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Sweden: Muslim arrested after pouring lighter fluid and torching attack victim

Muslim perpetuated crimes in Sweden are reminiscent of similar crimes appearing in Africa and the Middle East on a regular basis. They have merely been transplanted from there to docile, humble, liberal but socialist-strangulated Sweden.
The government’s refusal to fully stop all Muslim immigration, based on the facts and figures that it violates the safety and security of the Swedish people, has made the Swedish government responsible for Human Rights violations of the worse kind. In addition, media never show pictures, names or background of foreign criminals – only of Swedish ones. The word Muslim is never published along with a crime, to assure the public is never revealed the extent of crimes committed by particular immigrant groups.
Thanks for the story Avpixlat. Avpixlat is a voluntary group that try to bring the politically incorrect, real and unpixelated news stories of what is really happening in their country – and not the censored leftist version the public is being force fed.


No candlelit parades and protests for burn and tortured victim Rudolf

Swedish TV-show Wanted brought up the sadistic attack on Rudolf Moilanen, 18, who after an evening in Jordbro center in Stockholm in late June not only got robbed and beaten, but were subjected to pure sadistic torture. The three perpetrators poured some kind of lighter fluid over his neck and back and lit Rudolf on fire [this attack is identical to the many varieties of honor crimes Muslims commit against women; acid attacks, burning them alive or various forms of executions. Random attacks are common in Africa, parts of the Middle East, Pakistan and India].

Then they held him down on the ground, even though he was screaming in pain. Finally, the perpetrators fled the place and he was able to self-extinguish the fire by rolling around. Rudolf tore off his shirt over badly burned skin and knocked at the first house in the neighborhood.

Rudolf. Trying to recover from a vicious unprovoked assault and torture where he was nearly burnt alive. The leftist Islamo apologetics who scream for Muslim sympathy have been silent and hiding.

Police are now trying using Wanted to get fixed two of the perpetrators. The third one is already fixed and is arrested for aggravated robbery. But Wanted with host Hasse Aro, did not mention even once that the arrested person was a Somali Muslim:

Ahmed Mohammed Ali, born in 1993, citizens of Somalia and registered in Jordbro.

Södertörn District Court, B 9818-12

We also take the stand that the attack should be termed a hate crime?

The media has occasionally raised the assault but never mentions that the arrested are Muslim Somalis. Then it is suddenly irrelevant. And no candlelit marches or support from residents, the left media and politicians have been given to Rudolf either.


The Socialist Left fan over fabricated Muslim victimhood claims, but stay silent on Swedish victims of Muslim crimes

Rudolf was randomly attacked and acid or lighter fluid poured on him, and he was set on fire. His attackers were Somali Muslims – the most violent immigrants bought into the country in thousands by the Swedish government.

The circumstances were different in another case that took place in Forserum and the Sunni Muslim Somalis who with his stories attracted half the journalists and assorted left pundits including candlelit vigilance parades. They swallowed all the Somalis said with line and sinker. When the notorious Somali Rashid Musa – asserted – that veiled women had been assaulted with milk poured over them to look more “white”, Rashid demanded an added crisis commission. The UN was called in and sent observers to Forserum, when the story took another turn and adopted an even more bizarre form.

There is no police report about the ‘milk assault’, and none of his valid ‘sources’ for his claim could be verified. The fact that the ‘milk attack’ vigilantly appear to have been taken out of nowhere doesn’t come to surface until several days later.

Islamist, Rashid Musa is himself a hypocrite about his frequent talk on racism and victimhood. He previously reported that there are worse things than Islamist extremism, and denied the existence of radical Islamists in Sweden. One case in the town Rinkeby’s disco women were refused the permission to dance by Somali Islamists.

Rashid Musa is amongst other things a member of Sweden’s Young Muslims (SUM), ie the group which invite rabid homohatande and anti-Semitic imams from the Middle East each spring to a big gender segregated conference. When Avpixlat reported on this and especially the media pointed this out it was immediately brushed off with “we did not know the imams background; it is taken out of context; he has not said so; you are Islamophobes, etc etc”.

Meanwhile a young Swedish man, who was randomly attacked with no provocation, will take many months to recover while his scars remain for life.

4 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim arrested after pouring lighter fluid and torching attack victim

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  2. AMERICA this is coming to your neighbor hood soon. keep watching. want be long give ob 4 more years and see. this could be your child, brother or sister and they rather rape your little sisters and brothers then torture them before killing them. keep all these pictures in your mind. and stay safe. and wake up.


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