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Islam: No historical mention of a ‘prophet’ called Muhammad up to 732 A.D. Was he a Caliph?

Unlike historical evidence of saints and prophets from other religions around the world, there are no historical evidence of a ‘prophet’ named Muhammad, a Quran or Islam to have existed anywhere near the Middle Eastern region during his assumed lifetime (570-632 AD). The earliest historical mention, and very short and brief, only appear over 100 years after his death.

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There are plenty of evidence of a historical figure such as the Buddha, Jesus, the Hindu teachers and Jewish saints that are spread over entire regions, and found mentioned far beyond their countries to verify their place in history. There is also plenty of evidence of Muslim saints to have been actual historical figures, post Islam.

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But there is no historical evidence that Islam, Muhammad or the Quran existed at all during Muhammad’s lifetime, indicating that Muhammad could possibly not have been either a prophet or the founder of Islam.

From the time when Arabs conquered and invaded entire areas in the Middle East, there exist no historical evidence of a religion called Islam, of the Quran or of a prophet named Muhammad. Muhammad could very well have existed but plausibly as an ordinary man, a criminal, rather than a religious figure and founder of Islam which would explain the complete silence in history of his importance in the region.

Islam is the youngest of the five main religions in the world. Some Muslims consider Muhammad to be the restorer of an ‘uncorrupted original’ monotheistic faith of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other prophets. However, that would disregard Muhammad as a prophet all together since that would indicate Muhammad had no knowledge of his own and merely recited ideas from the founders of religious thought, like a self-appointed priest. And that again would completely reject any indication that Muhammad was capable to restore any original faith. In addition, Muhammad’s ‘vision’ of Angel Gabriel telling him that he is a prophet and messenger is suppose to have appeared in 610 A.D. – merely twenty-two years before his death. Basically again, it shows that Muhammad was a self-appointed prophet, not selected or recognized by the people for any particular qualities, which may explain the historical silence on Muhammad’s life from that time.

Since Islam focus more on political ideologies than actual religious codes, one has to ask the question: was Muhammad a common warlord and highway robber of his time, tailored as a ‘prophet’ to be used by invaders as a political tool to conquer enemies and regions? Or was Muhammad simply a megalomaniac? Are 1 billion Muslims following the ideology of a wolf in sheep’s clothing?


Megalomania is a condition of grandiosity, a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. ‘Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs’. Historically it was used as an old name for narcissistic personality disorder prior to the latter’s first use by Heinz Kohut in 1968, and is used these days as a non-clinical equivalent. It is not mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD).


After pursuing various issues Robert Spencer sums up what we know about the traditional account of Muhammad’s life and the early days of Islam.

  • No record of Muhammad’s reported death in 632 appears until more than a century after that date.
  • A Christian account apparently dating from the mid-630s speaks of an Arab prophet “armed with a sword” who seems to be still alive.
  • The early accounts written by the people the Arabs conquered never mention Islam, Muhammad, or the Qur’an. They call the conquerors “Ishmaelites,” “Saracens,” “Muhajirun,” and “Hagarians” but never “Muslims.”
  • The Arab conquerors, in their coins and inscriptions, don’t mention Islam or the Qur’an for the first six decades of their conquests. Mentions of “Muhammad” are non-specific and on at least two occasions are accompanied by a cross. The word can be used not only as a proper name but also as an honorific.
  • The Qur’an, even by the canonical Muslim account, was not distributed in its present form until the 650’s. Contradicting that standard account is the fact that neither the Arabian nor the Christians and Jews in the region mention the Qur’an until the early eighth century.
  • During the reign of the caliph Muawiya (661-680), the Arabs constructed at least one public building whose inscription was headed by a cross.
  • We begin hearing about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and about Islam itself in the 690’s, during the reign of the caliph Abd al-Malik. Coins and inscriptions reflecting Islamic beliefs begin to appear at this time also.
  • Around the same time, Arabic became the predominant written language of the Arabian Empire, supplanting Syriac and Greek.
  • Abd al-Malik claimed, in a passing remark in one hadith, to have collected the Qur’an, contradicting Islamic tradition that the collection was the work of the caliph Uthman forty years earlier.
  • Multiple hadiths report that Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, governor of Iraq during the reign of Abd al-Malik, edited the Qur’an and distributed his new edition to the various Arab-controlled provinces— again, something Uthman is supposed to have done decades earlier.
  • Even some Islamic traditions maintain that certain common Islamic practices, such as the recitation of the Qur’an during mosque prayers, date from orders of Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, not to the earlier period of Islamic history.
  • In the middle of the eighth century, the Abbasid dynastic supplanted the Umayyad line of Abd al-Malik. The Abbasids charged the Umayyads with impiety on a large scale. In the Abbasid period, biographical material about Mohammed began to proliferate. The first complete biography of the prophet of Islam finally appeared during this era—at least 125 years after the traditional date of his death.
  • The biographical material that emerged situates Muhammad in an area of Arabia that never was the center for trade and pilgrimage that the canonical Islamic account of Islam’s origin depend on it to be. (pp.205-206)

Given these huge problems for the history of Islam, how does Spencer explain the rise of Islam? He proposes the need for a political theology that would reflect Arabic culture, Arabic language, and Arabic religion. When warriors from Arabia encountered the conquered cultures they observed that the Roman empire had a political theology for the purpose of binding the empire together. “The earliest Arab rulers appear to have been adherents of Hagarism, a monotheistic religion centered around Abraham and Ishmael.” (p.208) It was not as anti-Christian as Islam developed later since there were Arab coins with crosses on them. This religious model reached its height in 691 and there began to emerge a defiantly Arabic one.


[Commentary by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi]   SO WHAT ARE THE MAIN arguments against the historicity of the traditional Islamic accounts of Muhammad’s life and the subsequent rise of Islam through the Arab conquests?

Portrait of Mohammed from Michel Baudier’s Histoire générale de la religion des turcs (Paris, 1625). It was sold at auction by Sotheby’s in 2002.

To begin with, contemporary non-Muslim sources of the 7th century do not corroborate the canonical story. For example, the Doctrina Jacobi (a document dating to 634-40 CE and probably written by a Christian living in Palestine; p. 20), an account of the Arab conquest of Jerusalem by Sophronius — the patriarch who is said to have surrendered the city in 637 — and a letter written in 647 by the patriarch of Seleucia make no reference to the Arab conquerors as Muslims, or show any awareness of a religion called Islam.

The earliest account that can reliably be taken to refer to Muhammad is a chronicle by the Armenian bishop Sebeos, dating either to the 660s or 670s but containing material that sharply diverges from the traditional Islamic accounts: thus he has Muhammad “insisting on the Jews’ right to the Holy Land — even if in the context of claiming that land for the Ishmaelites, acting in conjunction with the Jews” (p. 32).

Only by around 730 CE, nearly one hundred years after Muhammad’s death in 632 CE according to the canonical story, do we see an account by John of Damascus make detailed reference to parts of the Qur’an, but even then he does not name the Qur’an or allude to the existence of a complete holy book for those he calls “Hagarians,” “Ishmaelites” or “Saracens” (but not Muslims).

Instead, we have reference to Qur’anic chapter titles like “The Women” (this is the fourth Sura of the Qur’an today), implying that he was drawing on fragments of text that were later incorporated into the Qur’an.

Arabic epigraphic evidence from the 7th century similarly fails to validate the canonical account. An inscription attributed to the first Umayyad caliph — Muawiya — in 677 or 678 CE makes reference to belief in God but gives no indication of belief in Muhammad as his messenger or the Qur’an as revealed scripture.

On coins from this period, we do find the word “Muhammad” inscribed, but curiously the inscription comes under kingly figures bearing a cross, a symbol of Christianity that is totally antithetical to traditional Islam (pp. 43-4).

Muhammad doing what he does best; murdering, conquering and pillaging innocent victims. This old drawing has the caption “Muhammad Leads Muslims in a Massacre”.

Bearing in mind that “Muhammad” can also mean “the chosen/praised one,” the coins could well be conveying the idea that the ruler is praised or chosen in God’s name (p. 45). Alternatively, they could be referring to Jesus — at a time when the religion of the Arab conquerors was still a vague monotheism — or a proto-Muhammad figure still very much unlike the man depicted in the traditional accounts of his life. Even the inscriptions on the Dome of the Rock — completed in 691 CE and often thought to be the first elaborations on traditional Islamic theology — could be referring to Jesus, explaining how he (“Muhammad”) is a mere messenger and not divine as orthodox Christianity held (pp. 56-7).

IT IS ONLY TOWARDS the middle of the 8th century (735 CE onwards) that we begin to see very clear epigraphic evidence referring to Muhammad as we know him from the Ahadith (plural of hadith) and Sira (pp. 61-2). This observation leads nicely to an examination of the reliability of biographical material from the Ahadith and Sira concerning the sunna (i.e. example) of Muhammad. The centrality of the Ahadith and Sira in interpreting various Qur’anic verses, whose meaning would otherwise be entirely obscure, cannot be overstated.

However, as Spencer points out, it is notable that the invocation of Muhammad’s example begins with the same caliph who had the Dome of the Rock built and issued the first coins invoking Muhammad as the Prophet of God: Abd al-Malik (p. 69), whose successors would do likewise.

Since Muhammad now became such an important figure as a paragon of moral virtue, there naturally arose a need for people to know what the Prophet said and did in various matters of life. The Ahadith in particular then became political weapons, liable to be completely fabricated. Even in the first half of the 8th century, one Islamic scholar wrote that the “emirs forced people to write hadiths” (p. 71).

Factionalism is an especially noteworthy phenomenon here behind the invention of Ahadith.

For example, in the midst of the dispute between the followers of the caliph Muawiya, who Shi’a believe usurped the place of Ali’s son and designated successor Husayn, and Ali’s followers who would later become the Shi’a, a hadith arose in which Muhammad declared that Ali’s father was burning in hellfire (p. 73), while Ali’s partisans invented a hadith in which Muhammad declared, “I go to war for the recognition of the Qur’an and Ali will fight for the interpretation of the Qur’an.”

It is little surprise that in light of all these disputes, the Ahadith are riddled with contradictions.

To be sure, Muslim scholars did try to devise criteria by which to separate forgeries from Ahadith they deemed to be authentic: for instance, how well a hadith is in accordance with the Qur’an. Yet however reasonable such a criterion may be, “it doesn’t get us any closer to what Muhammad actually said and did” (p. 81).

Another devised standard was the supposed reliability of an isnad (chain of oral transmission from the Prophet to the narrator), but this is even more dubious.

While Arabia may well have had “an established practice of memorizing poetry” (p. 84), the Ahadith are not pieces of poetry, and in any event must have been plagued by “embellishment, clarification, or alteration of any kind until the hadiths were finally collected and written down in the ninth century” (p. 85).

In all probability, the poet had his work dictated to a scribe. If the Iliad and Odyssey were subsequently memorized wholesale by bards, the bards were working from written texts, not via oral transmission of the poems.

If the Ahadith cannot be taken as a reliable guide to what Muhammad said and did, then what are we to make of Ibn Ishaq’s Sira? It is often noted that Ibn Ishaq’s biography, which does not in fact survive intact and is only partially preserved by later transmitters, dates over 100 years after Muhammad’s death in 632 CE. Tradition tells of earlier historians, but their purported works have not survived and little is known about their lives.

That Ishaq’s work dates so long after the time in which Muhammad supposedly lived is not proof of the Sira‘s unreliability, but the fact is that Ibn Ishaq would undoubtedly have been working from oral material that would have been embellished and fabricated.

Many of the stories transmitted by Ibn Ishaq would have been tailored to convince the audience that Muhammad was a prophet of God, hence tales of Christians already recognizing him as a prophet in his youth before his prophetic career began (p. 96).

One of the key reasons many critics of Islam think that the traditional accounts of Muhammad’s life are rooted in historical reality is the argument from embarrassment: that is, Muhammad is presented as doing things that might be deemed abhorrent to pious sensibilities. Ibn Hisham states that his own transmission of Ibn Ishaq’s work omits “things which it is disgraceful to discuss” (p. 88).

Even in the traditional accounts, there are still events recounted that have embarrassed Muslim apologists of the modern era: perhaps most notably, Muhammad’s marriage to his daughter-in-law Zaynab.

Yet as Spencer notes, “what constitutes a negative depiction is not necessarily constant from age to age and culture to culture” (p. 111). This is certainly true, for example, of the tradition that Aisha married Muhammad when she was six and consummated the marriage with him when she was nine: no one in the traditional accounts is shown having a problem with this betrothal (p. 112).

In any case, Spencer shows that the Zaynab incident is likely to have been a much later invention to explain the fact that there is an apparent doctrine in the Qur’an of a “prophetic bloodline”: that is, “the prophetic office is handed down from father to son” (p. 115).

Since Muhammad is regarded as the final prophet, it had to be emphasized that he did not have any sons — biological or adopted — who reached puberty. Thus, the status of Zayd as Muhammad’s adopted son had to be marginalized, hence the attendant Qur’anic doctrine delegitimizing adoption (Qur’an 33:4) and the emphasis that “Muhammad is not the father of any one of your men” (Qur’an 33:40).

You can order the book “Did Muhammad Exist?” here.

Did Muhammad Exist? Debate between Robert Spencer and David Wood vs. Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Mohammed. Moderated by Chris Conway. Pathetic drivel from Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Mohammed offer no other historical evidence or analysis for Muhammad, than quoting the Quran and personal declarations – generally a sign of the lowest intelligence level for research discussions. 

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    • Even if it were true, that Islam is growing faster than other religions, how does that make the religion true? Christianity was growing faster than Islam in many time periods in history and other religions had the majority of the population that had nothing to do with the Abraham god. Does this mean that religions change from being true or false thru time? lol Your logic is that of a kindergartner. Here is a surprise for your small mind, ALL RELIGIONS ARE CRAP. Grow up.


    • A half-century ago, population biologists cautioned us, the US and the West in general, against immigration from high birth-rate cultures. Had we heeded this demographic sagacity, we would not now be entertaining the seedlings of the Civilization of Islam whose mission here is integration, the integration of our civilization into theirs, as they have done since the death of their founder and purported prophet as all resistances fades before the Atomic Cannon of Muhammadism: the Islamic Uterus.

      First sea lampreys, now this!


      • I wouldn’t worry about that. They are 2% of the US population and will be a minority for decades if not more. In a few decades, technology will have advanced to the point, where people will be born by design. The IQ of humans will be design to be greater than ever, and with an IQ of over 125, very few will entertain the idea of an invisible god in the sky.


      • They are two doublings away from being the majority of the human species. This could be less than a century.

        Their incompatibility could not be more complete. We are justified in their expulsion from the American Hemisphere. Their opinion doesn’t count. Only ours does.


      • Do you have any idea what a Century is in modern day? Seriously! WRONG, this is AMERICA and we are NOT a christian country, we are a SECULAR Democracy, YOU and NOBODY here in this country is a DICTATOR. We have LAWS and a Constitution that will protect the country from ANY Dictatorship. They will NOT take over the USA. Thinking otherwise, is nothing more than a crazy conspiracy. There are millions of EX_Muslims in the USA. And with higher IQ, they will be MORE EX_religious.


      • I’m a old coot. I was booted from Methodist Sunday School in 1956. I don’t consider myself Christian. The Muslims have a simplified outlook: our ancestors were Infidel, we are Infidel. What we may think is irrelevant to them. I am part of The Christian Civilization, period. And I don’t mind it a bit.

        We are so superior to anyone foolish to buy that Islamic nonsense, they can’t catch up. I believe Islam should be contained with Draconian Immigration laws and, ultimately, expulsion from the West.

        Islam is never benign. Vetting provides zero defense because the worm is already within the fruit. Meaning that Jihad to achieve Islamic Supremacy to fulfil God’s plan for humanity, is integral to Islam. Contempt for the rest of human endeavor and the prospect of obscene butchery are the Universal Constants of the Islamic Civilization.

        Ask any Lebanese Christian of mature years. They already have a finger and toe hold in the USofA. I recommend digital amputation.


      • By “they” having a toe hold, I mean the Muslims.

        In 1970, I met my first Lebanese. He ran a restaurant in Boston. His family had been in the restaurant business in Beirut, but by 1970 Charlie’s neighborhood was “Islamized” into piles of rubble. So much for the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

        At one time Beirut had lavish casinos. King Farouk is supposed to have dropped several fortunes there.


  1. If there is no historical Mohamed, how come there is a division in islam that evolved around the family of the prophet. Sunni Shia split. Read the book of a jewish woman After the prophet.

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  2. I was removed from a religious school almost sixty years ago for asking to see the proof. I’m still waiting.

    Why cannot you dunderheads think for yourselves? The persistence and ubiquity of religion testifies that our species is unworthy of perpetuated biological existence. Why? Because religious translates to stupid, making 95% of our species is too stupid to survive.

    Thanks a whole lot, you religious fucking morons.

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      • You are one of 95%? Not exactly. Depending on your take on god, you are no more than 1/5th of the population. Then there is the other 1/5 that believes in a completely different take of your god, who’s origins are the same as yours, but are now completely different than yours, to the point that they will kill you if you believe otherwise.

        Then there is the other 1/5 who believes in completely different gods, Hindus, which have many gods. Then there is 1/5th in Buddhism and then none-believers.

        If you take all the different religions into consideration, you will cancel each other out, leaving us as the actual thinkers.

        There goes your popularity fallacy.


    • Im one of the stupid 95 percent that believes in religion and in doing so have to have knowledge of it, and as stupid as that may be it is still knowledge. You on the other hand believe in nothing so in turn have no knowledge except that you think your more intelligent then 95 percent of the world but still cant give one once of proof to back your claims up with.


      • My comment was in response to a comment thank you all religious fucking morons, and unless i’m mistaken all the examples you just gave are religions, so thank you for your’e very impressive display of maths although i don’t see how its proves your point. As for my popularity fallacy, i can go to the toilet and I’m not sure every one in the room likes me so i have no idea what you mean.


      • How is believing in the natural world not believing in something? I believe the sun will still be there tomorrow, based on the laws of probability and other factors, not because some invisible sky daddy wills it. The “nonbeliever” status is ONLY towards religions/gods, we believers in MANY other things, but we keep it real. We believe only in things that are backed by evidence. I can easily call you a nonbeliever of THOUSANDS of other gods. Your arguments is nonsensical.


    • The problem is that there exist no mention of a man that people referred to as a prophet called Muhammad. The references you are citing are not authentic sources. When historians research they make sure the sources are confirmed. Otherwise, anyone can write anything and put some invented ancient stamp on it. So they confirm the source by finding it mentioned in history itself.
      All references to Mohammed as a prophet only came almost 100 years after Mohammed died – while in other religions there are clear mentions of their saints and prophets found in history during their actual lifetime. Nowhere anywhere in the region Mohammed was born, lived or even in neighoring regions is there a mention of a prophet Mohammed being worshiped or acknowledged as a prophet. In addition Muhammad was not a name but a polite term used on all men in authority, similar to “sir” in English.


      • ” The references you are citing are not authentic sources.”

        Umm… They are actual confirmed sources. And widely used. Else which source of that site is wrong?

        You are lying outright.

        – –

        “In addition Muhammad was not a name but a polite term used on all men in authority, similar to “sir” in English.”

        Really? And what is the “source” of this claim?


      • I think the answer of the administrator is not the answer that is based on scholarly research. He wears glasses were cracked, and shouting in the streets that every person has the form of cracking. But everyone knows that the problem is on the glasses of the administrator, because he wears glasses cracked. Let it go, because everyone will be able to judge what is right and what is wrong. And for those who are serious and interested to compare the responses of administrators to Islamic Awareness article, I think do not be afraid to test the articles of Islamic Awareness, intelligently and carefully along with its references.

        Dated Texts Mentioning Prophet Muḥammad From 1-100 AH / 622-719 CE

        Nevo & Negev Inscriptions: The Use & Abuse Of The Evidence

        Bryn Mawr Classical Review of Crossroads To Islam: The Origin Of Arab Religion And The Arab State (Yehuda D. Nevo and Judith Koren, 2003, Prometheus Books: Amherst, NY).


      • Amusing statement! You have no clue how extensive the experience is of our volunteers. Your statement is clearly ignorant. There are over 6000 articles from news, government data, research, studies, historical research – but none are good enough for you. All of them are simply the wrong kind of facts. What to say… the typical excuse.


      • My first comment occurred on December 5, 2014 at 9:39 am and admin respond to my comments on the day and hour of the same but different in minute, on December 5, 2014 at 9:50 am. So it was only eleven minutes for the admin to assess the article of Islamic Awareness in which I propose as a comparison of the article written by admin on Prophet Muhammad. Islamic Awareness’s article is the result of scholarly research that contains Evidences and references of competent experts in their field and open to verifiable.

        For someone who is seriously looking for the truth of the matters under discussion, the results of scholarly research is certainly interesting for him to test the truth. But unfortunately admin only give a very short time (and probably also did not test it) and says:

        “The references you are citing are not authentic sources. When historians research they make sure the sources are confirmed. Otherwise, anyone can write anything and put some invented ancient stamp on it”.

        And with such a statement from the admin, then I say that the statement is not based on scholarly research as admin does not give attention to the content of the Islamic Awareness’s article. And I mean ‘content’ here is the evaluation of the Evidences and references where Islamic Awareness has been given. For example, the admin said:

        “All references to Mohammed as a prophet only came almost 100 years after Mohammed died”.

        Admin’s statement is in fact only claim and is not supported by Evidences as Islamic Awareness has provided Evidences with reference to the inscriptions which have been found by the experts include:

        Drachm Of ʿAbd al-Malik Ibn ʿAbd Allāh, Zubayrid Governor Of Bīshāpūr, 66 AH / 685-686 CE.

        Obverse margin: bism Allāh / Muḥammad rasūl / Allāh (“In the name of God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God”).


        [1] J. Walker, A Catalogue Of The Muhammadan Coins In The British Museum, 1941, Volume I – Arab-Sassanian Coins, British Museum: London, p. 97.

        [2] H. Gaube, Arabosasanidische Numismatik, 1973, Handbücher Der Mittelasiatischen Numismatik – Volume 2, Klinkhardt & Biermann: Braunschweig, p. 62.

        [3] J. Johns, “Archaeology And The History Of Early Islam: The First Seventy Years”, Journal Of The Economic And Social History Of The Orient, 2003, Volume 46, No. 4, pp. 426-427.

        Anonymous Arab-Sassanian Coin From Kirmān, 70 AH / 689 CE.

        Obverse field: Typical late Arab-Sassanian bust without the name of governor. Instead it is occupied by Middle Persian legend MHMT PGTAMI Y DAT (“Muhammad is the Messenger of God”).


        [1] The New York Sale – Auction XIV – Greek, Roman And Byzantine Coins, Islamic And Indian Coins, A Large Selection Of World Coins Medals, Wednesday, January 10, 2007, pp. 108-109, Lot. 498.

        [2] A. S. Eshragh, “An Interesting Arab-Sasanian Dirhem”, ONS Newsletter, 2004, Volume 178, pp. 45-46.

        Tombstone Of ʿAbāssa Bint Juraij, 71 AH / 691 CE.

        … ahl al-Islām muṣībatahum bi al-nabī Muḥammad ṣallā-Allāhu alayhi wa-sallam… wa tashhadu lā ilāha illā-allāh waḥdahu lā sharīka lahu wa anna Muḥammadan ‘abduhu wa rasūlahu, ṣallā-Allāhu alayhi wa-sallam.

        An interesting inscription that mentions the name of Prophet Muḥammad along with the phrase “ahl al-Islām”. It also mentions the shahadah. Interestingly, Crone and Cook (Hagarism: The Making Of The Islamic World, 1977, Cambridge University Press) chose to ignore this inscription only to conclude that the word “Islam” was used only in the eighth century CE!


        [1] H. M. El-Hawary, “The Second Oldest Islamic Monument Known Dated AH 71 (AD 691) From The Time Of The Omayyad Calif ‘Abd el-Malik Ibn Marwan”, Journal Of The Royal Asiatic Society, 1932, p. 289.

        [2] A. Grohmann, Arabische Paläographie II: Das Schriftwesen. Die Lapidarschrift, 1971, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Philosophisch – Historische Klasse: Denkschriften 94/2. Hermann Böhlaus Nachf.: Wein, p. 72, Plate 10:2.

        [3] J. L. Bacharach, S. Anwar, “Early Versions Of The Shahāda: A Tombstone From Aswan Of 71 A.H., The Dome Of The Rock, And Contemporary Coinage”, Islam, 2012, Volume 89, pp. 60-69.

        Transitional Arab-Sassanian Coin Of Governor ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz Ibn ʿAbd Allāh Ibn Āmir, 72 AH / 691-92 CE.

        Reverse field: The legend in Middle Persian reads – YZDT’ -I BR’ ‘LH ’HRN YZDT’ L‘YT’ MḤMT’ PTGMBI Y YZDT’ (“One God, but He, another god does not exist. Muhammad is the Messenger of God”).


        [1] M. I. Mochiri, “The Pahlavi Forerunner Of The Umayyad Reformed Coinage”, Journal Of The Royal Asiatic Society Of Great Britain And Ireland, 1981, No. 2, pp. 168-172.

        Anonymous Arab-Sassanian Coinage Of Syrian Origin Under ʿAbd al-Malik, 72 AH / 691 CE.

        Obverse field: Written in Arabic to downwards to the right of the bust: Muḥammad rasūl Allāh (“Muhammad is the Messenger of God”).


        From these inscriptions, allegations of admin who says that “All references to Mohammed as a prophet only Came almost 100 years after Mohammed died” is wrong. And should (if it is serious), the admin can test Evidences which has been granted by the Islamic Awareness with no need to say without evidence that such experts. A. Grohmann, J. L. Bacharach, M. I. Mochiri, etc. write anything and put some ancient invented stamp on it.

        Or could it be ‘admin’ feel frightened by the Evidences that has been given by the Islamic Awareness?.

        Admin goes on to say

        There are over 6000 articles from news, government data, research, studies, historical research – but none are good enough for you. All of them are simply the wrong kind of facts.

        I think the problem is not so simple, because of the 6000 Articles do not guarantee it is correct if it is based on a “circular argument”. In “circular argument”, a claim without Evidences be referred to by many authors as Evidences in his argument. And when the admin does not want to give place to test Evidences from other with different views, then I say admin using the wrong glasses and crack. I say so, because the key to judge right or wrong is Evidences, and not a claim that was later referred by many references (6000 articles) as evidence.

        So the issue is not the issue of stunning and amazing, but there are weaknesses in the methodology that the admin use, which uses glasses cracked to say all he saw was cracked.

        Here is an example of “circular argument”.

        Rahmanan (RHMNN) – An Ancient South Arabian Moon God?

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      • You assume you are posting anything new for us to see. We’ve seen every weak argument Muslims provide which have no research basis but are based on opinions and fantasies. We have 6000 articles from news, government sources, research but you insist none of them are valid.


      • to SB:

        Why don’t you inquire what are “admin’s” credentials?

        I think you may learn that Admin is more than a singleton person. It appears that the site is staffed by apostates who volunteer their time. Their identities are private in order to protect them and their families from your wonderful ummah. They are hardly unknowledgeable.

        The ubiquity and persistence of religious sentiment is, I submit, evidence of our simian heritage. All you believers insist that there absolutely must be a head monkey.

        Clarity of thought is the advantage I enjoy as an atheist. And attenuation of thought is the price paid by believers individually. The price to be paid by our species may be our very biology existence, as you troglodytes whelp us and our planet, the only possible paradise, into unsustainability and a future where the living envy the dead.

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      • Thanks to Islamic Awareness that has been updated his article (Dated Texts Mentioning Prophet Muḥammad From 1-100 AH / 622-719 CE) with additional 3 inscriptions from the first century of the hijra who called Muḥammad rasūl Allāh (Muḥammad is the Messenger of God)

        The main article

        Dated Texts Mentioning Prophet Muḥammad From 1-100 AH / 622-719 CE

        Additional inscriptions

        Aniconic Gold Coins (“Reformed Coinage”), From The ‘Mine Of The Commander Of The Faithful’, 89 AH / 708 CE.

        This unique historic coin is of the highest rarity and the earliest known dīnār to bear the legend ‘Mine of the Commander of the Faithful’. The reverse margin bears the same legend as what is seen on the aniconic silver and gold coins issued by Umayyad caliph ʿAbd al-Malik.
        Reverse margin: Muḥammad rasūl Allāh arsalahu bi-l-huda wa dīn al-ḥaqq liyudhhiru ʿala al-dini kullahi wa-law karih-al-mushrikūn
        Muhammad is the Messenger of God whom He sent with guidance and the religion of truth that He might make it prevail over all religions even if the associators are averse.

        Arab-Latin Coinage – Bilingual Gold Solidus From Africa, 98 AH / 716-717 CE.

        Reverse field: Muḥammad rasūl Allāh

        Muḥammad is the Messenger of God.

        Arab-Latin Coinage – Bilingual Gold Solidus From Spain, 98 AH / 716-717 CE.

        Reverse field: Muḥammad rasūl Allāh

        Muḥammad is the Messenger of God.


  3. Jews and Nasrani that follow the prophecy in their scripture about the coming of a prophet from the East (Land where Ishmael’s descendants inhabit). As the People of the Book were given the message about things to come regarding the righteous servant of God that will obliterate molten images worshiped in East. Nasrani do not refer to Christians that uses Greek Roman gospels, but rather Hebrew alphabet gospels (used by Jewish Nasoreans/Ebionites) that do not posses stories written by Roman scribes and letters of Paul.


  4. Muhammed really a Prophet if you want to know then study Quran and Quran is Word of God because anyone can’t bring a chapter like it if you can then try it and mail me


    • Muhammad wasn’t a prophet because islam isn’t a real religion. Muhammad was nothing more then a warlord, he murderd stole and raped woman his claim of being a prophet were nothing more then an atempt to gain more power, his storys are stolen from the Old Testament and the bible adjusting them to fit himself in. His followers had nearly died out when the people in charge some 30 or 40 years latter decided to build on the already knowen lie. Muslim claims Adam was the first muslim are childish at best. Adam wouldnt have had a religion his interaction wit God was in person. And if muslims claim he worshiped the same God as them then that makes them what ever he is, thats nothing or a future Jew. The claim Jesus was muslim as were his followers is funny. It means muslims ether belive God (allah) delibretly destroyed islam or didn’t know what would happen. If as muslims claim and God was muslim and that he didnt die on the cross but was taken to heaven by God (allah) then god destroyed islam. He clearly didnt tell Jesuses followers of his plan and this caused them to abandon islam and stat Christianity, thus creating the biggest fake religion of all time. So my dear muslims was your God a fool who didnt see what would happen or did he destroy islam.


  5. You first Study my religion then only say anything about it
    if you want to study from your people read translation of Quran by Piqtal


    • My small 5 year son says there is a moustache
      In vasion is done with an army but not woth 114 peoples
      And if you had read it which I didnt think so only the person from medina called him which are called ansars inviyed him for stay
      As I had told earlier not a single person was killed on the day when prophet reached mecca
      And u re saying islam is spread with sword ur gk is very low you indonesia consists of largest muslim population in world but there is not a single war had taken place under the name of islam
      And in india before a arrival of babur the first mughal emperor a saint walked from madras to ajmer a distance of 19670 km 70,000 persons converted to islam he qas travelling alone
      Look brother once again I am saying you you dont lnow anyrhin abt my religion so please study and then say
      Give me ur email id I will send you some documents


      • I am from U.S. and have a doctorate in theology. I know these things to be truthful IF Mohammed did exist:

        1. Mohammed was a pedophile and sexual predator; much like many Muslim men.
        2. He was one of many False Prophets and Anti-Christs that were warned about in New Testament by Christ and His followers.
        3. He definitely spread Islam by the sword and was a war monger. Islam is NOT a religion of peace and for that matter not a religion at all, but instead a dangerous cult.
        4. There is a strong possibility he was an agent of Satan’s with some theories calling him an epileptic and a mere man whose goal was simply power.
        5. His ideology changed constantly, i.e. to satisfy Arab pagans he spoke of three children goddess’ of the pagan god Hubal (your Allah – no relation to the God of Judaism or Christianity) but when his own followers turned against him, he said “Satan spoke through him.” (see Satanic Verses) A true prophet would have known better. A true prophet has never had Satan speak through them. Divinity is not of Satan. He also changed the direction that prayers were said from Jerusalem to Mecca AFTER the Jewish people rejected his teachings and did not believe he was a prophet.
        6. Judaism/Christianity ideology in Islam are identical to that of the Ebionites, a group of heretics that sprung up in early centuries after Christ that neither Jews or Christians shared same beliefs with who ran from persecution to Syria.

        Naturally there is more, but I would rather not hijack this blog with my own thoughts and the thoughts of many in the west. Yes, there are many of us who know more of Islam that Muslims know. There exists in the U.S. Qurans that have been white washed and do not even contain the word “jihad.” Many of us know Muslims are liars. Unfortunately, with Islam teaching to lie to us, more gullible souls have bought into it. For those who do believe that Allah is same god as the Jewish/Christian, they are not thinking. For instance, if Allah was same god, then for a Christian,they would be accepting the ideology of Islam, there’s no other way to put it! Then there are those who state that Islam is only 1% of the population here, but that’s nearly 4 million people! One Muslim in the U.S. is too many! We seem to be bound by political correctness due to “hate crimes” and the largest of all commodities – OIL.

        I have personally known two Muslims who live in my home town. One told me he was going to cut his wife’s hands off because she did not pay a bill on time. The other tried and failed to sue a Christian woman who he wanted his way with. Obviously, they are filthier than the pigs they will not eat. If I could legally make both men bathe in pig’s blood, I’d do it. I don’t hate them, but I do hate Islam’s influence on them. I’d love to wash it away from them and everyone else. A bit of humility never hurt anyone – pigs blood seems like a mild sentence and/or penance.

        When a man rapes one of our women, we hold him accountable for life! And we also do everything possible to help the women get through and over the trauma. Rapists and pedophiles are considered the lowest of all – scum of the earth.

        Women are equal to men! The Bible teaches men are above women, due to wanting to not have discord. And any man who believes the Bible, also knows he would never ask of a woman anything that would cause her harm or unhappiness. That is due to the love that comes from Christ, unwavering and God’s Grace. Harmony is the bi-product that a world could learn from.

        To the author of this blog, great job! I will be looking into Robert Spencer’s book. I’ve been studying for 20 years now; but, I am not so rigid that I won’t support another view. We live and learn our entire lives. We also must be careful not to own pride.

        To poster “ER” – the Quran is the opposite of the word of God. The Bible IS the Word of God and YOU defame it! Quran is a filthy sex and murder book of what NOT to do composed by filthy murderous men/pigs. Any man who has read it completely then turns to follow Islam is an idiot, fool, or madman. Just being in the presence of God in paradise should be enough! And … praying five times a day and making such a big deal of it is what Christ described and was quite angry about – hypocrisy! Christ declared pigs to not be unclean anymore; didn’t you get the memo(?) Also, your Kaaba stone is idolatry. Why does that allude you?

        Turn away from Islam before you die and are sent to hell! <- Can't say I never did anything for you now! 😉 Don't expect more!

        God Bless you!


      • ER says:

        “And u re saying islam is spread with sword ur gk is very low you indonesia consists of largest muslim population in world but there is not a single war had taken place under the name of islam
        And in india before a arrival of babur the first mughal emperor a saint walked from madras to ajmer a distance of 19670 km 70,000 persons converted to islam he qas travelling alone
        Look brother once again I am saying you you dont lnow anyrhin abt my religion so please study and then say”

        I have studied your cult and regarding Indonesia, you are incorrect as Ali Mughayat Syah who started military campaigns to dominate the northern part of Sumatra and submitted the people to Islam and later findings of scholars that some parts of Java, “Sundanese West Java” and the kingdom of Majapahit on East Java was conquered by Javanese Muslims. The Hindu-Buddhist Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran was conquered by Muslim conquest in the 16th century, while the Muslim-coastal and Hindu-Buddhist-interior part of East Java was often at war.

        An Emperor NEVER walks alone! Never mind 19,670 km! 70,000 converted? Please direct us to where you find this information. If it were correct it would be somewhere on the Internet. Show a link please. It is also helpful to show what date events occur in as well, if not at least century. Where do you come up with these things you write? I don’t know what “gk” is either, as it’s not an English word or word in any language I have studied. Could you please write clearer and trying proofing your posts, as much is very muddled and your spelling is atrocious! I don’t normally comment on spelling, but yours is by far toward the worse end of the scale.

        “Conquest” and “war” are huge clues to “by the sword!” Hint: Sword means BLOOD and DEATH.

        As far as Medina and Mecca are concerned, you are equally incorrect! I’ll let someone else educate you there, but, I highly suggest you clicking around on the links on the sidebar and other parts of this blog, You’ll find your own education into a belief system you accept rather insufficient.

        It amazes me how much Muslims claim to know above others about Islam but always come up short once they begin to relay such erroneous accounts of their own cult.


    • I know my prophet hadnt written quran it is the word of god
      If you dont accept this fact just take as much time as you want 5,7 or 10 years just wrote a verse which can be compared with quran its an open challenge by my god not for you alone if ypu can take every human being on earth just create a single line.


      • Ok, sperm comes from between the ribs and back bone, were dose the sun set,this could go on and on but in short the koran is a badly written rip off of the bible. If it was from God it wouldn’t have so many contradictions and mistakes. The miracle isn’t in the writing it’s that anyone could believe the crap.


    • My small 5 year son says there is a moustache
      In vasion is done with an army but not woth 114 peoples
      And if you had read it which I didnt think so only the person from medina called him which are called ansars inviyed him for stay
      As I had told earlier not a single person was killed on the day when prophet reached mecca
      And u re saying islam is spread with sword ur gk is very low you indonesia consists of largest muslim population in world but there is not a single war had taken place under the name of islam
      And in india before a arrival of babur the first mughal emperor a saint walked from madras to ajmer a distance of 19670 km 70,000 persons converted to islam he qas travelling alone
      Look brother once again I am saying you you dont lnow anyrhin abt my religion so please study and then say
      Give me ur email id I will send you some documents


      • Sorry, no html allowed. Here’s the picture I was referring to with direct link:

        No copyright since I created, so feel free to share.


    • If my prophet would have gathered wealth he wouldn’t have died with nothing even a little oil to light a lamp in his house.
      He wouldn’t had to starve for three three days.
      if he would have been a killer he would have killed Meccans on the day of conquest of Mecca to those people who had
      he would have killed the people of Taif who had pelted him with a stone for six miles but still he prays to god when he asks him if he orders he will destroy the whole city of taif but he replys no god if not this people their coming generations will embrace Islam


    • If he is free of material happiness why is he so obsessed with sex. He kept giving muhammad permission to keep breaking the rules of marriage and to rape as many as he liked, and then promised the fun would continue in heaven with virgins for the taking and sex for everyone, except God


  6. I just want to ask to read the story when jerusalem was captured if u are not satisfied then study this book khalid bin waleed sword of al


  7. SAFARI…Islam defames and condemns itself by YOUR own written sources that are littered with a cesspool of historical fictions, logical fallacies, and putrid shameful filthy teachings.


  8. Now a days people like u are trying to defame islam and prophet .just u try to make sure that atleast u know something .islam is the only religion that gives answer to all problems including your psychic findings


  9. I don’t know whether muhammed(pigs be upon him) exist or not but I know that muslims(pigs) never understand these things even they do they stay silent and read toilet paper quran. People should learn to teach them in their way.
    People should ignored them from society even the good muslims too because they also help these things indirectly.
    Laugh at their religion every time it possible

    and dont forget to download innocent of pigs movie


    • The Bible was not handed to mankind by GOD, nor was it dictated to human stenographers by GOD. It has nothing to do with GOD. In actuality, the Bible was VOTED to be the word of GOD by a group of men during the 4th Century.

      Emperor Constantine, who was Roman Emperor from 306 CE until his death in 337 CE, used what motivates many to action – MONEY! He offered the various Church leaders MONEY to agree upon a single canon that would be used by all Christians as the word of god. The Church leaders gathered together at the Council of Nicaea and voted the “word of god” into existence.


      • And then a few hundred years latter muhammad stole story’s changed some and claimed himself as a new main part of it.why didn’t an all knowing God for see his word would be tampered with and why didn’t he make it tamper proof the first time. Why did he wait 600 hundred years to send muhammad the right version in a language only a few would understand. And why didn’t God for see the problems islam have faced since muhammad died, neither God or muhammad left clear instructions on the direction islam was to follow and it has been in a state of war with it’s self ever since.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. If you are interested in true information on Islam, and how to refute sunnism (most sects that are criticised today) please read:

    For understanding the universal monotheism of The Quran (and the basis of all societies): http://paradoxuncreated.com/Blog/wordpress/?page_id=62

    For refuting Sunnsim on the grounds that is does not follow The Quran:

    Extremism can be defeated, but it requires to go to the highest level and realize what Islam is, to then defeat the sects with Islam itself.

    Peace Be With You.


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