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Japan: Muslim threaten airport staff “In Islam I (would) kill you”

Not a single country is spared the disease called Islam in this day and age.

A demented Muslim man screams and threaten to beat Japanese airport staff for “touching” his wife while checking her and documents at the security gates. While he doesn’t allow anyone else to even touch the burka of his wife, he himself has likely assaulted and raped her at least a few times in his life. Rape of Muslim women in the middle east is in the high 80% percentile while beatings remain in similar numbers.


6 thoughts on “Japan: Muslim threaten airport staff “In Islam I (would) kill you”

  1. What utter islamaphobic rubbish… I can also speculate… I speculate that the writer of this article probably spends all his time raping women and murdering babies. How’s that… I did almost as good as you, right?


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  3. who does he think he is?you go through security every where you are checked tell him to go back where he came from.leave the country. Japan just might show him what jihad really is.


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