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UK: “Radical Islamists are out to kill non-radical Muslims, along with anyone else who might get in their way”

David Blair

David Blair is the Chief Foreign Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph.

Radical Islamists are out to kill non-radical Muslims, along with anyone else who might get in their way

By World Last updated: September 13th, 2012


The protests now taking place outside US embassies across the Middle East have been whipped up by a very modern phenomenon: an inflammatory video on YouTube, plus the incitement provided via Twitter and Facebook.

But there is an uncanny precedent for today’s violence. Back in December 1979 – long before the advent of the internet or even satellite news channels – the American embassy in Libya was burned to the ground. Earlier, the US embassy in Pakistan had received the same treatment, costing the lives of two American Marines.

The attacks on both embassies were triggered by an almost forgotten event. In November 1979, a gang of Sunni extremists led by Juhayman al-Uteybi – the Osama bin Laden of his era – managed to take over the Grand Mosque in Mecca and murder hundreds of Muslim pilgrims. When news of the capture of the holiest site in Islam spread across the Muslim world, rumours and conspiracy theories were quick to start. The most poisonous suggested that America had somehow carried out the attack on the Grand Mosque.

This preposterous nonsense was widely believed, stirring such anger that the US embassies as far apart as Tripoli and Islamabad were wrecked. Before Twitter, Facebook, Emails or YouTube, globalised rumour and conspiracy-mongering was already powerful enough to persuade people thousands of miles apart to burn down the nearest US embassy. The only difference with today is that it took much longer for the message to spread. The attacks on the US embassies in Libya and Pakistan were separated by 10 days in 1979, whereas today’s incidents are almost simultaneous.

If you are interested in the attack on the Grand Mosque, let me recommend an excellent book, “The Siege of Mecca” by Yaroslav Trofimov. In the meantime, let me offer one other thought.

We are often told that Islamist radicals are roused to fury by US foreign policy. If so, it’s odd how often they choose targets that have nothing to do with America. Instead, they tend to attack places that Muslims are supposed to value very highly. Juhayman al-Uteybi – en early inspiration for bin Laden – chose to defile the holiest of all the holy sites and murder hundreds of pilgrims in Mecca. More recently, al-Qaeda has bombed mosques and pilgrims in Iraq and Pakistan. Rather than being motivated purely by anti-Western sentiment, let me suggest that radical Islamists are out to kill non-radical Muslims, along with anyone else who might get in their way.

6 thoughts on “UK: “Radical Islamists are out to kill non-radical Muslims, along with anyone else who might get in their way”

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  2. The report linked below by Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack should cause heads to explode both here in the US and in Saudi Arabia. Sifting through the 9/11 Commission Report and other data obtained through Freedom of Information petitions, these authors have assembled a compelling case that the US Government knew that Saudi Arabians had financed and orchestrated the 9/11 attack. The US Government, in effect, told the Saudi Arabian Government to put the instigators out of business themselves or the US would expose the Saudi conspiracy. The result: Three Saudi Princes died mysteriously all within a week, and most references to Saudi involvement in 9/11 were purged from the 9/11 Commission Report.


    This report should get wide circulation, particularly now when the Islamists are using a cheap film trailer on YouTube as a pretext for carving out more Sharia compliance in the west – namely criminalizing free speech about Islam and Muhammad. Don’t be misled by all the religious indignation. The rioting in the Middle East is mostly about normalizing Sharia anti-blasphemy standards in the minds of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


    • Shariah, the raddies cultivate it like kudzu and PolCorr provides ideal growing conditions. It MUST be kept out of North America and eradicated in other Western nations.
      My Genuine Muslim friends, what they’ve told be about the difference between bona-fide islam vs. the radicalist islam and the shariah they call for was chilling.
      Imagine living with Fundamentalist Christians running the show and imposing Biblical Law out of the Old Testament.


  3. This is exactly what I’ve been saying! It’s not the Muslims, it’s the radicals, extremists and fundamentalists that want to kill us all. They kill their own for not adhering to Radicalism, they want to kill and conquer the West because we’re ‘the satan’, they want to kill Jewish folks, etc..
    Radicals also kill other radicals over the slightest differences in their respective fundamentalist views.


    • I don’t have any faith in Pew, I used to work for Ipsos Reid, and statistics always get cooked heavily with a good dose of BS, had to wade through that everyday.
      Yes, they’s been fighting across history, and more often than not it’s hideous as hell’s underbelly. But, there are many, many Muslims (here in Canada as one example) that hate theocratic minded raddies with a passion, and have justifiab;e fear of them because the rddies run the show with guns, violence and intimidation.
      90%, I smell book-cooking…serious book-cooking. Pew is NOT that reliable, nor is any statistical company/organization.


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