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Sweden: Wave of Muslim antisemitic hate crimes: “Muslims are the new Nazi’s for the Jews”

Rabbi Kesselman, of the local Chabad Shliach, made ten complaints of Antisemitism in 2009 while the deliberate assault on jews keep increasing. About 7 percent of Malmo’s population were born in the Middle East. Yet this small percentage are responsible for the nations most vicious crimes.

For a long time the newly imported Jew hatred [with Muslim immigrants] was too politically incorrect question to be addressed in detail. In December 2011, the silence was broken by Fredrik Sieradzki, Chairman of the Information Committee of the Jewish Community in Malmö, who went out and proclaimed openly that the perpetrators behind the hate: “It is entirely Muslim.” Petra Kahn, Secretary General of the Jewish Youth Association, speaks plainly in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, albeit in milder terms.

While the Swedish media, like their general anxiety over the “uncomfortable” questions, walk in circles around the issue there has been far more in-depth analysis of the situation in Sweden in various foreign media, and especially Malmö – multiculturalism mangled crown jewel. [Malmo is Sweden’s Islamic headquarters which Muslims have made into Sweden’s first ghetto and no-go zone with nearly daily events of shootings, stabbings and other crimes]

In December 2011, Fredrik Sieradzki said:

It is exclusively Muslim. We have a problem in Malmö, that there are Muslims who do not like Jews. But this is something that the media chooses to remain silent on. Talking about it is not politically correct and you are well afraid of appearing racist. But you have to tell the truth anyway.

According to Petra Kahn threats against Jews escalated in recent years and many now dare not openly carry any Jewish symbols. Kahn lives in Stockholm and works on Jewish school, where all entry is via a sluice (a channel fitted with a gate).

– At a school where I was working as an assistant teacher the other teachers told me I should not say that I am a Jew because there were many children from the Middle East in the class and therefore it could be sensitive, she says, explaining that she first adherence to the advice but then changed her mind and told the students.

– I do not think it’s okay that you should get such advice from teaching colleagues in Sweden, she says and that she believes that society should never bend and tolerate that people cannot openly display their religious faith.

Situation in Malmö is viewed as particularly hard and she sees the city as a warning. When she was growing up the Nazis were seen as the greatest threat, a role now taken over by Muslims.

– It is very difficult to talk about this, but today it is mainly about extreme people who brought opposition from the current conflicts in the world to Sweden. I believe that Jews and Muslims have much in common and would benefit from joining forces to combat extremism. It should not be dangerous to be neither Jew or Muslim in Sweden, says Petra Kahn.

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