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USA: Shocking anti-Israel and anti-semitistic teaching by Muslim faculty in Boston’s Northeastern University


Northeastern University’s professors promote anti-Jewish, anti-Israel agendas under academic banner. Tenured professors indoctrinate students, encourage meetings with anti-Semites. Are these simply isolated cases? Where does it all originate from?

FUNDING HATE: Rich d’Amore, Northbridge Venture Partners, is one of two benefactors of a new $60 million capital support to Northeastern University — which has a notorious record of hiring lecturers with Islamic hate propaganda, racism and anti-semitist interests.

The Arab agenda, signed in Paris, July 1974, was initiated with the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, under the Euro-Arab Dialogue rubric. The Arab agenda demanded that all Universities would be hiring Arab teachers, or pro-Muslim and pro-Palestinian teachers, who could fill Europeans with anti-Israeli thoughts and views which did not exist in Europe when they their own educational materials were used, before this agenda was signed.

The Arab agenda also demanded a distortion of Arab history to soften the portrayal of Muslim brutality, which portrayed the medieval Arabs as scientific and “victims” of jews and Christian crusaders. Historical facts show completely the opposite: the Arab regions belonged to jews, pagans and Christians and were occupied by the Muslims under extreme violence and looting, victimizing anyone who stood in their way. The Muslim Caliphate’s were experts on warfare and all levels of planning for warfare to weaken their opposition. This enabled them to occupy a total 49 nations that is now Islamic.

Due to international relations between Europe and the U.S. and shared international efforts, the same Arab agenda is fully active in the United States. Check this list of University faculty across the United States, who are pro-Palestine (pro aggressors) from three decades of Arab propaganda. The volume of Muslim names on the list is substantial, filling their students with anti-Israeli propaganda:

FUNDING HATE: Alan S. McKim is the second benefactor, who is supporting Northeastern University, a frequent employer to faculty involved in terrorist support, racism, and jew hate. McKim and D’Amore are former Alumni of the University. A normal person would be ashamed to be associated with Northeastern University in any way, shape or form. Not these two apparently.

Read also:

This agenda created by the Arabs contained a list of demands what the western world must comply with, to develop a cooperative with the Arab world, is also a part of the Saudi Manifesto; the long-term plan to infiltrate and indoctrinate a nation to prepare a foundation of a future Caliphate.

Islam originates from bedouin’s, a desert people who definitely were neither educated, literate or involved in science of any form. They were considered highway robbers during the medieval times and very much feared and opposed by other people. The hatred of jews has been persistent since the day of Mohammed, because the jews were strongly opposed to Islamic invasions, refused to convert and abandon their land, and opposed to the aggression of the regions. Muslims even claim that a jew finally poisoned Mohammed, which add to the hatred of jews.

Jew Hate Spread Intentionally To Europe By The Arabs

This religious hate of the jews that spread around the world, was even exported to Europe where Arabs exported ebola (the black death) and the plague by dumping infected jews (slaves) into Europe. Anti-semitism is an Arab creation with roots in the middle ages. These diseases entered the middle east from the massive Arab slave trade. The Europeans did not know this at the time and began anti-jew campaigns through Arab defamation campaigns, in the assumption they brought in diseases. But these diseases did not exist in jewish territories and was deliberately brought to Europe by Arab traders, acquired from their wars and slave exports, during a time Muslims tried to invade and occupy Europe. It was Islamic warfare.

Renewed religious fervor and fanaticism bloomed in the wake of the Black Death. Some Europeans targeted “various groups such as Jews, friars, foreigners, beggars, pilgrims”, lepers and Roma, thinking that they were to blame for the crisis. Lepers, and other individuals with skin diseases such as acne or psoriasis, were singled out and exterminated throughout Europe.

There were many attacks against Jewish communities. In August 1349, the Jewish communities of Mainz and Cologne were exterminated. In February of that same year, the citizens of Strasbourg murdered 2,000 Jews. By 1351, 60 major and 150 smaller Jewish communities were destroyed. The Brotherhood of the Flagellants, a movement said to number up to 800,000, reached its peak of popularity.

See map: The spread of the black death (ebola) from the Middle East to Europe

And no, we are not jewish so we have no “Zionist” agenda, if you were curious to know! We simply know when human rights are violated and who the true aggressor is. Not only against the Jews who are subject to extreme hatred originating from the Muslim world, but also Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, atheists – all are subject to creeping Arab hate propaganda. It starts by breaking down any international support for Israel – which has now reached peak levels – and later will expand to deteriorate any support for people of other faiths and the Western world in general.

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