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Norway: More facts about the Norwegian rape epidemic and crimes dominated by Muslim men

NORWAY — In our neighborhood, both the authorities and the journalists have a completely different approach to the truth than their Swedish counterparts. We know from experience that all perpetrators of assault rapes in Oslo the last five years of non-western background. Now, new figures confirming the trend. Also in connection with street robberies, the same image is seen.

Last spring, the Oslo Police published a report on rape until 2010 in which the perpetrators of rape attacks were described as “predominantly of foreign origin.” And so it continues to look like.

– Only seven rape attacks are resolved. Therefore, we must largely rely on victims ‘and witnesses’ descriptions of the offenders. One exception is a Norwegian, as we have a DNA match, says chief inspector Kari-Janne Lid.

When offenders with non-Norwegian background, with no parents born in Norway, dominate assault rape, rape are even committed by (foreign) people with Norwegian background (exactly how “Norwegian background” is defined is not specified, the AP’s note.). With regard to rape in connection with the partying, nightlife, and in close relationships they are dominate the ethnic Norwegian offenders.

During the first nine months there was 182 rapes recorded in Oslo, of which 46 were rape attacks. But the dark figure said to be large and it is believed that only one in ten rapes reported to the police.

In 2010 Oslo police arrested or prosecuted 131 offenders and one woman for 152 rapes. 61 percent of the offenders had Norwegian citizenship while 35 percent had Norwegian background, 20 were African and 15 from the Middle East. The average age was 29.8 years. However, there were significant differences between Norwegian and foreign offenders: the Norwegian had the average age of 35, for immigrants the average age was 26.


In the case of robbery is Oslo police most recent report published in 2008 and the picture here is about the same. The average street robber is male (96 percent), around 20 years old and of foreign origin. Only one in three, 37 percent, had Norwegian background – which means that both parents were born in Norway. 63 percent had one or no Norwegian parents. 55 percent had a background in a country outside Europe. Of the offenders from 2008, every sixth, 38 out of 235, were of Pakistani heritage, and every seven Somali.


When only one of a hundred are caught we know less about who the typical pickpocket is. Police impression is that they are mainly men with Eastern European backgrounds, most of whom come from Romania and Poland. They are between 20 and 40 years, working in groups.

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4 thoughts on “Norway: More facts about the Norwegian rape epidemic and crimes dominated by Muslim men

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  2. its untrue, unjustify, unaccepptable eg five fingures are not equal so why claim to muslims, what about hindus, sikhs, christian, jew, buddihistt, russian, american etc etc


    • Are you a muzzy troll or just an idiot? If it’s a random street attack in Scando it’s virtually always a muslim from mid east or Africa. On state welfare payments.


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