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Palestine: Arabs stage fake Israeli attacks on Palestinians – to dupe International media

Lights, camera, action! Hollywood, here they come:  Arabs have been funding a whole collection of news footage from Palestine ‘horror’ killing scenes by the occupation – where the dead and injured are only actors! Remember: Muslims are always victims, even when they are the actual aggressors.

In continuance with their strategy of late – since being provided computer technology – the Arabs that continue to call Israel “Palestine” (the name the Romans gave the land after conquering it from the Jews 2000 years ago) have created their own version of “Hollywood” -“Pallywood.”

In short, what they visibly do is manipulate photographs and films of Israel and stage scenes for international news coverage. In this instance they put subtitles and a soundtrack in Arabic, to give the unsuspecting viewer (many of which are students “learning” about the Mid East conflict) the notion that the flourishing deserts and hills the Jews now enjoy after over 100 years of toil and development, actually belong to them – Arabs.

This film uses video footage of Israel, taken illegally by Arabs, and doctored to make it look like land they feel they would like to have. The subtitles have now been changed to English with content which portrays the “real estate” in its true light. The correct flag is displayed, and the Arabic soundtrack was replaced by a Jewish song, sung in the language in which the land was promised to the Jewish people almost 4000 years ago.

2 thoughts on “Palestine: Arabs stage fake Israeli attacks on Palestinians – to dupe International media

  1. Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed
    by grtv
    As reviewed by Julia Gorin:

    “Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed” follows interviews and revelations by Bosnian-Muslim investigative journalist Mirsad Fazlic, who doesn’t appreciate the fictitious, black-and-white version of the Bosnian war that is perpetuated by the international community and by Bosnian officialdom, which still honors wartime president Alija Izetbegovic as a national hero when Fazlic and others know he was the opposite. The film really begins only at the four-minute mark, and its main shortcoming is the ubiquitous, stubborn marriage to the notion that the number “7-8,000 killed” is anything other than a concoction that the world has been working backwards for 16 years to make seem real.

    Read the Full story and watch the whole film:


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