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The Arab slave trade: 200 million non-Muslim slaves from all colors and nationalities

British with slave trader

British colonial official with Islamic slave traders in Zanzibar. On the far right is Hamad bin Mohamed bin Jumah bin Rajab bin Mohamed bin Said al-Murghabi, more commonly known as Tippu Tip. He was the most notorious Islamic slaver. al-Murghabi died in 1905.


About ten years ago while traveling in Asia I found a very unusual book which I have unfortunately not been able to find in the West. I was casually reading it in the bookstore and regret that I never purchased it due to space and weight restrictions I already had in my luggage. It was a 900-year old Muslim ‘slave manual’ translated into English from the original Arabic. It was basically a very detailed purchasing manual, describing the cultural and ethnic traits of slaves from different parts of the world in non-Islamic countries. This should not be a surprise since the Quran supports slavery and enable Muslims to keep slaves even in the modern age (i.e Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, Qatar).

Under Islamic laws, slavery is explicitly permitted.[145] As Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of the Senior Council of Clerics had said in 2003, those who argue that slavery is abolished are “ignorant, not scholars. They are merely writers. Whoever says such things is an infidel.” [146] Muhammad himself was a slaver. He not only owned many male [147][148] and female [149] slaves, but he also sold, captured, and raped [150]  his slaves. Even his wives owned slaves.

The manual demonstrated that Arabs were engaged in enslaving all peoples, not only Africans. Their travels around the world was not as much for mercenary purposes as to catch slaves and loot wealth. The manual also gave indications that Arabs actually created the entire slave export trade in Africa. Bits and pieces from history indicate that Muslims enslaved over 150 million African people and at least 50 million from other parts of the world. They also converted Africans into Islam, causing a complete social and financial collapse of the entire African continent apart from wealth attributed to a few regional African kings who became wealthy on the trade and encouraged it. This is a claim that is not well presented in Western information or education on slavery.  You can find a lot of very interesting and original historical materials in Asia and the East which have never found its way to the West.

The manual was written by an Arab slave trader describing some of the history of Arabian slavery. It contained character descriptions of slaves from all across West to East Europe, Africa, India, the Orient, Turkey (which proves that Turkey was not originally Islamic) and so on. It also showed that Arabs enslaved Indian people long before moghuls invaded the country. The most despised slaves according to the manual, was Indian and African slaves who were described in the most terrible terms. And the favorite slaves were Turkish slaves, and the second favorites were North European slaves. Slavery was not only black history; slavery was Islamic history around the world. More historical findings is pointing that over 150 million African slaves being traded by Arabs over a period of 14 centuries, and at least 50 million slaves of other ethnicities.

Muslim Slavery In The Modern Age: Real Life Stories
Francis Bok tells his story as a 20th century slave to Muslims in Sudan, captured as a child slave under Islamic sharia:


Another escaped slave, Simon Deng, sold to a Muslim for the equivalent of $10, tells his story as a 20th century slave in the modern age where slavery continues to exist and be legalized under Islamic Sharia law. Simon Deng warns blacks in America not to be lured into Islam here blacks are still viewed as slave goods and merely used as soldiers to better Islamic agenda. Over 3.5 million people have been slaughtered by Muslims in Sudan.



A.  Arabs and Slave Trade

By Shirley Madany

A flair for history is a prerequisite to understanding the Muslim world and its people. Their yesterdays are closely bound up with the here and now. A good grasp of geography will be helpful as well.

Slavery in Early Islamic History

It was intriguing to note in Bernard Lewis’ book, The Arabs in History, that paper was made first in China in the year 105 B.C. In A.D. 751, the Arabs defeated a Chinese contingent east of the ‘Jaxartes’. (Jaxartes is a river that lies on the border between China and present-day Afghanistan. Persian King Cyrus was killed fighting near this river, about 500 B.C.) The Arabs found some Chinese paper makers among their prisoners. Many such skills were brought into the Islamic world in this way. The use of paper spread rapidly across the Islamic world, reaching Egypt by A.D. 800 and Spain by the year 900. From the tenth century onwards, evidence is clear of paper-making occurring in countries of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the European country of Spain.

The Arabs profited from the craft of the paper makers they had captured as slaves. From archaeologists and records kept in ancient times, we learn that slave trade existed for a long time in the Arab world. Back in the days of the caliphs [early Muslim leaders], having a slave for a mother was not a stigma for a Muslim man. Due to polygamy, this was quite common.

At first the caliphs maintained a kind of aristocracy among themselves, making it imperative that the mother of a caliph was from one of the Arab tribes. However, as more and more slaves adopted the religion of Islam, noble birth and tribal prestige lost their value. By the year 817, the Abbasid Caliphs and succeeding Muslim rulers often were the sons of slave women, many of whom were foreign. Such parentage ceased to be either an obstacle or a stigma.

Growth of the Slave Trade

Quite possibly, the maintenance of slavery and the social acceptance of slaves were important drawing cards for Islam as it penetrated Africa. Without a knowledge of history, many Africans may be unaware of the fact that Islamic traders carried on a steady slave trade from East African ports for many centuries. Records are available which contain the lists of goods involved in trade with the rest of the world.

Muslim merchants traveled to India, Ceylon, the East Indies, and China, over sea and land, bringing back silks, spices, aromatics, woods, tin, and many other items. Records mention ‘slave girls’ from the Byzantine Empire along with gold and silver, marble workers, and eunuchs. Surprisingly, Muslim traders went as far away as Scandinavia, and especially Sweden, where scores of Muslim coins have been found with inscriptions from the seventh and eleventh centuries. On the long lists of goods which Muslim traders imported from Scandinavia, are found ‘Slavonic slaves, sheep, and cattle’ (cited by Lewis in The Arabs in History). An early ninth century geographer, Ibn Kurradadhbeh, describes Jewish merchants from the south of France ‘who speak Arabic, Persian, Greek, Frankish, Spanish, and Slavonic. They travel from west to east and east to west, by land and sea. From the west they bring eunuchs, slave girls and boys, brocade, beaver skins, sable and other furs, and swords’.

Though some slaves attained an honored class, doing either domestic work or military service, they were exceptions. ‘Generally, slaves were employed for manual labor on a number of large scale enterprises, in mines, in the fleets, in the drainage of marshes, etc.. They were herded together in settlements, often thousands belonging to a single landowner. Slaves of this kind were mainly black, obtained more especially from East Africa by capture, purchase, or in the form of tribute from vassal states. Such were the slaves in the salt flats east of Basra, where unprecedented numbers were employed by the wealthy men of that city in draining the salt marshes in order to prepare the ground for agriculture and to extract the salt for sale. They worked in gangs from five hundred to five thousand. Their conditions were extremely bad. Their labor was hard and exacting, and they received only a bare and inadequate keep consisting, according to the Arabic sources, of flour, semolina and dates. Many knew little or no Arabic. Eventually a leader arose among them and led a great uprising which aimed, not at ending slavery, but at securing better living conditions.

A Recent Study

Another book by Bernard Lewis entitled Race and Slavery in the Middle East: An Historical Enquiry, published in 1990 by Oxford University Press, features color plate illustrations dating back to 1237 and the 1500′s with 80 pages of notes to back up its contents. These intriguing paintings were discovered in famous libraries in London, Paris, and Istanbul. They depict the variety of slaves and their livelihoods.

In his book, Lewis describes how the Muslim world reacted when cries for abolition of slavery resounded around the world in the 19th century

‘The revulsion against slavery, which gave rise to a strong abolitionist movement in England, and later in other Western countries, began to affect the Islamic lands. What was involved was not, initially, the abolition of the institution of slavery but its alleviation, and in particular, the restriction and ultimately the elimination of the slave trade. Islamic law, in contrast to the ancient and colonial systems, accords the slave a certain legal status and assigns obligations as well as rights to the slave owner.

The manumission of slaves, though recommended as a meritorious act, is not required, and the institution of slavery not only is recognized but is elaborately regulated by Sharia law. Perhaps for this very reason the position of the domestic slave in Muslim society was in most respects better than in either classical antiquity or the nineteenth-century Americas. While, however, the life of the slave in Muslim society was no worse, and in some ways was better, than that of the free poor, the processes of acquisition and transportation often imposed appalling hardships. It was these which drew the main attention of European opponents of slavery, and it was to the elimination of this traffic, particularly in Africa, that their main efforts were directed.

The abolition of slavery itself would hardly have been possible. From a Muslim point of view, to forbid what God permits is almost as great an offense as to permit what God forbids — and slavery was authorized and regulated by the holy law. More specifically, it formed part of the law of personal status, the central core of social usage, which remained intact and effective even when other sections of the holy law, dealing with civil, criminal, and similar matters, were tactically or even openly modified and replaced by modern codes. It was from conservative religious quarters and notably from the holy cities of Mecca and Medina that the strongest resistance to the proposed reform came.

The emergence of the holy men and the holy places as the last ditch defenders of slavery against reform is only an apparent paradox. They were upholding an institution sanctified by scripture, law, and tradition and one which in their eyes was necessary to the maintenance of the social structure of Muslim life’.

Slaves of all colors and creeds – in accordance with Sharia

Further on, Lewis mentions how the overwhelming majority of white slaves came from the Caucasian lands. This was in the days of the Ottoman empire and it was not until 1854 that orders against the traffic in white slaves from Georgia and Circassia were issued and put into effect.

Arabia was another major center for the slave trade. The flow of slaves from Africa into Arabia and through the Gulf into Iran continued for a long time. The extension of British, French, and Italian control around the Horn of Africa (the area of Somalia and Kenya today) deprived the slave traders of their main ports of embarkation.

As far as Islam was concerned, the horrors of the abduction and transportation of slaves were the worst part. But once the slaves were settled in Islamic culture they had genuine opportunities to realize their potential. Many of them became merchants in Mecca, Jedda, and elsewhere.

A Puzzling Question

A puzzling question comes to mind, however. If this is so, why does the Arab world have no corresponding Black population as is found in the New World? Lewis provides an answer, ‘One reason is obviously the high population of eunuchs among Black males entering the Islamic lands. Another is the high death rate and low birth rate among Black slaves in North Africa and the Middle East. In about 1810, Louis Frank observed in Tunisia that most Black children died in infancy and that infinitesimally few reached the age of manhood. A British observer in Egypt, some thirty years later, found conditions even worse. He said, ‘I have heard it estimated that five or six years are sufficient to carry off a generation of slaves, at the end of which time the whole has to be replenished’.

The Abolition of Slavery

The institution of slavery regretably existed both in the old, classical Christian and Islamic civilizations. Yet it is to the credit of Christianity that the abolition movement took root in Great Britain, Western Europe, and the United States and brought an end to this buying and selling of human beings.

The way in which slavery was practiced in Islamic countries had both bright and dark sides. What is regretable now is that this practice among Muslims is seldom openly discussed — as if slavery was exclusively a Western phenomenon. This deliberate silence enables Islamic propagandists in America to represent Muslims as liberators of the people of African origin, contrary to historical fact.


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B.  President Obama’s African Forebears Were Slave Traders

In the 18th century, Muslim slavers moved into the interior of Kenya for the purpose of exploiting blood rivalries between local tribes. Muslims encouraged warring tribes, Obama Jr’s Luo ancestors included, to capture “prisoners of war” and sell them into slavery.

Kenya tribe leaders, also exported slaves and ivory that had been exchanged by Africans from the interior for salt, cloth, beads, and metal goods. The slaves were then marched to the coast and shipped to Muslim Zanzibar (an island South of Kenya), to be traded again.

African slaves and ivory became hugely profitable and Zanzibar Muslims grew rich on the trade. Slave trading continued despite the public outrage in Europe demanding an end to all slave trade.

The British, eventually brought their forceful anti-slavery message directly to the Muslim Sultan.

After years of pressure, the Sultan finally relented and agreed to ban slavery in 1847. It was not until 1876, 11 years after the American Civil War had ended, that the sale of slaves was finally prohibited in Zanzibar.

Guess Who Bought These Slaves?

Obama’s American Forebears Were Slave Owners

Many people know that Democratic presidential candidate Obama Jr’s father was from Kenya and his mother from Kansas. But, (quoting a Mar.2, 2007 report in the Baltimore Sun), “an intriguing sliver of his [Obama Jr.] family history has received almost no attention until now: It appears that forebears of his white mother owned slaves, according to genealogical research and census records.

” . . . The records could add a new dimension to questions by some who have asked whether Obama – who was raised in East Asia and Hawaii and educated at Columbia and Harvard – is attuned to the struggles of American blacks descended from West African slaves.”

While many including Obama blame white people for slavery, they need to check the facts first.

The Meaning Of The Post Is: Obama’s relatives never were brought here into slavery, because Obama’s Muslim family were the ones rounding up the African slaves. Obama loathes white people calling them: Devils, Haunting Ghosts, Ignorant, Oppressors, etc… When it was the European white Christians that fought and died to end slavery, both in Africa and America.

As Obama says: his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama is Arab. Obama’s maternal grandmother, Akuma, was kidnapped, raped and enslaved by Oyango until she finally escaped, like many girls he had before. So his own grandmother in Africa was a slave to his Arabic Muslim Grandfather. This is according to Sarah Obama, Barack’s step-grandmother and mentioned in Barack’s own Memoir.

So both his African-Arabic Muslim grandfather and his white grandparents owned slaves.


Video Documentary: “Africans sold their own people and rented facilities to the Europeans”

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  4. Thank You for this large post.
    Am wonder how this and atlantic slave trade and former Roman-Greek empire and current Russian-American communist-capitalist empire all adds up to peaceful slttp:ave trade of today world where slaves are trained to train them self and sale them selves…



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    • Deception at its finest! this article mentions a 900 year old muslim slave manual, but does not mention any information about the document; i.e., its title, where it can be viewed, etc. moreover, this article states that tippu tip was a notorious islamic slave trader who was famous for being inhumane; however, it fails to mention that the Caucasian gentleman in the picture is Henry Morton Stanley, who allegedly was against inhumane treatment of slaves. imagine the irony, a notorious slaver and an opponent of the practice taking a picture together!!!! What is more, In early 1887, Henry Morton Stanley arrived in Zanzibar and proposed that Tippu Tip be made governor of the Stanley Falls District in the Congo Free State.

      According to Francois Renault, “The Structures of the Slave Trade in Central Africa in the 19th Century,” in Clarence-Smith, ed., “Most of the thousands upon thousands of slaves taken were used to carry ivory to the coast and supplies back to the interior; they were not for export. Of every caravan, at least 20 percent died en route of hunger, disease, and exhaustion, a loss that required constant replenishment. The numbers taken in this internal slave trade are not known, but this trade should be acknowledged in any total count for the Arab slave trade.”

      lastly, i am not defending tippu tip if he is truly guilty of enslaving innocent people. however, how can his treachery be referenced by not the heinous atrocities committed by king Leopold II who was an associate of Henry Morgan Stanly who is also listed in the picture along with tippu tip? King Leopold killed 10 million Congolese in addition to castrating and raping countless others.


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  11. well the only answer its do to muslim what hitler do to jews just kill them all them children’s women’s old and young every one !!! arabs muslims its decease that need to be destroyed!!!!

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  16. Im not surprised that all your sources come from the West. Way to be unbiased. Lets take sources from those who are trying to demonize Islam so that they can not feel guilty about their own history. White people are the plague of this earth and I dream one day they are wiped out from existence. They have done nothing good. They do nothing but spread lies. One day. I pray it comes soon.


    • White people invented computers, the Internet and just about everything else you use. So get off the Internet and stop using things white people invented if you hate them so much you racist bigot.

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  19. Heya exceptional blog! Does running a blog similar to this require a large amount of work?
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  21. I agree that in Quran it is mentioned to terrorise people and kill the non followers of Islam and spread violence and terrorise them …. Allahu Akbar….. With out killing non believers of Islam a muslim cannot directly go to heaven it is mentioned in book… we even don’t mind killing innocent people if we have to kill them for jihad we will kill and destroy humanity for Islam Allahu Akbar

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    • Lmao. you think using the name “Hazrat Ali” will make you a Muslim? or seem to look like you are a Muslim.
      You are not a Muslim (Obviously)
      I am a Muslim and proud. No matter what you say!
      Try harder to hate, it ain’t working! You are all just jealous, useless people with no Knowledge~. Your brain is filled with stereotypes.
      Calling Muslims the bad ones, when you are the ones hating..
      forgot your own damn history.
      Lame ass people these days! Pssh! hate all you want kids. Every successful and loved things have haters.
      You won’t see me hating on other religions!
      Too much hate. bro too much hate! Like calm down.


      • I agree brother. These people exist to spread lies and falsehood about the most peaceful religion there ever was, and one of the wisest and most respected Prophets that existed. If they took the time to read the works for themselves and come up with their own deductions, they would see the truth. The ignorant are ignorant for a reason, and that is because they choose to remain ignorant. Arab and Muslim are not the same, and yet it seems that there is a categorical shift to blend these two identities together under one tight box where it is easier to direct and focus hatred. Keep spreading the truth.


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  26. An objective,unprejudiced explanation of Islam and slavery can be found in the book ISLAM THE MISUNDERSTOOD RELIGION by Muhammad Qutb
    Publisher – l l FSO. There may be other publishers.

    People interested in learning the truth about Islam and it’s Prophet should also look at authentic Muslim sources


  27. whatever was the point of your pointless argument, ALWAYS remember not to insult our Holy Prophet. how the hell do you know he raped women? he would never do such a thing. you are NOT a muslim and you have no knowledge of our prophet and it would be better if you don’t utter nonsense. and muslims don’t keep slaves, they keep servants who they provide food and shelter for. we are not like you and would not dare harm an innocent just like your forefathers did during the slave trade


    • You are fucking retarded sir. Stop spending your time spreading lies. I bet you are a Jew or at least a white piece of European shit who wants to put the blame on the most peaceful religion there ever was. However, ignorant turds dont take the time to see the bigger picture. They just want to sift the blame. Blaming Islam when I bet you havent even read the first word of it. Slavery existed long before Islam, from the Greeks to the Romans to the Egyptians. Fucking scumbag.


  28. I really don’t understand how this person kept so complicated details, following only what himself so clearly said : “… I was casually reading it in the bookstore and regret that I never purchased” Bizarre behavior ! … really bizarre !! …


  29. I found this very interesting until it turned into Obama bashing. So what if his relatives were slave traders? I bet there is a lot of democrat an republican politicians with relatives that were involved in the slave trade and slave trading. I suggest you do your research and you will find the Bush dynasty were involved in slave trading and kept a contingent of 30 slaves to run the Bush family household in Chesapeake.
    Instead of looking for ways to bash up Obama why don’t you stay on subject and keep the Islamist threat out of our western country’s?


  30. Yeah, old news, the Muslim slave traders ‘castrated’ the males and the women were for sex! So no African Levants! I cannot understand why so many Black Africans and Blacks in the U.S.A. revel in Islam. Malcolm X was duped! Are Blacks just plain stupid and ‘easily led’. their voting for Obama perhaps confirms their stupidity. Glad I’m White! BTW only 10% of Black Muslim slave survived the long walk into Slavery. In the European Slave Trade 90% survived and only 10% died in transit.
    What about that, my Black Community! Wake up! Or do you wish to remain silent…your choice!


    • What you (and many like you) seem to not understand is that the negativity you spew on the internet is a reflection on you and is most damaging to the likes of you who spew such nonsense. Use the ‘www’ to say sth nice for a change and see how good you will feel afterwards. Speak the truth, but if it is offensive… it is not the truth and keep such nonsense to yourself.


    • Exactly! I’m from the UK and a lot of black guys are converting to islam in the false belief that islam does not see colour, or rather, it is not racist. Mohammed (according to the koran) hated black people. He called them raisinheads and other not so nice terms. Also, another issue I have with people turning away from Christianity due to slavery is that anyone can pick up a Bible & twist what its says to their own warped way of thinking. Isn’t it strange how the islamic slave trade is never brought up, only the slave trade concerning the Americas?


      • He called them raisin heads? Are you fucking retarded? Man, I wish you could be in my room right now so I could murder you you piece of ignorant shit.


      • Exactly as you said bro. I lived in Saudi Arabia. And have seen and new the hate of Arabs to the black people.. Even the Saudi tribes which have black skin they treat them with discrimination.. They don’t marry from them and consider them second degree citizens.. Even they are not employed in high ranked positions… And they are called (abeed)..slaves. Also they hate African expatriates and what happened to the Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is a clear example… The reason I want to know. Why here in America we still help Saudis inspite of all the evil they had done and still doing? Take 11/9 for example..


      • Shut up infidel, they’re less than 15 million blacks in Europe and they’re all immigrants, not slave descendants. What about the 1 billion dark skin Dravidian Indians your race has murdered and covered up? The millions of Iraqis and Palestinans? The millions of Native Americans and Aborigines?


      • No ideology has slain more than Islam. I have never heard of anyone but Muslims gathering severed heads in a mound so high a man on horseback could not peer over it. I know of no other “religion” that prays for other peoples’ death and suffering.

        Moral relativism is your only defense, but search as you may, you cannot find anyone less moral and less worthy of living upon our blanet. You live in a moral landfill, and we don’t like the stench.

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    • Islam is not an evil Cult. You are just ignorant and hateful. God will punish people like you when you burn in hell. It is people like you who spread lies who make this earth a plague and hardship for those who value truth and human justice and equality. Yet the ignorant will remain ignorant I suppose. One day God will wipe you all out. I am just waiting for that day to come.


      • JESUS CHRIST ” islam is not an evil cult ” Prove it to me islam is not evil cult?
        ” You are just ignorant and hateful ” OH Boy !!! You can talk. From your evil quran Sura 111” May the hands of Abu-Lahab perish ! May he himself perish Nothing shall his wealth and gains avail him. He shall be burnt in a flaming fire and his wife ,laden with faggots ,shall have a rope of fibre round her neck ! ” Is that NOT hate.? Tell us who is cursing who? Your evil quran is full of hate towards Jews and Christians. Just see


      • JESUS CHRIST ” God will punish people like you when you burn in hell ” How do you know? have you some connecting with God? Any way which God are you talking of? Why are you muslims so obsessed with ”HELL FIRE” From your evil quran Sura 48:13 ” And if any believe NOT in Allah and his messenger ,we have prepared for those who reject Allah, a BLAZING FIRE for the disbelievers ” Just see and May be you will learn some thing?


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  37. no wander he doesn’t want any body to know about him. that way they are bound to see what he is all about he hates back’s and white’s he has to have somebody to blame. instead of facing facts things that happened back then he can’t change and nether can any one else. if you can’t change things just let it go/ and the things you can change do so. but not if it harms othersinstead of helping these muslims he neds to stop bowing to them


    • Slavery existed long before Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Slavery is human history and has been that way since man became greedy and needy. Yes, slavery in some Arab countries are still present today, but most of the perpetrators who call themselves Muslims are only Muslim by association. I’m a African -American Female convert to Islam and after reading this article I still believe that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad was one of his messengers.


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