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UK: Media’s shameful silence to Muslim rape of a French journalist in Libya uncovered (Video)

The media  in the West concealed the news: Chilling images of a French reporter raped to death by Libyan rebels.

Translated from Spanish: (It is noted that the harsh images in the video may offend the sensibilities of readers). The incident occurred on February 2 and not a single news event about was mentioned in the West. This is the wild overnight violation of a French journalist by the Libyan rebels. The journalist was working for The Guardian (UK) and died after endless hours of suffering, humiliation and torture. This video was published by the rebels on a pornographic website.  A Spanish online paper Alert Digital collected the footage. (See video of the rape of the reporter here).

Unlike the rape of Lara Logan in Egypt that was not filmed, what evidence exist in this graphic video should serve at least to identify the perpetrators and bring them to international justice. In the video you can see the victim semi-conscious and barely alive and naked while molested and raped with the faces and actions of her rapists clearly seen. Even when they were raping her the reporter could have probably already been dead and stopped reacting. IS THIS WHAT THE U.S., FRENCH AND UK SECURITY FORCES SENT TO PROTECT AND LIBERATE?

As if it were a porn video, the perpetrators of the infamous event does not go short on details in spreading the images. The event is taking place somewhere in the desert of Benghazi.

The silence of the Western media reveals once again the surrender of the European sector that controls the media, public opinion and most of the to game Muslim sympathizers. Not a single Spanish media has published the news and even the Guardian, ignored to verify the facts nor investigate.

From Libya it was reported that the work of this journalist was to defend NATO and the CNT. Apparently, she had joined one of the sentimental mercenary armed groups worldwide [the Libyan rebels to report their fight]. What no one could imagine is that they kidnapped their own supporter of the press to share with the rest of the group in a forced orgy.

Among all raped her to death. They are images that are shocking  but that the media prefers to hide to hide. It is noted that cases like this and even worse are a daily occurrence but Western media choose to not make them public. It is the fate of a civilization in decline.

via West concealed the news: Chilling images of a French reporter raped to death by Libyan rebels | Digital Alert.

2 thoughts on “UK: Media’s shameful silence to Muslim rape of a French journalist in Libya uncovered (Video)

  1. AMERICA is this what we want? ob says the Rebs have a war on women looks like his friends are the ones that have war on women. we need to rally to stop them coming to AMERICA. and deport the ones that are here. has any one found out about the gang rape in Co.? and what the out come was? these are some evil people the sons of satin.


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