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Sweden: Muslim hate-crime attacker lit young Swede on fire

The staggering brutality of Muslim dominated crimes in Sweden has been callously ignored by Swedish authorities, who reject the rights and safety of it’s own people. Once a rather sleepy, virtually crime free and docile nation, Sweden is quickly rising in dreadful third-world crime brutality — all created by it’s rapidly growing immigrants, and particularly Muslim immigrants who’s 5% population commit the majority of the entire nation’s brutal crimes. Muslim immigrants have also made Sweden into the world’s number one rape capital, with staggering volume of brutal rapes per capita for the country’s small population.

The Swedish government and legal system is complicit in all these horrid crimes committed against its citizens. Although the government has all access to political conditions around the world, and has the ability to measure the long history of extreme violence in Muslims countries – of which not even one has managed to keep off the human rights watch list – the government has agreed to import thousands of immigrants from Islamic countries. With clear evidence that Sweden’s crime statistics and problems are becoming more vicious each year, they still continue importing even more Muslim migrants worsening the situation and creating further safety issue to it’s native population.

The crime committed against Rudolf is more than an assault: it is a pure hate crime. Burning victims is a common crime in Muslim countries used against women, along with acid attacks to deform the victim for life. The crime deserve the longest prison term in a proper prison ending in deportation, and not in Sweden’s five star prison facilities where criminals are cared for like in some day-care center. In Mohamed Ali’s first host nation he emigrated to from his original Somalia, United States, he would not see the light of day for the remainder of his life had he committed a similar crime there. He would be highly likely to repeat his crime on deportation, since nearly all violent perpetrators are repeat offenders.


Three Charged After Sadistic Burn Attack On Rudolf

[To see the original video report in Swedish, go to Avpixlat] Justice caught up with the three men who robbed and brutally set fire to 18-year-old Rudolf Moilanen last summer.

Rudolph had been partying with friends in Jordbro center one Saturday night in June. At the restaurant’s closing time Rudolf got tired and sat down at a bus stop where he fell asleep. There, he was awakened by a fist in the face by the most active of the three perpetrators. More punches came on Rudolf’s face, stomach and back. They wanted his credit card and pin number. The trio then left the left the battered Rudolf and walked away, probably to cash in on the card.

But the gang came back to torment Rudolf. One man (Sharif Abdalla Mohamed Ali) took Rudolfs jacket, which he then set fire to, and continued the brutal beatings with fists and kicks to the face and body. Then they dragged Rudolf to a nearby wooded area with continued beating. There, they took his shoes.

Rudolf suddenly felt a smell of lighter fluid followed by extreme heat across his back and realized he was on fire. The perpetrators had poured some type of flammable liquid on him. Rudolph screamed but instead to end the sadistic act Muslim immigrant Sharif Abdalla Mohamed Ali put a foot against Rudolf’s neck and let the flames take hold. Rudolf panicked and somehow managed to break free and then roll around on the ground to try to extinguish the fire. While fleeing the three perpetrators, all who were immigrants to Sweden, Rudolf tore off his shirt and went shirtless to a residential neighborhood, knocking on a door and got help.

Muslim hate-crime victim Rudolf Moilanen who had committed no provocation or aggression against his attacker, but was asleep then he was pounced on and brutally beaten and lit on fire.


Rudolf Moilanen was taken to Karolinska Hospital where he was treated in intensive care with very serious burn injuries. He was then transferred to the University Hospital in Uppsala, to receive skin grafting. Rudolph was covered in bruises and abrasions all over the body but suffered mainly severe burns of the scalp, neck, spine and the right side of the upper body, and on smaller areas of the back and on the right arm.

On August 10 there was an arrested against the most active and aggressive of the three attackers, a Muslim Somali. Some time later two others were arrested. The prosecution was submitted to Södertörn District Court:

Robbery, Aggravated Robbery, Highly aggravated assault

Sharif Abdalla Mohamed Ali, born in 1989, citizens of the United States and written in Jordbro. He has, however, indicated to be born in 1993 when he came to Sweden [Note: immigration fraud is common amongst Muslim migrants to Sweden, with false birth details]. “The offense should be assessed as particularly serious because the act caused the plaintiff serious physical injury may be permanent, because the act caused the plaintiff Particularly suffering and because Ali demonstrated extreme brutality. Ali committed the offense with intent. ”

Complicity in Robbery

Joel Contreras Gonzalez, born in 1994, citizens in Sweden.

Abetting aggravated robbery

Jonathan Saldes Barcia, born 1995, citizen of Sweden.

Södertörn District Court, B 9818-12

One thought on “Sweden: Muslim hate-crime attacker lit young Swede on fire

  1. All you Swedish man and woman need to start attending Krav Maga ansd take the fight to these cowardly Somali fucks. Squash their faces into the dirt. Meet violence with violence. Protect yourselves and drive out this desease once and for all. And vote out your left wing government.


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