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UK: Pervert Muslim in Egypt’s Paralympic team gropes woman – and is fined by courts

All too common nowadays after the UK and Europe opened it’s doors to Muslim migrants and visitors. In the UK and all across Europe, Muslims dominate sexual crimes and extreme violent crimes. This all correlates with cultural upbringing indoctrinated from the Koran where women have little value, assault and rape against women is basically not a crime and the open range to molest or assault women is freely exercised.

Minister for groping: Egyptian politician in Paralympics delegation fondled woman…then tried to claim immunity

By Chris Greenwood

PUBLISHED: 00:59, 12 September 2012 |

Embrahim Khalil, vice minister of sport, pictured leaving City of London Magistrates, was fined for sexually assaulting a 21 year old womanEmbrahim Khalil, pictured leaving City of London Magistrates, sexually assaulted a tourist

An Egyptian sports minister tried to claim diplomatic immunity after being arrested for groping a tourist while in London with his country’s Paralympic delegation.

Ebrahim Ahmed Khalil, 56, fondled the 21-year-old’s breast as he showed her where to pin a flag badge hours before Sunday’s closing ceremony.

After he was arrested and accused of sexual assault, his embassy tried to claim diplomatic immunity. But the attempt failed and Khalil wept yesterday as he was fined by magistrates.

The case is an embarrassment for the Arab state, whose athletes returned to Cairo on Monday with 15 medals.

The assault took place hours before they joined other Paralympians for Sunday’s closing ceremony at the Olympic Park.

Khalil, the junior minister for sport, targeted the woman outside the luxury Grange St Paul’s hotel in the City, where he had been staying for the Olympics and Paralympics.

The hotel was one of two official ‘Paralympic family hotels’ used by officials during the Games.

His victim was with her mother and ten-year-old brother on their way to the Tate Modern as he stopped them while handing out Egyptian flag badges. Images from three CCTV cameras showed him approaching them and kissing the victim’s mother.

Regina Naughton, prosecuting at City of London Magistrates’ Court, described the kiss as ‘friendly’ but said Khalil’s actions then became sinister.

She said: ‘Mr Khalil approached the complainant, pointed his right index finger, and pressed it on her right breast. She withdraws, her mother says, ‘What is it?’

‘Then he more or less does the same thing again, placing his left hand and arm around her right shoulder and again pressing her breast, she says forcibly. She felt shocked, embarrassed, violated and upset.’

The court heard that his victim did not want to report what happened but her mother insisted.

Khalil was arrested in the hotel and spent two days in custody before appearing in court. He told officers he had been due to attend the Paralympics closing ceremony that evening.

Miss Naughton said: ‘He told police he poked the girl’s breast to tell her where she should put the badge. He said he didn’t really understand what he had done wrong, but wanted to apologise because she was upset with him.’

Competing: Ibrahim Ibrahim of Egypt takes part in the Men's Javelin at the Olympic Stadium during the London Paralympic GamesCompeting: Ibrahim Ibrahim of Egypt takes part in the Men’s Javelin at the Olympic Stadium during the London Paralympic Games
Hearing: London Magistrates' Court was told the assault took place hours before the Egyptian team joined other Paralympians for Sunday's closing ceremony Hearing: City of London Magistrates’ Court was told the assault took place hours before the Egyptian team joined other Paralympians for Sunday’s closing ceremony

Earlier, magistrates were asked to delay the hearing. Miss Naughton said: ‘The issue is whether or not he has diplomatic immunity. I say, on the information I have, that he doesn’t.

Khalil, who listened to proceedings through an interpreter and was dressed in a jumper from police stores, admitted a single count of sexual assault.

Sam Corcoran, defending, said the father of three had ‘an absolutely exemplary record and this is the first time he has been in any kind of trouble’. She added: ‘He has asked me if I would convey his sincere remorse. He is so very desperately sorry.’

Magistrate Sarah Graham said the court accepted his apology ‘on the basis that it is a one-off error of judgment’ and ordered him to pay a £160 fine, £100 costs, £100 compensation to the woman, and a £15 victim surcharge. Embassy officials will pay on his behalf.

One thought on “UK: Pervert Muslim in Egypt’s Paralympic team gropes woman – and is fined by courts

  1. Honestly, I’ve been hearing so so so much lately about feminazi, man-hating, women fabricating stories and making fake evidence and false accusations just to get the man in trouble and destroy his reputation for life. It makes me sick to my stomach ! the ones that “cry wolf” ruin it for the ones that really get assaulted. I would advise all men to stay away from women unless she is your mother, wife, grandmother or sister or someone you really trust. If you do have sex with a stranger, ask her to sign a letter of consent before the sex. If she doesn’t, run away from her ! Fast ! You’re name and picture will be in all the papers, you will end up in the sexual offenders registry, it will cost you thousands of hard earned money before the charges get dismissed, if ever. Don’t have sex with psycho, demented, dishonest, FEMI-NAZI, man-hating females that lie to get men in trouble. Stay away from such scumbags. They are the equivalent of true rapists !!

    I am offended by all these comments who think the problem is to blame immigrants. People who committ sexual assaults come from all different background and ethnicity. This is not an immigrant issue, neither a multicultural issue. People need to stop blaming politicians, multiculturalism or everyone else. People need to come together and find solutions that work because Safety is everyone’s concern.

    In a perfect world, a woman should feel 100% safe waiting for a bus beside a park at one in the morning. However, this is not a perfect world and anyone, man or woman, who thinks it is wise to be out at one in the morning on a Friday night is pretty naive. I don’t mean to excuse the rapists…I hope they get caught and strung up. But I think we all know that a woman should not be out alone at that hour of the night any night, let alone Friday night. Again, I am not saying she got what she deserved, but come on…she was a damned fool. Fathers, tell your daughters to make better decisions. Daughters, call your fathers when you need a ride home.

    There is a gang rape epidemic in Europe of non-white immigrants against white women, the “ritual” is called tournante, meaning take your turn.

    Links can found at “gang rapes in Europe”. Sweden has always been a dangerous place for women. Rape is a sport here in Sweden!!! Sweden has been labelled the European capital of rape.


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