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Australia: Did Australia create a film about Mohammed? Muslims attack and beat police

“Obama, Obama, we love Osama” and “Sharia will dominate the world” were some of the friendly signs Muslims in Australia displayed today.

The Muslim excuse for violence is getting thinner and thinner. Wasn’t their violence blamed on a U.S. made film? Then what does Australia got to do with it? Muslims are rioting in Australia, spitting on police and hitting them.

In July 2012 Nasser Al-Bahri, former bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden, warned that there would be large scale attacks against the West in “near future”.  The plotting and planning continues, and the masses are made to become more aggressive and angry.

Hopefully these worldwide riots are a wake-up call for the West to realize what they are doing with their immigration policies and weaknesses. They need to plan to begin removing Muslim migrants, and stop all further immigration of more Muslims to the west.


2 thoughts on “Australia: Did Australia create a film about Mohammed? Muslims attack and beat police

  1. ‘shariah will dominate the world’….*snort*
    yeah, right…LOL
    Let me tell you all about Canada and what’s happening here regarding immigration, shariah and such.
    Our feds have FINALLY realized there’s a problem and are waking up, and as for shariah…if the muslims try bringing that in the instant they try enforcing it on the Natives, they’ll wipe the muslims right off the map.


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