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Muslim intellectuals debate Islam, Western society and Islam’s faults and weaknesses

These must be serious Islamophones. Muslims indicating something is wrong with Islamic ideology? They are extremely few and far between, but those who do take the effort to pop their heads to the surface – have some valid statements to make. Of course, they are accused of being “puppets of the West” although that is hardly close to any accuracy. They are puppets to their own right to freedom from the middle ages.

1)  VIDEO: Former Dean of Islamic Law, Qatar University, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari | Bahrain TV

Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari:  Our satellite channels deserve the name “media of terrorism”. They spread among the youth ideas that may not be outright terrorism but spread extremism. Such extremism is the beginning of violence and fanaticism, and violence lead to terrorism. Fanaticism – extremism – violence – terrorism.

2)  VIDEO: Former Dean at Qatar University Speaks Out against Suicide Operations | Al-Arabiya TV

Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari:  Today, there is a lot of extremism, a wave of extremism. This religious discourse has not managed to improve the youth, and this crisis proves it. This (religious) discourse does not address human beings as human beings. We lack what I call the “culture of humanity”. The religious discourses generate a crisis. You go to a mosque, listen to the Friday prayer, and you return a bundle of nerves, feeling hostile towards civilization and society, because the sermon focus on the negative aspects of society, and inflate them.

3)  VIDEO: Former Deab of Qatar University: Our Culture Responsible for Terror | Al-Arabiya

Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari:  I place most of the responsibility for terrorism on social factors. It is possible that the political factor plays a part. But I say that deep roots of terrorism are ideological, cultural, and educational. I oppose the claim raised by some religious leaders that (the terrorists) are just honest young men who went astray. They also claim that we must treat them kindly and guide them, and that their goals were noble but their means were wrong. I see this as a policy having it both ways. 

4)  VIDEO: Former Dean at Qatar University Speaks Out in Support of US Presence | Al-Arabiya

Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari:  Unfortunately, the history of the Muslims has become confused with their religion. Some actions of the Muslims are not in line with the teachings of their religion. Some traditions have dominated Islamic society for over a thousand years although they run counter to Islamic teachings.

5)  VIDEO: Bahraini intellectual Dhiyaa Al-Musawai  | Abu Dhabi TV

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi:  We, I’m sad to say, are against creativity and civilization, and against any language that seeks a common ground in society. We must have the courage to get rid of the “backward” cholesterol of ideology, accumulating in the arteries of Arab awareness and the Arab mind. We suffer from backwardness. This is the truth.

6)  VIDEO: Liberal Bahraini Author Dhiya Al-Musawi: Muslims living in the past on “the drug of religion” | Al Jazeera

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi:  We Arabs and Muslims continue to pass around the biscuits of conspiracy theory. I have come to talk about the prison of history in which many Arabs and Muslims live. And many extremists sleep on the bed of the past. Who distributes the drug of religion through some mosques, by means of extremism? Who is responsible for hijacking the minds of the youth, and then booby-trapping them in Iraq and elsewhere?

7)  VIDEO: Debate on the state of the youth in the Arab world and the meaning of democracy  |  Episode 2  |  Episode 3  |

Debate:   The people who go and blow themselves up here and there, are a bunch of unemployed people.
The pan-Arab movements that have taken over the Arab nation forced a certain ideology upon the Arab citizens, upon the Arab youth, and they follow this ideology like sheep. When the youth encouraged globalization they found themselves new breathing space,
If these people had been brought up in an environment supporting human rights and love for the “other” an environment that glorifies love and brotherhood, rather than killing, we wouldn’t be seeing these …

8)  VIDEO: Former Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi  |  Al-Arabiya T

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi:  He (Muslim) is incapable of independent thinking, and of benefitting from the cultures of others. He is incapable of stepping out of the mold imposed on him since childhood. It is the west that produced prosperity. To this day, we are a burden on the West. Even Japan admits that without benefiting from the West, it would not have developed.


23 thoughts on “Muslim intellectuals debate Islam, Western society and Islam’s faults and weaknesses

  1. Lets not blame any prophet for the actions of fanatical followers. History has many great men, but would even half of them be considered great if they re-enacted their deeds today? Men (even prophets) are great only in the context of their time and surroundings. Mohammed is great and his teachings were right for his time and location, but one can not follow the teachings of that time, word for word. They need to be updated for the modern time. Literal translations in the context of a modern era, are at best outdated and at worse barbaric.
    It is my strong held belief that only God (Allah) can transcend time with greatness. Perhaps each age has a Prophet for this reason. An update is overdue, it seems we are incapable or unwilling to try doing it ourselves.


    • You’re almost there. Just eradicate the ‘god’ (Allah in your case) from your vocabulary and you will finally be able to think for yourself. It is so ‘freeing’ when you realise that their are no gods; there never have been.


  2. Go and say i am a prophet and do evil and see if if 2 billion people will follow you and love you more than their lives! I love muhammad more than my life! ❤


  3. That is what you wish but wont happen, if islam is bad as the media says then why it is the fastest growing faith ever year around the globe among the reverts/converts are christian priests and preachers and scientists and Academics? Do you know how many confused christian friends of mine i took to the mosque and they took the shahada (islamic creed) look for example Arnoud van doorn he was member of geert wilder’s right-wing ant-islam freedom party in netherlands, when he was asked why? He said “i have heard so many negative stories about islam, but i am not a person who follows opinions of others without doing my own research,” he used to insult muhammad he even made ant-islam film mocking the prophet, but in this year he went to hajj to makkah and madinah, he stood in front of the grave of the prophet and wept! So my brother/sister in humanity know that islam is man’s natural religion it is the faith of all the prophets of GOD including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, (peace and blessings be upon them all) they all preached one and and the same thing one after the other, and it is submission to the will of the ONE and only true GOD, who is not a man or object at all, and no matter what you write on a million websites and what the media does, islam will prevail over all, as the Allmighty said 1400 years ago …… Qur,an 61:8 they intend to extinguish the light of GOD (islam) with their mouths, but GOD will perfect his light, even though the disbelievers hate it.


  4. You can insult muhammad all your life just becoz you dont know him, but you can never change his legacy, muhammad is mercy to all mankind and there is nothing you can do to stop islam.


    • ….. and there is nothing you can do to stop islam. What, stop islam from taking over the world by force, the same force you deny by saying … muhammad is mercy to all mankind. You idiot, you have just contradicted yourself badly.


  5. Muhammad the greatest man ever walked on this earth, he was very kind, very humble, very wonderful, he was plain warner and giver of gladtidings, a prophet and messenger of GOD, chosen and the most beloved of the ALLMIGHTY, anyone who meet him would say i have never see more humble more kind and more beautiful than muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, you must know this man, i am 100% sure you will love him more than yourself. ❤


    • Mohammad was a pedophile! He forced ‘marriage’ onto the child Aisha when she was only 5 or 6 years of age and then raped her when she was just 9 years of age! How can you say that he was a great ‘man’?! Why would any intelligent, honest person with any sense of integrity have respect for such a ‘man’?
      In the current day and age of the 21st century, he would be convicted of child rape and thrown in prison by any decent, respectable court. This would obviously exclude any so called ‘court’ using sharia law!


  6. Pringle Kennedy has observed (Arabian Society at the Time of Muhammad, pp.8, 10, 18, 21):

    Pringle Kennedy has observed (Arabian Society at the Time of Muhammad, pp.8, 10, 18, 21):

    Muhammad was, to use a striking expression, the man of the hour. In order to understand his wonderful success, one must study the conditions of his times. Five and half centuries and more had elapsed when he was born since Jesus had come into the world. At that time, the old religions of Greece and Rome, and of the hundred and one states along the Mediterranean, had lost their vitality. In their place, Caesarism had come as a living cult. The worship of the state as personified by the reigning Caesar, such was the religion of the Roman Empire. Other religions might exist, it was true; but they had to permit this new cult by the side of them and predominant over them. But Caesarism failed to satisfy. The Eastern religions and superstitions (Egyptian, Syrian, Persian) appealed to many in the Roman world and found numerous votaries. The fatal fault of many of these creeds was that in many respects they were so ignoble …

    When Christianity conquered Caesarism at the commencement of the fourth century, it, in its turn, became Caesarised. No longer was it the pure creed which had been taught some three centuries before. It had become largely de spiritualised, ritualised, materialised …….

    How, in a few years, all this was changed, how, by 650 AD a great part of this world became a different world from what it had been before, is one of the most remarkable chapters in human history …. This wonderful change followed, if it was not mainly caused by, the life of one man, the Prophet of Mecca ….

    Whatever the opinion one may have of this extraordinary man, whether it be that of the devout Muslim who considers him the last and greatest herald of God’s word, or of the fanatical Christian of former days, who considered him an emissary of the Evil One, or of certain modern Orientalists, who look on him rather as a politician than a saint, as an organiser of Asia in general and Arabia in particular, against Europe, rather than as a religious reformer; there can be no difference as to the immensity of the effect which his life has had on the history of the world.

    To those of us, to whom the man is everything, the milieu but little, he is the supreme instance of what can be done by one man. Even others, who hold that the conditions of time and place, the surroundings of every sort, the capacity of receptivity of the human mind, have, more than an individual effort, brought about the great steps in the world’s history, cannot well deny, that even if this step were to come, without Muhammad, it would have been indefinitely delayed.


  7. West and its interntions are not noble either… they have flourished on tohe PLUNDER of Asia…. mainly India and China……

    Alsmost al lof European kingdoms and states have fought unjust wars and killed hundreds in the name of capitalism and India and China and far eastern countiries are an evidence…..
    But when they reealized nothign much can be done now, htey left calling us third world. Now that China nad India are rising outof sheer hardwork they are fighting it back….. with antoher too lcalled CAPITALISM….. and America uses it best….. multimnational corporatiosn taking on countries economy and killing economies and multiple lives in the process…

    West Asia is nto growing because of ideology…. .religious ideology of salafi’s pulling back all civilization by 1000 years…..Had islam been raised by Persians, it would have been glorious today. Even now the golden age of Islam is referred to a period when Persians ruled education, arts, music and litertary and economy of muslim kings…..

    think and we can stil lgo back. If India can break the caste stystem and china the social system of 1000 years, why cant arabs break the backs of salafi ideology and bring back the persian ideals and bring a revival of islamic civilization


  8. There may be hope for Muslim progress into the 21st century if the perceptions so ably stated by the former dean of Qatar University and the other above gentlemen are received and listened to by movers and shakers in the Arab world.

    However, the Muslim world has a lot to answer for when it comes to continuous unparalled thievery personal possessions to entire civilizations and countries.

    It also must answer for depraved brutality, degradation, and slaughter of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and all other peaceful peoples for fourteen centuries and today.


  9. Paul Hudson said: “….All who profess to be muslim are mohammedans…..”================== Mohammed is on record as having written the Koran during a 23 year period in which an angel from Heaven enlightened him with the messages (verses) from Allah. This is indeed fairy stories – so, Angel/s visited him continually for 23 years and no one else saw them ! So, to believe in the writings of Mohammed one must believe in Angels. if Angels do not exist that makes him Mohammed, one of the biggest liars and con artists of all time. One person, single handedly responsible for destroying peace on earth.


    • Mohammed was a nut job who used the angel as a prop to sanction his criminal behavior in rape, murder, pedophilia, misogyny and other assorted deviant behavior which is exhibited by his followers even to this day.

      The eradication of this behavior must be the the utmost priority of all right thinking civilizations. If this behavior cannot be eradicated, then the only other option is to eradicate the people that exhibit this behavior so that we can all live in peace.


  10. Once again muslims are in complete shut eye denial that terrorism comes directly from the Koran ,they all pussy foot around issue in fear of being called an apostate, punishable by death in the Koran.


  11. There are no muslims in this world. All who profess to be muslim are mohammedans. ie, followers of demented man and his teachings. There is only one outcome for those who follow this mad man. Death. Culturally, socially, scientific or in any other sphere except procreation and terrorism.


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