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Wherever there is Islam, there is savagery: Sudan’s Secret Muslim Slave Trade

Escaped Sudanese child slave and human rights activist SIMON DENG with PAMELA GELLER during a presentation in 2009. Simon Deng was sold for $10 as a child slave to Muslim owners until he managed to escape one decade later. Today Simon Deng tries to educate and warn people about Islam and the brutality that becomes a reality under Sharia — which is the inevitable outcome from Muslim mass-immigration anywhere in the world.

In Southern Sudan, constant attacks from the Arab militias in the North has led to a growing number of kidnap victims. But this is just part of the story. In the mid-1990s, a new trade sprung up, the “selling” of kidnap victims back their families. It has become a highly lucrative business for the kidnappers. Damien Lewis made a clandestine trip to Southern Sudan to find out the extent of the crisis.


3 thoughts on “Wherever there is Islam, there is savagery: Sudan’s Secret Muslim Slave Trade

  1. Civilization requires that the traditions of Islam be removed from the inventory of human behaviors, and Islam itself shrivel. I recommend mandatory castration of all Muslims within or entering non-OIC countries, with on-site testicular removal provided gratus at all ports of entry.


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  3. every Black AMERICAN should watch these and see what is happening. so many think if they convert to muslim. they are safe well your are not you will never be equal to muslims wake up. and study history of slaves and every one else should start studying. islam is evil.


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