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UK: Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the British Government

The Jihadist Infiltration of the British Government

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Some years ago, the British people were startled to recognise that their country had become one of the main hubs of the international jihad. Even the Pakistani government complained through diplomatic channels that its own citizens were being radicalised by Muslims from Britain! Now yet more incidents stage in national self-awareness is dawning about the effect of the Muslim presence in our midst. It is no longer simply the case that jihadists are operating from inside the country; they are now operating from inside the government.

Recent newspaper reports revealed that Baroness Warsi (sic), the supposed emblem of Muslim modernity, is involved in a business partnership with Abid Hussain, one of the leading members of Hizb ut-Tahrir. It emerged today that Hussain is also her husband’s second cousin.

It seems you just need to stick your arm out inside Britain’s Muslim community if you want to find a jihadist. In the book, the Islamic Republic of Dewsbury, journalist Danny Lockwood reported that when Warsi petitioned for a sharia divorce from her first husband, who was also her cousin, it was to an imam who was the grandfather of Britain’s youngest ever convicted terrorist.

The Labour party, too, has been infiltrated by those with ties to jihadists. Indeed, the Deputy Leader of the Labour party, Sadiq Khan, is the lifelong from of Babar Ahmad, a man indicted in the US on charges of “conspiracy to provide material to support terrorists, namely the Taliban and the Chechen Mujahideen; providing material to support terrorists; and conspiracy to kill in a foreign country”. Ahmad ran a website recruiting jihadi militants to go and fight the Russian in Chechnya and Coalition troops in Afghanistan. When arrested, he had in his possession plans for an American carrier battle group with written notations on it like “vulnerable to RPG”.

Since the indictment, Khan has refused to sever his ties with his jihad-supporting friend. Indeed, Khan has shamelessly used his position as Shadow Justice Minister to help Ahmad in any way that he can, demanding that he be tried in Britain rather than extradited to the US, even though the terrorist recruitment website Ahmad is alleged to have assisted was operating out of the US. Ahmad was indicted in 2004 but has still not been extradited thanks to a series of delaying actions his lawyers and supporters, including Sadiq Khan, have fought. If the Labour party get back into power, there has to be a suspicion that the power of the government will be used to influence the outcome of the proceedings in Ahmad’s favour, corruptly or otherwise.

In Scotland, Humza Yousaf has seems to have a charmed political life. Yousaf is the cousin of Osama Saeed, a former spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, which is acknowledged to be the British front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Both Yousaf and Saeed were directors of the Scottish Islamic Foundation, which pocketed hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money on the promise that it would deliver an Islamic festival called IslamExpo. The festival never materialised, but most of the money disappeared. While preparing for this Islam festival, the SIF made contact with a number of Muslim radicals. As a director of SIF, Yousaf even took one Mohammed Sawalha to a meeting with Scottish government officials. Sawalha has been described as a “Hamas terror commander” in a US government affidavit.

Yousaf’s jihad ties don’t seem to have impeded his career, nor, strangely, his relationship with the US government. In 2008, he participated in the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership programme, a rather curious indoctrination scheme which the US government offers to those it sees as the future leaders of foreign countries. Since then, Yousaf’s life has glided on a golden track. Last year, he was appointed a member of the Scottish parliament for the ruling Scottish National Party. I say appointed rather than elected because, owing to the quirks of Scotland’s proportional representation system, Yousaf did not need to get elected. His name appeared at the top of a list of approved candidates, giving him a guaranteed seat through what is called the Regional List system.

Since then, Yousaf has scarcely been out of the headlines, constantly agitating for the Muslim cause and acting as if he had the moral authority that comes from election, rather than appointment. The Scottish media behave like pussycats towards him. STV, Scotland’s leading private television station, even features a blog written by him, a bizarre privilege extended to no other party or politician.

Perhaps the most mysterious thing about the jihadist penetration of Britain’s leading political parties is how little comment it gives rise to. You would think journalists would be desperate to find stories like this: prominent politicians with ties to violent radicals. But no. Coverage of the issue is simply blanked. And it’s not as if they don’t know about the connections either. I have personally written to several Scottish journalists and news organisations pointing out, and documenting, Humza Yousaf’s ties to Hamas terrorists. Given that Yousaf is going around demanding the suppression of Scottish Defence League (SDL) events because they allegedly promote hate, the fact of his Hamas ties is surely at least newsworthy. But no. They’re not interested. Nor are they interested in asking Yousaf any questions about the shady dealings of the Scottish Islamic Foundation, nor his connection to Osama Saeed, who praised the now dead terrorist leader Anwar Al-Awlaki. It’s almost enough to make you believe in Soviet-type media control.

If journalists don’t pick the story up, though, surely political opponents would? But no. There, too, a conspiracy of silence reigns. I cannot recall the Conservatives ever criticising the Labout Party for having a Deputy Leader with close ties to an indicted terrorist. Nor has a murmur about Humza Yousaf’s dodgy connections ever passed the lips of his Labour opponents in Scotland. And as scandals have recently bloomed like weeds around Baroness Warsi, politicians and journalists have focused on the relatively more trivial aspects of her possible expenses fraud and her failure to declare financial interests, ignoring the surely far more significant fact that the Chairman of Britain’s ruling political party, and a cabinet minister with high-level security clearance, has business and family ties to a leading member of an organisation that openly advocates the creation of an Islamic superstate, the Caliphate, followed by jihad against the rest of the world if it refuses to accept Islam!

We face a bizarre conspiracy of silence throughout the media and political landscape. This is how a civilisation dies, when what would once have been unthinkable becomes simply routine; when what would once have provoked outrage now merits only a shrug.

The fact is it doesn’t much matter which party wins the next election. Because they have all been infiltrated.


Muslims in Britain: Shahid Malik, Justice Minister and former Labour MP for Dewsbury promises in 2008 the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim”

During his time as International Development Minister Mr Shahid Malik was exposed for having a strong Islamic agenda which clearly prejudiced his ability to not only carry out his ministerial role, but even to serve as an MP at all, some would argue.

Former implant in the British Parliament, Shahid Malik, bragged about the future Caliphate: “the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

The case came to light after he gave a controversial speech in 2008 (seen here in this video), in which he boasted about his “good work” which had

enabled him to give away almost a billion pounds of British tax payers money to Islamic countries including Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, (all countries with links to terrorism, Islamic extremism and questionable human rights records), with nearly half the money, some £430 million, going to his own country of origin, Pakistan. The main supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and source of terrorist attacks on British citizens overseas, and in the UK.

It get’s better though. This “unbiased and impartial” Minister also boasted how the number of Muslim MP’s elected would eventually grow to a point where the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

5 thoughts on “UK: Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the British Government

  1. Why is have suspicions of a Muslim infiltration of the Weston world racist, or paranoia when it’s what Muslems preach and its in the Quran.
    As one Muslim precher said ‘ When you only have a knife and you are fighting a Bull you stab it in lots of places and let it bleed to death’


  2. you can look at keith vaz mp who led a march with 3000 people to burn effigys of salman rushdie, and said it was the best day for islam in the uk . hes head of the home affairs commitee that looks over I think the police . he was one of the leaders of the anti rushdie protests. not sure of his religion but interesting that the labour party would promote a mp who burned effigys of authors

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