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Norway: 69% increase in rapes in Oslo in 2012. 100% foreign rapists – nearly all are Muslim.

There is just no end to this! The disgusting and savage criminal Islamic mentality continues to spread terror to women in Europe and Scandinavian in particular, where more accurate statistics are publicized. In Norway Muslim rape statistics have now GROWN by 69% in 2012 – and we are not even in the end of the year! European authorities are breaking Human Rights laws by not blocking Muslim immigration to Europe, and not taking action and removing Muslims from these countries. Women have the right to walk safely on our streets.


Jihad Watch has been reporting about the problem several times: “Western Muslims’ Racist Rape Spree”; “Islamic cleric issues fatwa permitting jihadis to kidnap, imprison, and rape infidel women”; “Stavanger, Norway: Nine out of ten rapists are ‘men from minority groups’,” etc.

The jihad on “uncovered meat” has just begun. Norway distinguishes two kinds of rapes: rape and attack-rape. In rapes, the rapist and the victim know each other beforehand, while an attack-rape is when the two do not know each other before the rape. In Oslo, 100 percent of the attack-rapes are committed by non-Western immigrants with a “view of women” that makes them rape, according to the leading police officer, Hanne Kristin Rohde.

With 76 rapes during the first 91 days of 2012, the number of rapes in Oslo has increased by an alarming 69 percent compared to the same period last year. Translated from Norwegian by Nicolai Sennels, Aftenposten April 16: “Alarming rise in reported rapes in Oslo”:

Last year, the number of reported rapes in the Norwegian capital rose by 30 percent. 2012 has only gotten worse.

– Overall, in the first quarter, there is an increase of 69 percent in reported rapes and attempted rapes. There are 27 more cases than in the same period last year.

Police Inspector Hanne Kristin Rohde does not like the stats she has extracted on sexual crimes in the Oslo police district.

– Very ugly numbers, she concludes.

– Is this a real increase, or are there others who choose to report rape?

– We do not know. But there has been a lot of talking about rape in the public, so we think that the increase is a result of people’s willingness to report rapes to the police.

During this year’s first 91 days, Oslo police have received reports on 76 rape cases, compared to 45 during the same period last year. The so called attack-rapes were included.

33 thoughts on “Norway: 69% increase in rapes in Oslo in 2012. 100% foreign rapists – nearly all are Muslim.

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  2. Rape can be stopped by the vulnerable population. Laws only come in after incidents have happened but we want the women and girls to stop rape on their own and we can do this through education and training of prevention and self protection strategies. We are already running such programs in Kenya and Eastern Congo where rape is more serious than it is Norway or Sweden. Women and girls require to learn some 39 self defense skills and they can deal with any rape attacks no matter the number of rapists,whether armed or not and irrespective of how strong they may be. Get in touch with Dolphin anti rape Outreach on email address’ dolphin2002ke@yahoo.com for help instead of complaining that rape is a problem and yet it is the easiest problem to solve.


  3. Not that anyone can condone the actions of a few mentally derranged people, damaged by the horrors of war, but you are comparing the darkside of wars, with atrocities committed on both sides, to day to day civilian life.
    You need to get some perspective!
    Women, children, all of humanity should be allowed to walk free and safe, especially in times of peace.
    It sounds like you are making excuses for rape, “oh it is okay because this group did it back whenever blah blah”.
    I disagree with your point, neither is acceptable, ever, but there are exceptional circumstances surrounding the events you talk of and this isn’t the case in Scandinavia or across most of Europe. They just can’t be compared and one should not excuse the other.


  4. There were rapes and sexual atrocities conducted by servicemen in Vietnam war; Mass rape in the Bosnian War; Rapes were committed by Wehrmacht forces on Jewish women and girls during the Invasion of Poland in September 1939;[86] they were also committed against Polish women and girls during mass executions carried out primarily by the Selbstschutz units, which were accompanied by Wehrmacht soldiers and on territory under the administration of the German military; the rapes were carried out before shooting female captives; ecret wartime files made public only in 2006 reveal that American GIs committed 400 sexual offences in Europe, including 126 rapes in England, between 1942 and 1945.A study by Robert J. Lilly estimates that a total of 14,000 civilian women in England, France and Germany were raped by American GIs during World War II. It is estimated that there were around 3,500 rapes by American servicemen in France between June 1944 and the end of the war and one historian has claimed that sexual violence against women in liberated France was common.
    Red Army.


    • @Engineer: Those were WARS you idiot! There is no war in Oslo to blame it on. WAR is hell for all those involved. This is hell for women who did nothing wrong, did not live in a war front. Just where do you propose we all go to be safe?????


  5. oooops….it means nazi forces(not muslim) were raping some women(not muslim)…………..serbs soldiers(not muslims) raping muslim women………………..what shall we do now?


  6. They can’t call themselves Muslim if they go around raping the so called ‘uncovered meat’. Islam never taught us to ‘straighten’ the world in that manner. Perhaps these group of morons should straighten themselves mentally. Hopefully they can stop bringing shame to Islam due to their lack of Islamic Education.


    • They can call themselves Muslim and they do. However I am relieved that you disagree with there actions.
      I am closly watching the Islamic revival both in Islamic countries and in non Islamic countries where they are growing in numbers due to immigration and birth rate. It is come to my attention that there is a growing fundamental movement in the muslim communtiy that wants to express the Quran in literal terms.
      A kaffir is a non believer and as such reveals what these Muslim men think of their meat. Unbelievers — people who have no rights. I am Christian and I made my choice to be Christian as an adult. In Christianity we have the concept of all being equal under the eyes of God. There is no superiority between man, woman, boy or girl and we also have the doctrine of loving our enemies.
      According to the muslim god, this is not the case. Muslims are the best of the best.
      We will be seing more of Islam in Europe!
      If people like you speak up and speak loud maybe something will happen. But I feel many Muslim and Muslima are too silent. After all there is only THE PROPHET and you can not dissagree with him


  7. It is time to act now, leader of EU, Australia and America. Please deport all the muslim immigrants and abolish muslims entering your territory. If you dont, the day may not be far when these bigots will multiply and rule you. Think about your children. Do you want your children to suffer brutality and killing and forced to follow sharaiah law. Please as citizens you guys can pursuade or pressurize your governments to act now. ACT NOW BEFORE IT BECOMES TOO LATE. BTW I am from India.


  8. native norwegians should do as the spanish did in the 16th century they have the muslims 3 options (leave the country, convert to european culture, or die)
    luckily im in the US which has no immigration problems as bad as muslims , we have flocks of asians which are like cockroaches here and Latinos who only live in the southern states but live with european culture as they were colonized by europeans .

    WW3 is here people you must fight back they are taking advantage or your welfare and free ticket into your european countries. it may sound racist but they obviously dont care . they see you guys are aggressive and dont do anything about them they are taking advantage you must revolt .


  9. I live in Oslo. Things are HORRIBLE here, way worse than you can see in media.
    1 out of 3 who lives in Oslo wants to leave, me & my family included. When people gets settle in a family and are about to have children, they start panic and tries to find a better place to live. (not that it is any hard since Oslo is a filthy, stinking garbage city full of criminal drug addicts and bloodthirsty muslims).


    • It’s a shame that Oslo in once a peaceful country is now invaded by a group who called themselves Muslim who are actually in fact completely lack of Islam moral teaching. I’m a Muslim women grew up in a city life. Call me an ‘open meat’ but at least I know I have a well taught values to these group of Muslims who goes around and destroy someone else’s country & peace. May Allah brings hidayah upon these disrespectful rapist bastards.


  10. Iftikhar Ahmad STILL PEDDLING YOUR APOLOGIST CRAP I SEE. You can’t blame the women it is the man who commits rape and like it says when it comes to attack/stranger rape the men were all muslim.


    • Oslo is a damn cold country… How much ‘meat’ can all the women here expose themselves in the streets … Those rapist are completely sick ..!!!


  11. Like

  12. We live in a country where women are over-sexualised and sold as ‘products’
    for capitalist gains. A woman’s beauty is splashed around everywhere, and
    she is only judged by that. Islam tells a woman to cover up so that she is
    not abused as Western women are.

    Islam is the fastest growing faith in Britain. Hundreds and thousands of
    Brits are reverting to Islam. By the middle of this century, over half of
    Brits would be Muslims.

    New research has shown more women convert to Islam than men – in fact, they
    account for 60 per cent of conversions. They believed that they should be a
    force for good by building bridges between the Muslim and Non Muslim
    communities in order to understand Islam better.

    Examples of women who have left high powered jobs in the city, educated
    women who mostly found out about Islam independently via books, the internet
    or discussion with Muslims; seem to be the picture that is portrayed in this
    study. This clearly demonstrates a clear pattern of converts who while non
    Muslim rethought their lives and actively sought to reject secular values,
    for a belief system offering spiritual and worldly guidance in order to
    regulate life in a meaningful and fulfilling way. The rejection of
    materialism and decadence seem to be some of the catalysts in making that

    One of the most high-profile examples is Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren
    Booth, who recently announced she had adopted the faith after a trip to
    Iran. The conversion of Lauren Booth will have a positive impact, despite
    claims that it is just attention-seeking. It will encourage people to
    convert, unless they idolise her, but I think that it will educate people
    and make them more interested in learning about Muslims. It’s all about
    having a look at the Quran with an open mind, without presumptions and
    assumptions…Then would the reader understand what the beautiful religion is
    all about….

    Increasing numbers of young, university-educated women in their twenties and
    thirties are converting to Islam. Well – educated white women are more
    likely to convert to Islam than other groups. Through wearing modest
    clothing, all the way to a head scarf, it’s no longer about how you look, It’s
    getting free from this idea that you are defined by your dress size.” At the
    London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park, women account for roughly two thirds
    of the “New Muslims” who make their official declarations of faith – and
    most of them are under the age of 30.

    The question is why are so-called liberated women choosing Islam. Such women
    are part of an intriguing trend. They seek spirituality, a higher meaning,
    and tend to be deep thinkers.

    While 9/11 has led to a western military and ideological onslaught on Islam,
    9/11 has also been the catalyst for increasing numbers, born and bred in the
    west, to question and reject western values and convert to Islam.

    It is also of no surprise that no matter what policies or narrative is
    pushed by governments, writers, thinkers or elements of the media to try and
    reason away such conversions as ‘fringe’, ‘coercion’ or ‘blind following,’
    this trend will continue in a world that seeks to understand the extent to
    which Capitalist liberal values have failed man in every sense and left a
    void which can only be filled by the truth!

    “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of
    its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to
    possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which
    can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man
    and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the
    Saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the
    dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems
    in a way that would bring it the much
    needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad
    that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to
    be acceptable to the Europe of today.” [G.B. Shaw, THE GENUINE ISLAM, Vol.
    1, No. 81936.]


    • A decline in moral life in both male and female in Europe is a result of decline in Christianity or Christian values. Replacing the void with an Islamic value system will only worsen the situation. We need to get back to the bible.
      I am concerned with the old “it is her fault for dressing that way” routine. I am not comfortable with a promiscuous society. I am intolerant towards rapists. Chemical castration!


    • To the dumbass muslim men who actually have true, disgusting, nasty shit between your ears instead of brains, no souls, live more like animals than any other type of people on earth, and actually have no current idea or practice of human civilization. Large numbers, or even small numbers, of western women are absolutely not converting to Islam. There is no reason for non-Islamic women to imprison themselves into Islam, which is (almost laughably) grossly and sickly FAR worse than what western values have committed against women. How dare you Muslim male sluts even hint that your sick ideology you call Islam protects women more than western civilization does. Islam is not even a religion, its a lie, based on liar who lusted for power and got it through making up a religion and threatening to and/or killing people if they didn’t believe and follow him. Basically, your so called “prophet” is a selfish, evil jackass bully, and created all the lies that you dumbass followers believe to be true. Educated and intelligent true human beings feel sorry for you muslim animals, who have been so conned into abuse by your own abuse. Thats one very large reason why you shitheads are so sick, your mentality was broken, twisted and made evil many generations ago, and you suck on that shit your elders feed to you like its the sweetest thing. You are blind, duh. Your evil book the Koran states that it is just fine to rape a woman, whether it be a wife or an “infidel” woman. Besides all of the grossly unfair daily oppressions and injustices done to women by muslim men, muslim women are MURDERED on a whim called honor. There is no honor in killing a woman. Its better than children grown with their own freedom of choice than for girls and women to be threatened,even if it leads to unfortunate circumstances. Each person has their own time and freedom to understand and find a solution for their own mistakes; its not up to the butt-fucking Muslims to dictate to any woman or child how they will think, behave or dress themselves. Rather than talk about women and children, look to your own disgusting sham of a religion, which is actually not a religion at all, does not follow God at all, and is a joke and disease on this earth. For ex-your so-called “searching for allah” in your own shit, because you think your messiah will come from a man’s shit but not a woman’s womb, is sick beyond comparison. If thats how low you think of women, don’t live, speak to, touch or have anything to do with any woman ever again! But you have such evil, twisted double standards, and you lack the strength of your own conviction, to do this. You would rather kill good, innocent people because we do not believe in your fake moon god, your fake idol muhamed, or your sick, evil ideology you call islam. There is no one perfect in this world, and you least of all, you are not even on the radar of goodness and humanity for all of your sick double standards against women, children, or non-muslims, and you even victimize your own muslim “brothers.” Good people respect others by recognizing that all people have the freedom to make their own choices, which does not include sick practices that you muslim shitheads do every day, like rape and murder, as if its the same as wiping your rotten ass after looking in your shit for your messiah, or reading a newspaper after you rape and murder like an anti-social personality disordered, sociopathic serial killer would. muslim men are all sociopaths, therefore should all be thrown in prison, the key thrown away, so you can rape and murder each other until you are no more. Thats right-do to your male muslim selves what you do to those who cannot protect themselves. Lock all male muslims in one giant room to bully amongst yourselves, and commit on yourselves the atrocities you commit on those mostly too small and afraid to stand up to you. You rape and murder innocent (o, we know you think they are guilty, but really, its just your own guilt you are trying to suppress) women and children, and live in a stink of rotten lies and false beliefs, and you think thats better than western kids being taught safe sex because they have their own choice for their own bodies?!!!!! Look here, because this is more true than anything your false “prophet” can ever promise: the evil that is islam will one day no longer exist, and non-muslims will continue to be standing, practicing and finding new ways to improve better values and behavior than you sick muslim pigs, the same as we do today. Your “infidels” have already won because we choose to live better than you, and that proof is in the growth and history of our civilization–look at how your own history and “civilization” is so poor and diseased in comparison, the truth is directly in front of you in the form of real results after thousands of years of formation of our two opposite lifestyles-the democratic and fairness of the west compared to your poor, corrupt and completely unhealthy lands. It doesnt matter how many little bastards you animals produce, your ideology called islam will die nonetheless. You probably won’t be around to see it…or maybe you will.


  13. Sahih Muslim Book 008, Hadith Number 3371.

    Chapter: Al-Azl (incomplete sexual intercourse): Coitus Interruptus.

    “Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): O Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) mentioning al-‘azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.”

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 003, Book 034, Hadith Number 432.

    Sahih Bukhari Book 34. Sales and Trade

    “Narated By Abu Said Al-Khudri : That while he was sitting with Allah’s Apostle he said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We get female captives as our share of booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interrupt us?” The Prophet said, “Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence.”

    Following the Battle of the Trench, (Ghazwah al Ahzab – March 627 CE) the purpose of the hijab, niqab and burka is so that the mothers, wives and sisters of the believers “will be recognized and not be abused”… which took on a militaristic dimention.



    • A devout muzzie would react to this by calling ‘MASHALLAH, INSHALLAH, SUBHANALLAH..” Mohammad, (Piss Be Upon Him)


  14. If you were smart.you would start to castrate the bastards and then deport all of them.they are filthy animals who prey on these poor women and the women have no way to defend themselves.unless something is not done about this muslim problem of them raping anything that has a hole,then your children will be next


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  17. The thought of being a virgin on your wedding night forget it, where are our morals and values. The answer, down the toilet. These are children having sex, getting pregnant exploring with partners. Just where is society going, Im not psychic but from whats going on in society today the future does not look pretty.

    More than a quarter of young women today lost their virginity when they were below the legal age of consent, NHS figures reveal. This does not surprise me at all, Britain has the most teen pregnancies in the whole of Europe. . Very sad that despite sexual education in schools nothing has really changed in the last 30 years, if anything it has become worse. Britain has the highest rates of abortion, STDs, crime, obesity, divorce, illiterate school leavers, teen pregnancies, excessive drinking and drug use. Makes me ashamed.

    Some 27 per cent of 16 to 24 year-olds admit they were 15 or under when they had sex for the first time.

    One in eight of this age group have already had sex with at least ten different partners. MPs and campaigners yesterday blamed the ‘pornification of society’ for encouraging young girls to dress themselves up as sex objects before they have even reached puberty. Critics say the rise in promiscuity over the generations is linked to increased sex education in schools that has ‘broken down the natural inhibitions of children with regard to sexual conduct’.

    This research comfirms why the UK has the highest teenage BIRTH and ABORTION rates in Western Europe !!!!!!!

    What’s the point of the legal age being 16 when you are being taught at school that it’s ok as long as you practice safe sex. Nothing about love, respect, serious relationships or more importantly abstinence! Oh and something needs to be done about BOYS, too! Girls can’t be the only ones responsible for resisting pressure you know. More sex education in schools = more teenage pregnancies= more abortions. One of the problems is that now in schools we are taught safe sex at an early age, and not abstinence. The message was basically that sex at a young age is fine as long as it’s practiced safely. It should be taught that at such a young age, neither protected or unprotected sex is ok. The message is simply not clear enough.

    The rising numbers of girls having under-age sex is alarming. It is not a cost-free phenomenon. It poses public health policy challenges and social challenges. The underlying cause must be the pornification of British culture and the increasing sexualisation of pre-adolescent girls. Sex education in many schools has had the effect of breaking down the natural inhibitions of children with regard to sexual conduct, and the age of consent is rarely enforced, so young people no longer have any fear of legal proceedings. On top of that, the ready availability of contraception means that a girl’s fear of pregnancy is no longer considered a good enough reason for rejecting her boyfriend’s advances, and confidentiality policies mean that a girl need not worry about what her parents would think about her being sexually active, obtaining contraception, being treated for a sexually transmitted infection or even having an abortion, because they don’t have to be told.

    Although Britain’s teenage pregnancy rates have recently started to fall, they still remain among the highest in Europe. In 2009, there were 38,259 pregnancies in girls under 18 compared with 41,361 in 2008, a decline of 7.5 per cent. Every year around 3,700 girls under 16 have an abortion.There is concern that society is becoming increasingly ‘sexualised’. When children are taught at age 8-10 that sex is a fun thing that two people do when they “love” each other what do we expect!!! And if the sex education people in schools have their way this will continue to rise.

    This message is to all the girls who think its ok to sleep around, have one night stands and think….do I really need to be used as a public toilet, letting men dump their load and zip up without saying thanks. Please have some respect for yourself and buck up your morals. It’s degrading, end of..

    AS A father or MOTHER IT IS MY DUTY to teach the sacred nature of chastity. Promiscuity will be the downfall of our nation.There is nothing of greater worth than the chastity of a man or woman.Bring back and encourage virtue into our homes and we will bring back honour and integrity . Also les pressure on STD clinics which are rife with appointments each day.


    • children should be taught about mental health, not abstinence.
      If they realize that having sex with lots of people will de-value either themselves or the act of sex, maybe they’ll change their behavior or not partake in it in the first place.


    • Iftikhar ahmed, Well done you have filled half a page with nothing !.
      Immigration of one denomination coincides perfectly with the denigration, degradation & subjugation of the nation you refer.


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