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India: After 1400 years of Islamic presence, Muslim violence continues with a new generation of radicalized youth in India

Whoever imagines there will ever be such a thing as a well integrated Muslim presence in Western society, suffer some form of mental incapacity unable to a rational and intelligent thought process. That mental delusion is common in the EU, with local politicians, the press and policy makers who keep bringing more and more violent and indoctrinated Muslims into the Western world, destroying society from within. All politicians responsible for these ills need to be held accountable for treason.
No country on earth have been as patient with Muslim problems as India. India has tried and tried to integrate and live peacefully with Muslims for 1400 years, after being brutally invaded, butchered and enslaved for centuries. But this time-frame is apparently not enough and the country continues to live under incessant Muslim threats and strife. Too late to send them packing now. Muslims keep indoctrinating a new wave of terrorists to perpetuate their hate agenda in accordance with Islam.
The new generation of terrorists prove that poverty and lack of education has nothing to do with radicalism. The problems stem from the root of Islam itself. The new breed of haters are all well-educated, with good careers and income. India will never have a country free from terrorism and hate-crimes until Islam is banned and made a criminal offense.
This IBN report describes a new breed of Islamic terrorists in India. According to the notes accompanying the video:
The arrest of young scientists, doctors, journalists and MBA students in connection with the recent Karnataka terror plot probe has stunned law enforcement agencies. These young educated men, hailing from middle class backgrounds and with no prior police records, pose a new challenge to the anti-terror sleuths.
You’ll notice that, just as in the United States, Canada, and Europe, IBN apparently has a policy of not mentioning Islam or Muslims when discussing “extremism” and terror attacks:

One thought on “India: After 1400 years of Islamic presence, Muslim violence continues with a new generation of radicalized youth in India

  1. There was a time when minorities and other vulnerable sections turned to Muslims for protection. From Salahuddin’s (Saladin the Great) intervention in Palestine putting an end to the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Crusaders to the protection of Christians and Hindus in the far corners of the Muslim empire, we have had a long history of genuine religious tolerance.
    When Jerusalem fell and Sayyidna Omar visited the holy city, Patriarch Sophronius, was so moved by the conduct of the victors that he invited the great Caliph to pray inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The leader of the faithful however declined, fearing it might lead to Muslim claims over the temple. Instead he chose another site to pray where Masjid-e-Omar stands today. Sindh’s Hindus loved Mohammed bin Qasim, the first Arab conqueror, because of his conduct.
    In more recent times, millions of Jews, hunted like animals across Europe, found refuge in the Ottoman empire. For decades Turkey was the only Muslim country that enjoyed full diplomatic and close economic-military ties with Israel. All this is part of Islam’s rich history, no matter what Orientalists like Bernard Lewis choose to believe.

    In his address to the Constituent Assembly on Aug. 11, 1947, Mohammed Ali Jinnah repeatedly calls for an inclusive and pluralistic Pakistan.
    “Every one of you, no matter to what community he belongs, no matter what relations he had with you in the past, no matter what is his color, caste or creed, is first, second, and last a citizen of this State with equal rights, privileges, and obligations,” emphasized the man often panned for breaking up India. “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the State.”


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