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The Saudi Manifesto: Islamic State in Sweden – Saudi money funding mosques and schools


The Saudi Manifesto aiming to develop an international Caliphate uniting the entire Muslim world, and superimposing a Sharia state on the Western world, is evident in full scale operation all across Europe, the U.S. and all across Arabia expressing itself as the Arab Spring.

The Saudi manifesto, a part of a U.S. court exhibit from 1991 discovered during a terror suspected raid in Switzerland, seeks to exploit the average Muslim to build the foundation to a sprouting mosque population that is later indoctrinated to Wahhabi Islam, the pure Arabic Islam. Wahhabi is filled with Islamic hate ideology and desire to to install a new and future Caliphate across the world and fulfill the predictions in the Quran. The world’s terrorist funding originates in Arabia, which may not come as a surprise. The current development since the creation of this Saudi manifesto, prove that Muslims are in continuous effort to follow the plan, not only in the United States to march towards the aim of a future Islamic State, but all across Europe and other Western nations.

Mosque in Malmo – Islam’s headquarters in Sweden. Malmo hold’s the country’s highest rape, crime and benefit recipient rates.

For example, tiny Sweden is in full swing of becoming Islamised. Sweden takes in more Muslims immigrants and asylum seekers per capita than any other country in Europe. The government is helping the Muslim population to spread all over the country, making the infiltration even quicker. This rapid immigration volume means that in another 30 years, due to the dhimmi attitude of the Swedish government, the Muslim population in Sweden will reach 40% of the total population. It will then be too late for Sweden to resist further expansion of Sharia enforcement on their country.

The signs of the Saudi progress is visible all across Swedish society

The signs of the plans in the manifesto is clear in the consistent development across all Western nations: this shows in the changes of prior government policies blocking Muslim immigration, which has transformed into a large Muslim immigration volume, rapid population growth amongst Muslims (doubling the Muslim population in less than a decade), quick expansion of mosques, organizations, lawfare and “human rights” demands that give a greater and greater foothold of Islam’s human rights violations. The same pattern is growing in a steady pace all across the Western world – simultaneously – irrespective of the political policies of these countries. This means that infiltration to seek official approval for this to happen, is in levels of senior decision making that affect the entire European Union member states.

The clues to the Manifesto’s development can particularly be discovered in Saudi infiltration in Sweden.

Successful Saudi Infiltration — With Socialist Government Approval

The investigative TV program Uppdrag Granskning (2/2011) found that every single municipality in Sweden had become a recipient of identical mass-letter templates inquiring for approval to fund mosque construction (through Saudi money). What is bizarre with these letters are that small local mosques across the country have suddenly been offered large sums of random “donations” through unknown Saudi sources, from unknown people and to unknown recipients.

Bejzat Becirov of the Islamic Center of Malmo, was offered six million dollars to transform his center into a mosque, remotely and secretly managed fully by Saudi Wahhabi’s.

A person who has helped to convey the Saudi Arabian monetary gifts to Muslims in Scandinavia is örebro successor Hussein Aldaoudi who works for Al-Risalah organisation, also head of the religious independent school Al-Salam in Örebro.

He sees no problem if another country pays for a religious building in Sweden.
– “It is charitable work. It is not the mission. Mission means I’m going to make others who are non-Muslims to Muslims. This is about Muslims should have a place to worship,” he says.

The founder of the Islamic center in Malmo, Bejzat Becirov, tells a different story about when Saudis wanted to give him nearly six million dollars as a ‘gift’:
– “They would handle it completely. I would just stand as a figure. I was very angry and sad, there was no condition that was something for us.”

One can almost conclude that many of the dedicated members of the Islamic Center in Malmo cannot wait to remove or replace Bejzat Becirov, and invite Saudi influence.

Is it realistic that a complete stranger offer millions of dollars in money to unknown Muslims all across the country, to build Islamic schools and mosques, for charitable purposes? The Swedish government seem to assume so.

If the municipality says no to an inquiry, the Saudi donors quickly and quietly vanish to never to be heard from again, and move on to the next municipality. The identical tactics are being used in Norway, and probably all across Europe. Norway has rejected projects with Saudi money. The same strange donation offers is being offered towards Muslim schools across Sweden.

Free flow of money into Sweden from terrorist supporting organizations and countries
  • To date an estimated 2000 mosques have been built across Europe funded with Saudi money for millions of dollars per mosque.
  • IIRO (International Islamic Reilef Organization) has built over 4 400 mosques around the world. IIRO is associated to Al-Qaeda according to the U.S. government, pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1267.
  • IIRO: In 2003/2004 approximately US$36 million was spent on 2258 projects involving 4,586,085 recipients in 81 countries. IIROSA seven main programs received:
    • Social Welfare: US$13 million.
    • Engineering Department: About US$7 million.
    • Society Development and Seasonal Projects: About US$6 million.
    • Emergency Relief: About US$4 million.
    • Health Care: US$2 million.
    • Educational Care: US$2 million.
    • Qur’an Memorization: US$1 million.
  • Saudi Arabia has long been known as the main funding support for terrorism around the world.
  • The Saudi funding is first keen on winning the “ordinary Muslim” as their member and mosque attendee, and after that focus their attention on winning approval of dhimmis.
  • Saudi Arabia, the main terrorist financiers in the world, helped finance in full or part around 1,400 mosques and 21o Islamic Centers in Sweden already in 1996.
  • Swedish social anthropologist Aje Carlbom and parliamentarian Abderisak Aden, who has founded the Islamic Democratic Institute (Islamiska demokratiska institutet), have both stated that they believe that at least part of the leading members of Muslim Council of Sweden (SMR) support Islamist ideologies and are influenced by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Like in other countries across Europe, Muslims associated with extremist ideologies are being closely allied to leftist political parties, who aid and foster the growth of these groups.
  • In 2004 an Arabic-language manual, which carried the logo and address of the Brandbergen Mosque, was spread on the internet. The manual described the construction of simple chemical weapons, including how to build a chemical munition from an ordinary artillery round.
  • On December 7, 2006, the Swedish citizen Mohamed Moumou, who is described by the United States Department of the Treasury as an “uncontested leader of an extremist group centered around the Brandbergen Mosque in Stockholm”, was put on the United Nations Security Council Committee 1267 list of foreign terrorists.
  • In a mere twenty years there is roughly 450,000 to 500,000 Muslim citizens and residents of Sweden, around 5% of the total Swedish population.

And what do the Swedish authorities do? Nothing.


Feuding Islamic groups are ‘charitable’ to each other? Really?

In Islamic countries different branches of Islam are often in aggressive opposition to each other. Wars take place between them and animosity stand high. It is therefore unfathomable to some local Muslims in Sweden why a Wahhabi financier would want to fund a mosque following a different branch of Islam, opposed and invalidated by Saudi Arabia? The municipality asked for explanations by the unusual generous “donors” and their reason for funding. They were told it was the “charitable duty” to “help” other Muslims. However this explanation does not hold. Arabs do not want to help Muslim enemies of other branches of Islam in Muslim nations. Then why are they so eager to suddenly help their enemies in foreign countries?

So in other words, local Muslims and local mosques are initially unwittingly being used as tools to get authorization for an extremist branch of Islam, by first opening it under a different branch. The local mosque is then (still unwittingly) building up the community, working towards the formation of various organizations, working towards “Muslim rights” and political involvement in smaller regional governments – meanwhile building the entire foundation for the development of an Islamic State. After there is a foundation in place, an offer (bribe) is given for millions of dollars to hand over the remote management, and especially all the teaching method and curriculum, to Saudi Arabia.


A.  An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America  5/22/1991:  [Court file: Holy Land ISE-SW 1B10/0000422: Government Court Exhibit 003-0085, 3:03-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.] — see original below.

B.  Video: Secret Saudi funding of mosques in Sweden investigated (in Swedish):  Part One  |  Part Two

C.  Video: Swedish Social Democrat Kent Ekrot accommodating the Saudi Manifesto in Sweden: “No objection to Saudi funded mosques and schools in Sweden”.

19 thoughts on “The Saudi Manifesto: Islamic State in Sweden – Saudi money funding mosques and schools

  1. قال الله تعالى إنما يعمر مساجد الله من أمن بالله و اليوم الآخر صدق الله العظيم. السلام وعليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    . إخواننا و إخوتنا في الاسلام, أن مسجدانا مسجد الصحابه فى تكساس يقوم بمرحلة توسع للمسجد وإضافة مدرسة لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم بتكلفة مليون دولار ونحن بحاجة ماسة إلى تبرعكم لكمال هذا المشروع فى سبيل الله وتكون لكم صدق جارية للتبرع إذهب إلى موقع. http://WWW.IAFW.ORG جزاكم الله كل خير على فعل الخيرات والإحسان في سبيل الله تعالى. جزاك الله كل خير على نشر هذه الرسالة و السلام عليكم و رحمت الله وبركاته.


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  3. The Lutheran churches of Scandinavian countries fund churches in India much the same way. What goes around comes around


  4. what you people think is far away from reality. Islam is d only for global panic. Almighty ALLAH will touch you people’s minds more & more to embrace truth & defeat falsehood. JESUS CHRIST IS A MUSLIM


    • Do you remember when the hallucinations began?
      Are mushrooms a staple of your diet?
      What are the voices saying?
      Have taste and color become interchangeable?
      Does thorazine help?
      Have you been allowed to contact your family?
      Do you know the name of the hospital holding you?
      Has anyone mentioned “electro shock” or “lobotomy”?


  5. This is one of the biggest problems for decent societies.
    The west is bankrupt and is arse kissing anyone with money.sadly that is the likes of the Saudis .
    When will the west wake up money isn’t everything !
    Thanks to the evil of Adolf Hitler the west has gone totally soft in the head for fear of been classed as racist,
    Enough is enough its time to stop this.
    However I don’t hold up much hope that anything will be done.


  6. Poor Sweden, all those wartime years quietly supporting and supplying Hitler with everything he needed to fight his wars. Now they cringe and fawn before Islam …..seems like payback…..Swedish women will pay the price soon, conversion to Islam and female genital mutilation/”muslimisation”…….


  7. Islam Achilles heal is that it cant provide for its own people it doesn’t allow education for the common man on the street a few elite yes who use Sharia for their own best interests, the Saudis know that oil will not last for ever so are trying to lay the seeds in the west for when the oil runs out ,that is to have legs on the ground for when this happens , what to do in the west we must now stop all emigration of Muslims to the west and to the ones that are here they must be made integrate or be told to leave .


  8. The thing can not be more obvious that politicians are seen kneeling before the fucking is only Islam that Westerners make life difficult for Muslims to make every day of his life among us a living hell.

    And I do not care if unlawful discrimination is very difficult to prove if things are done right.

    At the end of the day, the paradox is that those who really have always been a xenophobic and racist have been them.

    Islam is a barbaric doctrine, murderous and depraved, and it was from birth and is logical because its creator was nothing more than a vicious subject, illiterate, full of anger, pride and desire for absolute power unlimited, and a sexual predator and a psychopath.

    Stop Islam!!!


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