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Sweden: The dumbest nation on earth has to deport another Muslim asylum seeker for violence and death threats. But they keep bringing in more…

More news from the land of the deaf, dumb and blind: the main dhimmi headquarters in Scandinavia, Sweden.
How dumb are the Swedes? These people must be amongst the dumbest in the world. And they don’t care about protecting their women or children either. After racing to the top position for being the number one rape nation in the world, not due to Swedish men, but due to the wonderful multicultural contribution handed to Swedish society by Muslim migrants allowed into the country – the Swedish government continues to pour in more and more Muslims. So much so, the total Muslim population is now 5%. They rapidly want to double this amount although they can’t even handle the negative consequences of the 5%. The financial benefit from bringing in this wonderful new lot, is not to be found.
By 2030 Sweden is projected to house a 40% Muslim population. They better start saving now so they can afford all the benefits and housing since they will certainly match the UK’S unemployment figures (50% Muslim men, and 75% Muslim women are unemployed collecting benefits) . By that time all Swedish women should be seen in burka’s, the only way Muslim women try and protect themselves from assault. You got to be pretty stupid to create a cultural suicide mission intentionally and deliberately when you clearly can see and measure the effect of poor government actions.
How about using some common sense for a change and NOT BRING IN ANY MORE?


MUSLIM DEMOGRAPHICS. Sweden will have a 40% Muslim population by 2030. Projection is based on actual  estimated from UK’s Muslim population growth in less than a decade. Similar numbers are to be seen across Europe but is not officially shared.

A few days ago we wrote about Adil Rabih sentenced to prison for death threats of a flatmates at the refugee camp because he was cooking for Ramadan. We mentioned then that Rabih had a previous conviction too that included grand larceny. Now it turns out that Rabih at that time also was sentenced to expulsion with prohibition to return to Sweden before 2015. The obvious question is of course what Rabih made in a refugee camp in Sweden in 2012.

The question stands Sweden Democrat MP Thoralf Alfsson on his blog. Alfsson writes among other things:

On February 23, 2010  Adil Rabih was sentenced to eight months in prison for aggravated theft and violent resistance. He was also sentenced to deportation.

“The accused expelled from the kingdom, and forbidden to return here before 2015-02-23. Violation of the ban can result in imprisonment of up to one year. “

From the judgment B 186-10 Stockholm District Court.

Adil Rabih released from this prison den 22 July 2010. The strange and completely “impossible” event is that on July 20, 2012 Adil Rabih was not in prison but was living in one of the Migration Board’s rented apartment in Blomstermåla, although he should have been deported. He is, in other words, not expelled, but apparently supplied by the Migration Board and the Swedish taxpayers with both an apartment and other expenses. Probably he is sustained by the Swedish taxpayers ever since he came to Sweden in 2007.

The official flag of the dumbest country in the world, with the dumbest government to be found. Can they walk and chew gum at the same time? One begs to wonder.

As this was not enough he commits new crimes in Blomstermåla when he threatens to kill another person living in the same apartment. His flatmate started cooking which was not well liked by Adil Rabih, who is a Muslim from Algeria, and was part taking of the start of Ramadan (fasting). Despite his flatmate not being a Muslim Adil Rabih could not accept that he was cooking.

Adil Rabih has now been convicted of assault and drug offenses to four months in prison at Kalmar District Court (Case 2494-12). In this judgment does not mention that Adil Rabih previously sentenced to deportation. A very curious circumstance.

On Avpixlat editorial we can not but agree that this is indeed very strange. Or, in any case should be. In Sweden surprised it barely longer than that stuff like this happens.

Thoralf Alfssons blog

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