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Media creates a wildfire: Muslim protests around the world built on media hype

The media is a huge contributor to a lot of unrest around the world. During the London riots, it was mainly British  media that aggravated emotions in people by a reporting that sought to inflame and stir emotions to gain more readers and viewers – and more profits in Murdock’s coffers.
With the announcement to the Islamic world that a “jew” had made an offensive film about Mohammed, the already brewing violence that has been ongoing during the entire Arab spring got another reason to vent their indoctrinated anger and hatred, meticulously taught at mosques since Muslims are children.
The report turned out to be wrong, and the filmmaker appears to be a Christian – another hated group by the Muslims. Well, we argue that the blame on the film is completely invented by the media. Fact is that the entire film is not available on the internet anyways. And most of the Muslim countries that started the riots, don’t even have access to the film and cannot view the content through the internet channels available since the internet is heavily censored. Muslims in the Middle East can’t surf all of the web from the West. In addition, the majority of rioters are uneducated and unemployed. They can’t understand English (the film was in English).
Would you ask Muslims to describe the scenes in the film, I doubt you will even find a handful who are able to do so! The media has created upcoming persecution of Coptic Christians all across the Muslim world, of which they need to be made responsible.


2 thoughts on “Media creates a wildfire: Muslim protests around the world built on media hype

  1. no wander you have so much hate you do nothing else. and you destroy every thing you touch. and whine. look at all the homes and business you destroy. you could have a home and a job if for the next thousand years you would build and take care of what you have. and what you get.


  2. it is a sad day that they have so much hate in them they in these oil rich country’s and they are so poor. that is your government for you just like AMERICA. you don’t have work to make a living for your family. but the government lives high off the hog. and tell every body they have got to cut spending. give me a break. you cut spending but not them. then you go to other country’s and live off the government and gripe how dare you stay home and fight your government for what you want


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