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USA: ex-Muslim tells his story about Islam and Muslim culture “Islam is the religion of anger and hatred”

Daniel Shayesteh came from Iran and was many things: respected Islamic scholar, active militant, Iranian fundamentalist, death row inmate . . . but Daniel abandoned Islam when he became exposed to the rest of the world. He travels throughout the world revealing the hate-based teachings of the Quran—Islam’s holy book. Daniel ended up converting to Christianity.
What is important to pay attention to with these testimonials, is that no matter what background ex-Muslims have, what Islamic society they come from, and whether they convert to another religion or prefer to be an atheist – they all tell similar messages about Islam. They have one common voice: Islam teach hate, encourage hate and is a religion of anger and hostility that always strive to conquer and destroy others.
Some tidbits:

“The doctrine of Islam is that if you build a mosque in a non-Islamic country, you own that country. That country after that is an Islamic country.”

“Unfortunately a few (Muslim) leaders in  Australia call Australia ‘Moslem Australia’ because there are mosques in that country.”
“In Saudi Arabia it’s a crime as a Christian to pray in that country but they are building mosques in every corner of America. They use freedom but they do not give that freedom. And that’s why we need to wake up.”
“Islam is the religion of anger and hatred. I encourage you to read the Quran. Hundreds of hudreds of times it says go kill, slay, slaughter. There is a subject called ‘angry’ subject. I was the teacher of that angry subject.
“Radical muslims and committed muslims teach their followers how to become angry. how to hate, hot to cut the head off the opposition or Christians and Jews. You teach them. It is not easy to cut the head of humankind, you teach them gradually and they learn it.”





4 thoughts on “USA: ex-Muslim tells his story about Islam and Muslim culture “Islam is the religion of anger and hatred”

  1. vous avez changer des mots dans mon commentaire j’ai meme pas parler de quebec c’est de la connerie se cite vous changer nos paroles


  2. les musulman veulent dominer le monde leur gerre sainte et phycologique endoctriner il accepte que ceux qui se reconvertisse alors que tout autre culture accepte tout un chancun il provoc la haine pour mieux endoctriner leur pion pourquoi esque ils construis des mosque sans des pays non musulman si des cretion ortodoxe juifs ect construse des eglise labas ils les tue !!!!!!! chacun ça culture faut pas qu’il vienne imposer leur cultures dans les pays non musulman pour eux tout se qui es pas musulment es mecreant et ils veulent tuer tout se qui n’es pas musulman pourquoi ses pays ou y as le plus de petrol c’est ou y as le plus de pauvre ils aide pas leur peuple c’est encore les autre pays qui sont solidaire et envoi des medecin des vivre ect alors que tout les pays arabes sont les plus riche du monde c’est du bissnes l’islam car les gens achetes tout pleins de livre ect ou est l’unite dans cette religion vue que c’est dans leur propre pays qu’il les laisser crever de faim !!!!! tout ça c’est de la manipulation leur gerre c’est de convertir un maximum de gens pour que se sois eux les premier a se battre dans le future c’est plus dangereux c’est guerre d’endoctrinage parce que apres c’est difficile de les faire sortire de ses secte de haineux faut interdire les mosque dans les pays non musulmant qu’il retourne dans leur pays pratiquer leur religion !!!!!!


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