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Saudi Arabia: Six Indonesian maids sentenced to death for “crimes”

The Saudi Arabian regime has ruled to execute 25 Indonesian maids working in the kingdom over alleged “crimes”, a report says.

If you are the victim of beatings, abuse, death or crimes but you are a foreigner in Saudi Arabia, you will be the one accused as the criminal. Maids arrive as employees, and often end up as slaves. The situation with foreign maids from poor backgrounds living and working in Saudi Arabia has been a severe human rights issue for a long time. Many simply disappear, vanish, with no trace of their whereabouts to be found.

According to a report published by Lebanese Ad-Diyar Arabic daily on Sunday, 22 other Indonesian maids have been acquitted and deported from the kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government plans to send a delegation to Riyadh for negotiations over the death sentences.

Saudi King Abdullah

Indonesian Embassy officials in Riyadh say six of the maids sentenced to death worked in the capital.

About 1,700 Indonesian nationals are in prison in Saudi Arabia, the Indonesian Embassy says.

The embassy has also called on Saudi officials to allow the visiting delegation from Jakarta to meet the Indonesian convicts.

9 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: Six Indonesian maids sentenced to death for “crimes”

  1. Only a Muslim would say that abusing these maids is OK.
    Yes rape is punishable by death in your country but women do not come forward about rape because then the woman will be viewed as unclean and un-marriageable by YOUR society.
    In many cases she is forced to marry her rapist. If raped she must PROVE she was raped and have witnesses to back up her story. Your society is fucked up and treats your female citizens like nothing more then property. They cannot drive and cannot work unless it is female only environment. What other government must consider opening a female only town to allow women to work shop and live without fear of harassment.
    Get your head out of your ass.


  2. Fuck Saudi! Overthrow them and their stupid ass hypocritical Wahhabi regime NATO! Otherwise your idea for “concern for human rights” has NO credibility in my eyes!


    • Fuck U .. Don’t judge ppl like that.. If u went to Saudi and saw what they did to the kids and how they cut their heads off their bodies you would’ve absolutely agreed on executing them .. So don’t be so ignorant we don’t do this unless if there is a horrible crime .. If u let them get away with wat they did, it will happen al over again to every child and elderly .. So it is for the sake of humanities


      • And jus to prove some of wat I said just SOME
        See how the maid is beating a 4 month baby jus because the baby won’t stop crying


      • Who says that they don’t have the freedom to go out of the country u don’t see wat I see coz obviously u not here to see, by the way raping punishment in Saudi is a death sentence, So can u imagin.. its not easy to get away with a crime like that.
        Anyway If the family is abusing her she would ran to the police (like wat the other maids did ..who have been treated badly) And the police would give her a lawyer and the case would go to the court law, and if she prove it or not she! get deported immediately if she wants, and if not she would go to the office of her manger the one who brought her to work here, and go work with another family.. But killing a child because the family is hurting her is WORSE.. So u r DEFENDING the worst crime in the world Coz it’s a child for god sake.. Children have nothing to do with wat their families do beside she is a grown woman how could she do that!! And U know wat is the shocking thing!! IF the family is not abusing her at all and she kills their child for silly reasons.. Most cases like that immediately gets death sentence!!

        And how would u call the court law sentence a crime ?? First It’s baised on evidence, Second in any country in the whole world if a person kills a child he or she will get a death sentence, adding to that the horrible way of killing the child.

        Bottom line it’s legal to kill criminals in Saudi or any other country??


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  4. I have seen his ugly mug on tv isn’t he the one ob bowed to? maybe not? when will other nations quit letting their women go to these devil worshiping places. they are a cult no more no less. even ob love’s them.


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