

Sweden’s name statistic follows roughly the same principle when it comes to name registration as Statistics Danmark. There is, however, a difference in that Sweden does not register names of persons that intend to stay less than 12 months in the country nor the names of asylum seekers while their application is being processed. For this reason the number of Muslims in Sweden is undoubtedly higher than indicated by Dispatch International’s count.

The two most popular Swedish names registered by December 31, 2011 were Lars (98,435 persons) and Anders (81,562). The most common Muslim names were Ali (9,062) and Mohamed (5,056).

As practically all Muslims have Muslim first names, it is a simple albeit lengthy operation to count the number of Muslim males and, with the assumption that there is an equal number of Muslim females, one may calculate the total Muslim population.

This is the method by which Dispatch has reached its figures.

When there has been doubt whether a name is Muslim, we have not taken it into account. In addition, a number of Swedes and Danes have converted to Islam. In many cases converts have exchanged their Nordic names for Muslim ones, but not always.

These factors explain why Dispatch operates with a statistical uncertainty. As a result we may have underestimated the number of Muslims  that can be identified through a name count, but probably not by more than 20,000 in Sweden and 10,000 in Denmark.

It goes without saying that Dispatch’s survey does not include people that are here illegally.

In the case of Sweden, we have only done name counts for 1998 and 2011. For Denmark, Lars Hedegaard has calculated the figures relating to 1998, 2004, 2008 and 2012. The Danish figures are as of January 1 whereas the Swedish ones relate to December 31, 1998 and 2011.

Our calculations reveal an interesting development. Between 1998 and 2004, Denmark’s Muslim population grew by an average of 4.26% a year. During the period 2004-2008, the average yearly growth decreased slightly to 3.52%.

After 2008 this trend has been reversed and the yearly growth is now higher than at any time since 1998, namely 4.29%

This reversal has taken place while Denmark’s former center-right government was in power with the parliamentary support of the immigration-critical Danish People’s Party. This government was heavily criticized for being ”xenophobic” and ”Islamophobic” due to its supposedly restrictive immigration policies. But the actual figures show that the center-right governments that were in power from 2001 till 2011 hardly made a dent in the Muslim growth rate.

Over the entire period 1998-2012, the average yearly increase in Denmark’s Muslim population was 4.27% whereas Sweden, with its much more welcoming immigration policy, experienced an average growth rate of 7.85%

There are several indications that the Muslim growth rate is set to rise in both Denmark and Sweden. As one of its first actions the Social Democratic-led government that came to power in 2011 reversed some of the restrictions on immigration imposed by the former cabinet.

As for Sweden, the immigration authorities (Migrationsverket) estimate an influx of 174,500 new immigrants over the coming two years.

Most of these arrivals will probably be Muslims, as the largest groups of immigrants are likely to come from Somalia and Afghanistan.

Additional research: Roger Sahlström

30 thoughts on “Muslim Population in Sweden and Denmark Doubled in 14 Years

  1. Was just in Sweden…. there is a stark contrast between the quiet, well-dressed, happy Swedes and the dark, angry faces of the Muslims. Many of these Muslims dress according to the American ‘gangsta’ style: puffy jackets, baseball caps worn backwards, heavy Timberland boots, etc. Walking in groups of three or more, talking loud, walking in affected gaits…. They really don’t belong.
    Corporations protect their corporate cultures aggressively… If the culture changes, the results change, too. Sweden has no idea where they are headed!

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  2. Is there any space left for some southern europeans, badly treated by southern economic crisis (whose government many of us didnt even voted on!), but willing to work, with higher edication/professional studies, wishing to learn a nordic language while being able to make a sustainable life, quiet, calm people, be honest tax payers (just like swedes or danes or norwegians), at least for a couple of years to survive – or the priority will be muslims?


  3. all kindly wait till muslim reach 15 to 20% then u will understand what islam is all about till then be happy i hope it happen in us first…..its coming


    • Not a single Muslim country is “happy”. And people don’t want to live in them. Millions of Muslims try and leave them to move to “kafir” land instead. Should demonstrate exactly what horrid shit Islam is.



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  7. I think it is only the difference of belief.Only in a few centuaries Europeans have occupied North america South America and Australia continent and established their culture and population there.Every modern law almost restrict freedom and based upon terror of jail ,fine and capital punishment.How many law applicable to army punishes the armymen on leaving the army.See it around the world.Almost all modern law around the world are anti truth and poltically correct only.Males have lesser rights and higher duties.Several countries including Muslim are reserving seats for females in legislatures/local bodies.and or in company board .It is clear cut murder of our freedom to choose even our representative.Domestic violence laws are anti justice and anti male


  8. The problem is not Muslims, Islam etc. It’s the emasculation of men, namely Swedish. Sweden is currently allowing itself to be conquered. At the end of this century one possible outcome is Islam will become the dominant force in Sweden, the remaining native Swedish women will convert to Islam and submit willingly. That is provided they are not conquered from the outside. Another outcome is there will be a radical shift in native swedes. This will be born out of dire crises. Radical feminism will be dumped maybe lined up and shot. It will be a through back to there Viking roots, this could also be some kind of Nazi variant, this is a very likely outcome.


    • Yes its great we’re throwing away our children’s future and safety to let a mass of biblical murderers and rapists in. Well it’ll no doubt go down in history as another “overthrow of Rome”. Insane!


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  10. The Jews are all behind the powers of America, why? Because YaHWeH is the only true God who does not allow any imposter god in His universe to dethrone Him. Nothing of Islamic will propser in the world.. Vatican will, because the Bible prophesied it.. But Islam? never..


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  13. I will gladly leave a comment………….The first question we (who are reading this trash) is: Who wrote this trash? I bet the farm it is a jew. Jews were successful in brainwashing the Americans into hating Islam and fighting them all over the globe. The fact is America’s demise will be caused by the Jews. History also records that the only good jew is a dead one. I am NOT a fan of Hitler ……… but believe me I understand his frustration with the bood sucking jews. Islam is the largest religion in the World and YES it is growing meets and bounds because it is the TRUTH..


    • friends, why do you try hatred towards muslims. please try to study history.. but real. hindus jews buddhist and some christians have hatred againist islam. I know a lot of muslims. they are sincere and helping mentality people. I thought the people make here hatred speech dont know muslims. if they know. they cannot speak like this


    • talk about being brainwashed. Jews have contributed statistically to more than any other group benefitting mankind. More than 25% of Nobel prize winners have been Jewish. Whether it is medicine, human rights, technology, agriculture , science and many other areas Jews have been leaders to making life better for so many. Islam is practiced differently in many cultures so it is not surprising that Muslims are killing Muslims . It is not the Americans fighting Islam all over the Globe, it is Muslims fighting Muslims all over the Globe.


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  17. The Muslims need to leave us Westerners alone, or there will eventually be a war. And, trust me, USA is full of people with guns who will shoot.


  18. Yes ok but what they are doing in other Muslim countries. Why they are so intersted in Muslim’s things. If you don’t like them so say clear don’t be like a Hipocrate. And sotp to interfair in their matter’s.


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  20. TRUTH

    Drum this relentlessly: their god is fake; their prophet a caravan raiding, self-promoting prevaricator and history’s most notable professional criminal; they themselves pathetic dupes. Remind them of this at every opportunity. Let rage be their perpetual state. Let them be seen as they are.


    Let Muhammadism be recognized as a political entity whose existence is inimical to Western civilization. As a political party it is to be banned. Conspiracy against the pluralistic West is to be criminalized and the conspirators prosecuted. Their citizenship is to be withdrawn, then they are to be imprisoned, expelled or both.

    Mosques are not churches. Mosques are political. They are schools for hatred, are used for planning violence and furthering conspiracy against the West. All are to be closed.

    Harden your hearts. This is for all the marbles.


  21. Respond or perish.

    In the West, we like to think being left alone is our legitimate perogative. In the mind of the worshippers of the book, stone and man (Quran, Kaaba, Muhammad bin Abdullah) leaving anyone be is anathema. We, the mass of humankind, are their raw material. We are to be processed by them in accordance to the instructions allegedly relied by an Arabic divinity. We are to be converted, subjugated or killed. No exceptions, no fourth choices.

    We are at war; they declared it. How do we fight it? How do we win? With two weapons: the truth and the law.

    Both require honesty, courage, explicitness and a fair degree of haste.


    • Pure misconception brother!! Islam only allows a muslim to introduce islam to a non muslim. No one is allowed by islam to force someone, its just not possible to force a belief into someone. SO u can just introduce islam and thats it rest is on the other person whether he wants to know more or not. apostasy is allowed in Islam though not encouraged but it is allowed. Killing of one man is equivalent of killing the whole of humanity, quran says. I would suggest u read or learn about it. I am sure u will not hate it. Some uneducated intolerant muslims have defamed the religion.


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