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Sweden: Jews march against rising anti-Semitism and hate-crimes by Muslims in Sweden

Jews march against anti-Semitism in Sweden
Several hundred Jews and supporters march in Sweden against intolerance, anti-Semitism; an estimated 20,000 Jews live in the country.
By The Associated Press | Aug.18, 2012
Jews march against anti-Semitism in Sweden - AFP - August 18, 2012.

Sweden’s Minister for EU affairs Birgitta Ohlsson (C), Willy Silberstein of the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism (R) and Joshua Kaufman during a “kippa walk,” Malmo, Sweden, August 18, 2012. Photo by AFP
By Shlomo Shamir | Aug.18,2012 |

Several hundred Jews and their supporters marched in the southern city of Malmo on Saturday to bring attention to intolerance and anti-Semitic attacks in the Nordic country.

Malmo, which has a large immigrant Muslim community, saw a surge in hate crimes against Jews after Israel’s invasion of Gaza in 2009.

Some of those participating in the Saturday walk wore the traditional kippa cap that Jewish men traditionally wear.

The march passed without incident, and Willy Silberstein of the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism, which organized the event, described it as a success.

“It was impressive. There was much more people than we expected,” he said, adding that most of the participants were not Jewish.

Sweden’s minister for EU affairs, Birgitta Ohlsson, took part in the march and said in her speech that Malmo was a city open to all regardless of background or beliefs.

In recent years Sweden’s government has come under criticism for failing to provide adequate protection to the country’s small Jewish community and address the issue of anti-Semitism. Last year, however, it earmarked more funds for this purpose.

An estimated 20,000 Jews live in Sweden.

4 thoughts on “Sweden: Jews march against rising anti-Semitism and hate-crimes by Muslims in Sweden


  2. As long as European govts are the ones encouraging the demographic changes of their own countries, matters will continue to worsen. Until the natives of those various countries change their govts to ones that are not allied with muslim interests, they, Christians, Jews, Atheists, et al, will continue to become second class citizens in their own country’s. Until the citizens do stand up for a change,, I feel no sympathy for their self-destruction.


  3. I’m actually amazed that someone like Birgitta Ohlsson showed up, based on statements and opinions of hers I’ve seen published here and there.

    Notably absent: Malmö’s anti-semitic, Muslim-pandering Mayor Ilmar Reepalu; other city authorities; and local Muslim leaders, from what I can see of the pictures.

    If the small Muslim population of a given Western city was being persecuted and driven out as vindictively as Malmö’s Jews are, the ADL and other Jewish groups would be falling all over themselves to support them, politicians would be literally parachuting into the Town Square from airplanes to thunder denunciations of “Islamophobia”, and the national media would erupt in cries of outrage as if the ghost of Hermann Goering had just dumped a bucket of llama crap on their heads and then asked for five dollars.

    Many of Malmö’s Jews are the descendants of Danish and other European Jews who the Swedish government saved from Hitler’s death camps by extending asylum to them at a time when few others would. This was in the days when political asylum was just that, and hadn’t yet degraded into a profit-driven industry targeted at public-benefits shoppers from the upper classes of poor nations, in an unending cycle of futility and cynicism whereby the poor of rich Western nations are systematically deprived in order to benefit the rich of poor non-Western nations.

    The article also doesn’t point out that the march is a direct reaction to endemic, long-term persecution of Malmö’s Jewish community by racist Muslim immigrants – which local authorities have done nothing to stop – and that hundreds of Malmö’s Jews have already left for Israel to escape the atmosphere of intimidation and hate.

    And when they get to Israel, of course, they have to worry about terrorist groups composed of other racist Muslims. To add insult to injury, Hamas and some related groups actually receive political and financial support from the governments of Sweden and Norway.

    “The truth is hate speech for those who hate the truth.” –Unknown


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