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Palestine: Anti-Israeli Obama finds no support from his anti-American Muslim crowds around the world

Pro-Palestine and anti-Israeli President Obama is not well received by the very Muslims he ignorantly supports. Maybe it’s time for him to rethink his strategy. Yesterday an effigy representing Obama was burnt in Palestine blaming the poorly made amateur film about Mohammed. The film is of course simply an excuse for already violent anti-American hatred across the Muslim world.
This hatred has increased even more because Obama can’t grasp the Middle Eastern mindset. With U.S. military and monetary interference to “helping” rebels and freedom fighters, who actually are only backing extremists, even more suspicion has been brewing amongst Muslims against the “big Satan”.  Although the Arab world encouraged U.S. intervention behind closed doors, in the open to the Muslim world they denied any support of U.S. intervention and even criticized U.S. military action.
The film is not the cause for these problems but the media hype has given them one more reason to vent their hatred against America. There are thousands of far more critical clips about Mohammed online that has been flourishing for years. For the media to carelessly brand the film as originating from a “Jewish” or “Coptic Christian” source they have basically fueled the fire and sealed the death of these people in Muslim countries. These rioters haven’t even seen the film which was removed from YouTube. If you ask them what exactly the film depicted, they wouldn’t be able to tell you.


Palestinians protest anti-Islam film in Gaza, Jerusalem

Thousands of Palestinians protest the American anti-Muslim film in Jerusalem and Gaza Strip amid clashes with Israeli forces; protesters set fire to US flag.
AFP , Friday 14 Sep 2012

Palestinian Islamists burn an effigy portraying U.S. President Barack Obama during a protest about a film ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh near Sidon, Lebanon, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012. (Photo: AP)

Palestinians on Friday protested an anti-Muslim film, with thousands gathering in the Gaza Strip and hundreds in Jerusalem where there were clashes with Israeli police.

In Gaza, thousands of people rallied at demonstrations in Gaza City and the southern town of Rafah, a day after the ruling Hamas party urged citizens to turn out for protests after Friday prayers.

Protesters waved the flags of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements, and set fire to American flags, chanting “Death, death to America, death, death to Israel.”

Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya, in a sermon during Friday prayers, repeated a call on Washington to apologise for the film, produced in the United States.

“The US administration should apologise to the Arab and Islamic nation for this offensive film and bring these criminals to justice,” he said.

Haniya said the film was the result of “a Jewish-American-Crusader alliance to ignite a war on Islam and sectarian strife, particularly in Egypt.”

The amateur production called “Innocence of Muslims,” which was virtually unheard of before this week, has sparked violent protests across the Middle East.

The US ambassador to Libya and three other US personnel were killed during demonstrations linked to the film in the city of Benghazi, and four people were killed on Thursday when Yemeni police opened fire at a protest in Sanaa.

In Jerusalem, demonstrations were held after prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque in the Old City.

The protests began peacefully with several hundred people demonstrating on the plaza that holds both the Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques, chanting, “With our blood and our soul, we will sacrifice for you our Prophet.”

But clashes broke out between a part of the crowd and Israeli police as the demonstration moved out of the Old City, with security forces firing tear gas and stun grenades that injured at least five people, an AFP correspondent said.

“Israel police are dispersing rioters at Damascus Gate, rocks and stones are being thrown at them,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.

An AFP correspondent at the scene said demonstrators appeared to be trying to head to US diplomatic premises in east Jerusalem, with Israeli police, some on horseback, seeking to prevent the protest from moving.

2 thoughts on “Palestine: Anti-Israeli Obama finds no support from his anti-American Muslim crowds around the world

  1. Very sad and scary to hear the talking heads on TV saying how Obama policies have failed and Obama doesn’t get this or that. The bottom line is Obama DOES GET IT, and he is intentionally destroying America from within. Americans better WAKE UP and GET IT real fast!!


  2. Hatred, it’s like rabies mixed with high-power crack and as explosive and touchy as nitroglycerin. The raddies are gonna push this and try to keep it burning as long and as hot as they can. I’m hoping it burns out like a flash-fire in the brush.


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