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France succeeds controlling Muslim violence and pressures: have put an end to Mohammed protests

Who would have guessed the French would step up to the plate and possess the only brain left in Europe? When Muslim demonstrators lined up in Paris, Lille and Lyon to protest the bogus excuse that a B-movie is ‘responsible’ for Muslim hurt feelings and violence, which has been active and thriving since the birth of Mohammed, the French government would take none of it. They arrested over 100 Muslim protesters who disturbed the peace and and threatened violence.
When cartoons depicting Muhammad in uncompromising situations were published in French satirical cartoon Charlie Hedbo, which makes fun of all religions, politicians and human follies, the government backed up the right to freedom of speech.
And it worked. France, with the largest Muslim population in Europe, have now stopped further violence and protests. The Muslim population in France have grown to a staggering 10%+ of the population, or an estimated 7 million people. Muslims have complained in the past to “feel insecure and unstable because of the French laws imposed on foreigners” which keep Muslim violence and problems in far greater control than in Britain, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe where they freely run amok. Although France has over 2,000 mosques, France does not support traditional Islamic schools or the mixing of Islamic ideologies into their society, which make Muslim segregation closing off into their own communities much harder. Several studies reveal that France seems to be, among the Western countries, the one where Muslims integrate the best and feel the most for their country. French Muslims also have the most positive opinions about their fellow citizens of different faiths. In the rest of Europe where society bend to Muslim demands, there is very little integrating and more extremism.
Again we encourage everyone to please send an email of gratitude to France’s Interior Minister Monsieur Manuel Valls. Let politicians know they have our support for their good work so they are encouraged to continue:


French Muslims ignore calls for cartoon protest

Paris   Monday 24 September 2012

According to France’s most senior Muslim cleric, something historically important happened in French cities at the weekend. That something was nothing.

Despite calls from radical groups and social network users, there were no large-scale demonstrations by France’s five million Muslims over scatological cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed published by the satirical weekly newspaper, Charlie Hebdo.

Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, said the vast majority of Muslims in France had shown their determination to preserve “national unity and public order”. “We can say the response of the Muslim community to those who tried to provoke us was a contemptuous silence,” he added.

Small groups of Muslims did try to demonstrate in Paris, Lille and Lyon but were arrested or cleared away by riot police. On the whole, calls issued by radical groups were ignored. The previous Saturday, 100 people were arrested when 500 demonstrators gathered in central Paris to protest against the anti-Islamic movie The Innocence of Muslims.

2 thoughts on “France succeeds controlling Muslim violence and pressures: have put an end to Mohammed protests

  1. It worked. We have their crybaby problems and crazy demand. People here are afraid to be called islamophobe for no good reason. The cops give in. Ailienates the natives. The are trying to control us. Government backs them. Obama covers for their bad behavior. Its time they respect our ladies. Tolerate our holidays. And get over things they think are offensive. You made them grow up.


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